Why You Should Learn Acoustic Guitar First


Not sure whether to buy an acoustic or electric guitar for your first try at the instrument? Read on as Corona, CA teacher Milton J. shares his expert advice…


Deciding on which guitar to start with is a big step. Not only do you want to feel comfortable with playing guitar for the first time, but you also want to suit your musical tastes, style, and aptitude. So should you learn to play acoustic guitar first? Or go straight to the electric, if your style leans more toward Hendrix? There is, in fact, a best choice — and that is the acoustic.

Acoustic Guitars Help With Initial Technique

The thicker strings and neck on the acoustic guitar will promote the building of finger strength. This will come into play as you continue to learn proper fingering technique, chords, and strum patterns. Moreover, learning rhythm, and the aforementioned strum pattern – the up-and-down motion of striking the strings that creates the main sound of the guitar – is easier and more conducive to successful repetition on the acoustic guitar. As you move to the intermediate stage after learning fingering technique, chords, and basic songs, understanding how to utilize the strum pattern as a percussive technique transforms the acoustic guitar into a drum and melody instrument. This opens up the stylistic interpretations of various songs you may learn along the way tremendously!

One common misconception prospective guitar players make when choosing which acoustic guitar to purchase start with the question, “Which guitar will be the easiest to play?” I feel this is the wrong question to ask. Try starting with the questions, “Which guitar feels most comfortable for me?” and “Which guitar fits into my budget?” Once you understand those parameters, you’ll find the best acoustic guitar for you to start with.

Acoustic Guitars Offer Portability

Lastly, the acoustic guitar’s portability will promote more playing, possibly in places away from home. The more possibilities you have early on for playing your new guitar in addition to your lessons, the better. I encourage you to take your guitar to a nice area at your local park, in your backyard or apartment balcony, or with you on that camping trip in order to receive a new perspective instead of just your teacher’s studio or your bedroom. This will help you appreciate your new instrument even more.

Now, it’s time to rock out! Find your nearest guitar teacher, garner advice from him or her on where to purchase or rent your first guitar, and use this as a guide as you learn to play acoustic guitar! Have fun!

MiltonJMilton K. teaches guitar, piano, singing, music recording, music theory, opera voice, songwriting, speaking voice, and acting lessons in Corona, CA. He specializes in classical, R&B, soul, pop, rock, jazz, and opera styles. Learn more about Milton here!



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