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About Sam C.

Miami, FL
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My students can expect a lesson that's full of fun, engaging and accompanied by a high level of passion and energy.
I'm result oriented and very dedicated to my students and provide students with a lot of constructive feedback during the lessons.
Lessons will mainly focus on students strength and weaknesses, through many different means. The lessons are supplemented by several materials: work book problems, live game play, student's game analysis, online resources, classic game review and much more. My custom lesson plans are based on the student's background and experience. But I always try to make it fun!

About Sam
If you are looking for a top national chess teacher, with over a decade of professional full-time teaching experience, result driven, proven record and highly educated, look no further.
I HAVE RAISED STUDENTS RATINGS OVER 1000+ points in approximately 1year!! Please find another teacher online that can make that claim and also prove it! I have not found one yet. In this world you get what you pay for, so if you are looking for value, you have found the right chess teacher- welcome!

I'm a certified teacher and a national ranked chess player, with a 2100+ rating on ICC. During my 10 years + as a professional full-time chess teacher, I have taught OVER 1000 kids from grades K-8 and won many prestigious awards/trophies. Furthermore, I also have extensive experience teaching adults.

I graduated from the # 2 ranked university in the country
on a scholarship. I also served as the president of my university's successful chess club.

For many years now, I have been teaching chess full-time in south Florida to grades K-8. I really enjoy teaching and my school's team has won many prestigious national and local titles/trophies, under my leadership.
Furthermore, in the past few years, my students have placed in the top ranks, at the "Florida States Chess Championship," in section K-8. Additionally, my students have also won several 1st place trophies in many local tournaments.

My passion for chess is really manifested though my teaching style and it's never a dull moment when I teach. As a professional teacher, I’m very patient and focus mainly of each of my students’ individual strengths and weaknesses.
Moreover, I then customize a personalized curriculums for each of my students, once I have assessed them. Additionally, having a degree in psychology, from a #2 university allows me to implement many effective learning/teaching strategies for my students’ lessons.

I know how important it is to keep students engaged, therefore, I bring a high level of energy, dedication and fun to the lessons.

I have the credentials, experience and knowledge to maximize my student's potential.

Please inquire today.
Alejandro October 18, 2018
· Chess · Online
Steller chess teacher!
Sam, is just such a great instructor. He's highly educated and professional and brings a wealth of knowledge to each chess lessons. He really went out of his way to connect with my 10 year old son-He's fantastic with children. Sam, convinced my son to play in tournaments and in the past 6 months, his rating has gone up by 700 USCF points! I could not be happier- Thank you Sam!
Dr. Cedeno September 7, 2018
· Chess · In home
I normally don’t leave reviews, but after gone trough a few mediocre chess teachers, we are so happy we found Sam and I wanted to take a minute to say that Sam is an phenomenal chess teacher, our children( girl and boy, 6 & 9 ) Love his lessons and have grown so much in terms of chess skill level. Sam is very professional, super patient and uses exceptional effective teaching methods. He’s the best chess teacher we have found in south Florida, after years of changing teachers! Thank you Sam!
Patrick February 15, 2017
· Chess · Online
I'm writing this on behalf of my 9 year old son. His first chess lesson was AMAZING. Best Instructor he ever had. Sam made my sons lesson FUN as well as educational. He is looking forward to the next lesson. THANKS SAM!!!
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Sam C.

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$50 / 30-min

About Sergey K.

Schenectady, NY
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I love playing Chess and can teach you how to play as well

About Sergey
I am multitalented. At a young age I mastered the Art of Photography that was taught to me by my grandpa and Chess. I was born in Belarus and I am a native Russian Speaker.

After substitute teaching then getting my first teacher job in NY I have started to work on my business and been very successful at it. I teach nearly 150,000 students on Udemy.com and do free lance photography for pay part time.


B.A in History Major & Political Science Minor at Siena College
Master Degree in Education from College of St Rose

Teaching Certification
NYS certified Social Studies & Special Education Teacher.

Special Ed Teacher, Tutoring and Substitute teacher

Photography self taught and experienced event photographer. Online tutorials business teacher that teachers oth
ers how to start your own business and be an entrepreneur.

Event Photography, Chess, Tae Kwon Do, eBay, Etsy and Fiverr
Patti C. September 30, 2018
· Photography · Online
Terrible experience. Couldn't connect online, 20 minutes after start time called him and he tried to assist, but ended up doing a "phone lesson" which consisted of a question and answer time where I had to come up with my own questions. To conclude we were told to go out and take some pictures on our own and learn from experimenting on our own taking pictures of all kinds of things. We could then download them, send to him, and he could critique.
Not what I expected. Not necessarily his fault, but Going to ask for refund
Janet T. May 25, 2018
· Photography · In home
when I made an appointment, I asked if Sergey was familiar with my camera and they said yes. It seemed new to him. But after talking about my fijifilm x100F, I am returning the camera. So overall I did like Sergey and look forward to my next Hour
McKenna August 27, 2017
· Photography · In studio
Very helpful!!
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Sergey K.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Mark J.

The Colony, TX
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I have been playing chess competitively since the mid-70's, am a certified Local Tournament Director, and have run chess clubs in many different locations. My current chess rating puts me in the top 5% of competitive players in Texas and the top 10% nationally.

I have an organized curriculum available which I customize to the needs of the student. Another aspect of our lessons requires playing games so I can see that the student has gained the skill taught, and give them an opportunity to put a new skill to practical use. I make use of problems, special playing situations, and review games the student has played once the student learns to write the moves down using standard move notation.

I also offer discounts for group sessions, if interested.

About Mark
I have a BS in Economics (minor Math) and an MS in Economics both from Southern lllinois University at Edwardsville. I also have taken all of the coursework for a PhD in Economics from St. Louis University. I also have 30+ years of experience in Business Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics. I've taught Intro to Business Forecasting (undergrad level), and Introduction to Competitive Intelligence (Graduate Level).

I'm a Veteran of the US Air Force, with a highest rank of Staff Sergeant.

For Chess lessons, I've been a competitive chess player since 1974, and a Life Member of the US Chess Federation since 1974 as well. My current rating is 1790, which places me in the top 5% of competitive players in Texas and the top 10% in the United States. I'm also a certified local chess coach and a certified local tournament director for th
e US Chess Federation and have originated and run chess clubs in many different locations, depending on my travels.
Aniket P. August 15, 2017
· Chess · In home
First lesson was great.
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Mark J.

The Colony, TX 75056
starting at
$40 / 45-min

About Stephen M.

West Covina, CA
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Strong analytical skills.
I've been playing chess for 20 years
I've reached a 2020 elo on lichess
I estimate my elo rating in otb (over the board) to be somewhere between 2100-2300 and close to master level or even Grandmaster level for slower games.
I know a lot of cool ways to improve at chess and how to teach to get better at analysis and improving your chess/understanding/reviewing your games.
I would love to work with you and help boost your elo by hundreds of points (especially those under 1800 elo) or beginners/intermediate players.
I'm willing to teach all levels.

About Stephen
Currently looking for new students.
I teach piano, japanese, chess, go(weiqi/baduk), and meditation/self-improvement.
I am very proficient in all of the above subjects and have helped dozens of students reach their long-term goals over the years. I am also very patient and have taught children piano lessons for more than 10 years. As a learner I know how overwhelming new subject-matter could be and I tend to understand the pace that the student needs/wants to go at.
I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I see my students improving. I also am constantly improving myself as a teacher so the lessons will only get better and the material should be easier to understand with time.
Let's master anything you want to work on, and have a lot of fun too :)
Thanks for reading!
Ja'Quan September 7, 2017
· Japanese · Online
Awesome teacher man
John Edward September 7, 2017
· Japanese · In studio
Patient instructor. I'm super rusty and he was able to keep at my pace. He also made it interesting by using practical scenarios and alternating with cartoons or games. He watches anime as well so I was able to learn while talking about things I like. It helped practicing much easier.
真修 September 7, 2017
· Japanese · In studio
I think that both advanced learners and beginners could benefit from taking one of his lessons.
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Stephen M.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Omar J.

Tampa, FL
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As far as chess goes, anyone can learn how to move a piece, control the board, or utilize move patterns. The thing that separates the average from the adept is the understanding of the multiple levels of "playing". Starting with your mind set, moving on to the game board, and ultimately defeating the opponent sitting across from you...

Defeating your opponent is literally the goal of chess. So, it is important to remember to have fun while being competitive.

I am a Chess Player, and have been since elementary school where I joined the chess club and became addicted to the game. That's when found out my younger brother was cheating when he taught me how to play a few weeks before. Needless to say he cant win against me anymore...OK fine, he gets lucky sometimes...at the end of the day we supported each other and our friends at a bunch of chess tournaments!

Now, at this point in my life, it is time to share some chess knowledge and support someone who is looking for that

About Omar
As with anything else I teach It is important to understand the fundamentals and then gain knowledge from those experiences onward.

Learning and enjoying anything depends on practice experience as well as separate tactics that cause you to be unique and create an advantage only you have.
Sairam M. February 13, 2019
· Method Acting · In home
Omar is an awesome instructor to teach on Method Acting.He understands the student aspiration and train accordingly.he motivates the actor with his excellent advises and provide inspirational thoughts to the actor.I am sure he can make best actors/actresses/artists through his own specific ways of method acting skills.thank you Director:).
Craig February 6, 2019
· Method Acting · In studio
When I first began my search for an acting coach I was stressed out because I knew I needed help but I didn't know how to start. Luckily I found the Director, Omar. The Director began by interviewing me to see what my goals and potential were. He then developed a specific lesson plan designed around what he called "The Fundamentals" and I progressed since then. Now after a few months of the Directors support, I know confidently that I am an Actor. I learned things about human behavior and method acting that I couldn't find in any video or online source. The Director somehow made things simple to understand and I'm glad for it. I am not done with the lessons, but since he has supported me and shared his knowledge, the least I can do is share my experience. Thank you Director!
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Omar J.

starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Ajay A.

Trenton, NJ
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Master chess tutor with USCF rating as 2000.
Trained to teach kids and adults .
Will train students to win chess tournaments and increase Internation ranking.

About Ajay
I am professional chess player with rating as 2000. My main strengths are combinations ,streategy and positional play.
Have demo class to know more about my teaching skills .
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Ajay A.

starting at
$34 / 60-min

About JJ L.

Chicago, IL
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Hi! My name is JJ, and I am finishing my Ph.D. in philosophy at Stanford university, currently living in Chicago.

I played chess in high school, bouncing around the intermediate 1400-1800 USCF level for several years before giving up on the game. A year ago, I decided to take chess seriously again, and in four months boosted my rating to 2026 USCF.

Unlike grandmasters who shot up to 2300 without ever slowing down, I have ample first-hand experience of being stuck in the intermediate levels. My teaching style is based not only on identifying weaknesses in preparation (opening, tactics, endings) but also in psychological approaches to diagnosing positions.

I am also happy to teach beginners of any age, but I should note that my rates are meant to reflect my level of experience, and that I cannot honestly say this level of experience is necessary to learn as a beginner.

About JJ
Hi! In middle school, I couldn't imagine reaching a rating of 1500. By the end of high school, I was 1798 but could not figure out how to crack 1800. Now I'm comfortably over 2000 and I have a 50% win rate against 2200+ competition. Maybe you've also found it ver difficult to get over a hump, no matter how much you study or how much you play. So, what happened to my game?

To find out, you should schedule a lesson ;)

My major focus is on properly diagnosing the position. Are you playing for a win in a dead drawn position and losing? Is your plan based on your hopes of finding a checkmate, instead of a concrete weakness on the board? Are you avoiding rook endgames because you haven't studied them? In short: we will be focusing on psychology and planning, with plenty of opening prep and endgame studies!
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$34 / 30-min

About Atousa P.

Encino, CA

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Learn Chess from a Woman Chess Grand Master!

She's been teaching chess from beginner to advanced level for more than 10 years.
She's been playing chess professionally Since 1996.

About Atousa
Becoming the world youth champion at 12 and chess Grand Master at 20, would have never been possible without receiving the best chess lessons from my trainers and coaches. Everyone needs guidance in chess, I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

Despite being a professional chess player since I was 9, I’ve been teaching chess since 2006 and started my own chess school in 2008.

Private Lesson is an excellent way to learn, implement and achieve desired results for ambitious players or children who want to start chess methodically. Also, it helps any chess player to improve his/her proficiency. My students range are from beginner to master level.
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Atousa P.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

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