5 Simple Things to Add to Your Next Vocal Warm-Up

Singers, you probably already know the importance of a proper vocal warm-up, whether you’re practicing or performing. But here’s something smart to keep in mind warming up goes far beyond breathing exercises and scales!

Even if you’re technically just standing still, in reality your whole body is working when you’re singing.  Your muscles are active from your head to toes as you stand straight and tall.  Your blood is pumping and your abdominal muscles are definitely engaged as you inhale and exhale.  Basically, your entire body is your instrument! Pretty cool to think about.

We love these recommendations from the Finding My Singing Voice blog – consider adding these unconventional “warm-ups” to your routine:

1. Drink water – Most singers already know how essential proper hydration is, but just the act of swallowing is beneficial, too.
2. Drink hot tea – For singers with allergies, tea can help to wash down phlegm and clear the nasal passages. Other hot drinks will also work, but watch out for too much caffeine – it can dry the vocal cords. Tea has additional health benefits (it’s loaded with antioxidants) and half the caffeine (or less) of coffee.
3. Yawn – Yawning is the ultimate throat and palate stretch!
4. Stretch – Singing involves the whole body, and unnecessary tension anywhere can have a negative effect on the voice. A good side stretch can help open up the ribcage and free up your breath. (See also: Can Yoga Help You Sing Better?)
5. Meditate – Mindfulness meditation is the practice of focusing the mind, usually by observing the breath and disengaging from thoughts. It’s a great way to calm anxious nerves and tame self-criticism.

Now it’s your turn – what other activities or routines do you practice to get ready for a performance?  Head on over to our Facebook page and share them!

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