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20 Fun Activities and Games for French Club

french club

Are you a teacher or student involved in your school’s French club? As you know, finding fun activities and games centered on learning French can be difficult.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 20 fun French club ideas to help inspire you. These games and activities will introduce members to both French language and culture.

Note: These ideas and activities can be applied to any language club, such as Spanish, Italian, or German. 

20 French Club Activities and Ideas

1. Make a French Music Playlist

Using Spotify or Pandora, create your very own French club playlist. Have each student add 2-3 of their favorite French songs to the list. Listening to French music will familiarize students with both French culture and language.

2. Put on a French Bake Sale

Set up a bake sale during a school event in which students make and sell traditional French desserts, such as crème brûlée, soufflé au chocolat, and crêpe suzette. The proceeds will go toward funding other French club activities.

3. Host a French Movie Night

Check when your local theater is playing a French movie and attend as a group. If there aren’t any French movies on the schedule, look some up on Netflix. Check out this post for some age-appropriate French movie ideas: 12 Classic French Movies (and Movie Series) All Students Need to See

4. Visit a French Museum

Check your local museum’s schedule to see when it is featuring a French-inspired exhibition and attend as a group. The admission for students is typically discounted or free.

5. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Set up a fun scavenger hunt around the school or town. At each destination, students will have to read a clue (in French) to move onto the next destination. At the end, reward your students with a yummy treat.

6. French Arts and Crafts

Have students make French-themed arts and crafts to give to their loved ones around the holidays. For example, they can make Paris-themed wrapping paper or ornaments.

7. Start a French Book Club

At the start of every month, choose a French book that students will read and discuss. The book doesn’t necessarily have to be written in French. For example, you can choose a book that’s about French culture or history.

8. Celebrate French Holidays

Celebrate French holidays, such as Bastille Day and Easter, throughout the year. Celebrate by making fun crafts or taking part in holiday traditions.

9. Invite a Guest Speaker

Invite a guest speaker to chat with the group about French culture, travel, or language. For example, invite a French translator, author, or artist to talk to the group about what’s it’s like to be in their profession.

10. Create a Monthly Newsletter

Write up a monthly newsletter to be included in your school’s newspaper. In the newsletter, you can include updates on events you’re hosting, a “French Word of the Month,” or a series of inspirational French quotes.

11. Teach Others French

Volunteer at your local elderly home or elementary school. Encourage students to read to others in French or put on a fun French skit. Students will be practicing their French while giving back to the community.

12. Host a Taste of France Dinner

As a group, research traditional French recipes and create an authentic dinner menu. Every student is responsible for cooking a different part of the meal and presenting it (in French) to the group.

13. Monthly Presentations

Every month, choose a student who will give a presentation on a region or city in France that he or she would like to someday visit. The presentation will include cultural and historical facts about the region.

14. Participate in National French Week

Organized by the American Association of Teachers of French, National French Week celebrates all things French. Check out the American Association of Teachers of French website for some ways you can celebrate.

15. Attend a French Play

Check your local playhouse to see if there’s a French play on the schedule. Les Misérables, for example, is a great historical French play students will love.

16. French Game Night

Throw a French game night where you play traditional French games, such as Belote and Jeu de Tarot. You can also play games like bingo and scrabble. Just make sure that you’re using French words and numbers.

17. French Karaoke

Have some fun and sing along to your favorite French songs. Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll also be learning new French vocabulary words and phrases.

18. Subscribe to French Magazine or Newspaper

As a group, choose a few online French magazines or newspaper to subscribe to. Once a month over lunch, the group can discuss a few things they found interesting.

19. French Cooking Lesson

Check if your local French restaurant offers cooking lessons or demonstrations on how certain dishes are prepared. This is a great opportunity for students to dive into the French culinary world.

20. Meet Up with Other Groups

Are there other language clubs at your school? Get together once in awhile to swap ideas for activities that you can do together.

French club is a great way for students to meet new people and practice their French language skills. Spice up your meetings with some of these fun and educational French activities.

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