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Weight Loss with Zelda S.

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    Learn the tricks of healthy weight loss with a proven weight loss teacher with 20 years of experience

    I once was a food and sugar addict, and now I've experienced the joy of reaching my ideal healthy weight and keeping it off I'm helping people from all over the world, coaching them on how to drop weight the healthy way and keep it off. As a certified Holistic Nutrition and RTT practitioner coach I give my clients good accurate data that empowers them to make better choices about their health. Let me share what some of my clients have said about my coaching: "I lost 20 pounds with Zelda's coaching in 12 weeks. It is an empowering feeling to have such control over your own health and I didn't realize how good I would feel after eating foods right from the ground; things that are not processed; things that are grown, natural and pure. I noticed that I now never think of things like, rice, pasta, creamy/sweet foods, and diary. This is a lifetime of habits that I had to change, a lifetime of thoughts around food and what I liked that I had to change as well. I noticed that my cravings for sugar began to relent and not torture me as much. It took time, but eventually I became confident in my cooking abilities as well, I built up my knowledge and understanding about food and what my body needed. I can now see the light and I will not turn back as I have grown to love myself enough to make me and my health first. I found Zelda to be a very supportive and knowledgeable mentor which is exactly what I needed during this time of change." LL, Nashville TN, USA "I am 65 years of age. I lost a total of 7.4kg or 16 pounds and five inches from my waist in just 6 weeks. I needed to lose weight to take pressure off my knees and foot. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, arthritis, damaged right knee and left foot and a torn Meniscus in my left knee. I already had good knowledge about food but knowing and putting into practice are two different things. I was intrigued by the Rapid Transformation Therapy and Zelda has her own weight loss story so can easily relate. She is extremely knowledgeable and is very enthusiastic, encouraging and understanding. The RTT session was very helpful. It identified reasons why I self sabotage myself and my health. I listen to my personal recording from the RTT session every day. It is a great positive start to my day. During the day phrases come to mind and help motivate me to stay focused and I didn’t have any cravings. Thank you Zelda." RB, Queensland Australia. I LOVE helping people become healthier, lighter, more in control of their eating. Let's connect, let's get started towards your ideal healthy weight. The best time for new beginnings is now.

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    Teaches Online
    Teaches Online

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    About Zelda S.

    Are you here because you want to be a better singer or speaker or musician? Do you lack confidence in your voice? Have you wondered if your voice is capable of improving? If you said yes, you're in the right place to get the help you need to be a confident and dynamic singer and speaker. As a professional singer, speaker, and voice coach Zelda has been delivering a high level of training for 14+ years to students of all ages and levels across the world in private lessons. She is currently available to teach weekly singing, speaking, performance, and music lessons online from her home studio in Nashville MUSIC CITY, TN, USA. She provides a dynamic, holistically structured training curriculum for people who want to love their voice and sing and speak with confidence and control. Her students enjoy learning how to use their voice more powerfully for both singing and speaking, accent reduction, conversational and professional English and speech, ear training, performing and presenting as well as musicianship - songwriting, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and ukulele. Zelda started learning and playing guitar at age 7 and she she shares her passion for creativity, communication and lifelong learning with students from 5 to 97. Her lessons are refreshingly different - centering on the individual student and their unique needs and has helped many students improve their abilities for professional communications, confident performances, succeed in auditions and competitions, become more effective with media and workplace interviews, presentations and events, working in a team, joining and playing in a band, creating dynamic setlists, singing karaoke and in recording audio and video and a lot more. HOW ZELDA'S LESSONS ARE STRUCTURED Zelda's coaching is student-centered. Lesson ONE is where you discuss your goals and then your voice or current skill level is measured for both the coach and student to clearly see the baseline of where you are now so that the progress you are making each week is clearly seen and heard. Then in the following lessons, the foundational coaching tools for voice, speaking and music mastery are introduced one by one, explained, and demonstrated, which you then practice yourself and then show what you've learned by demonstrating your understanding and ability to use the new tool. You then apply all the tools you are learning to the material and projects that are relevant to you so that you can master each tool and technique in real-life application. You are given practice activities and homework to help you progress even faster and your success is monitored so you can see how far you've come. Students love this super-organized and systematic approach to learning to master using their voice and musical ability because they can easily see their breakthroughs, successes, and progress in each lesson and celebrate how they achieved marvellous milestones of accomplishment. WHO ZELDA WORKS WITH She's worked with speakers, vocalists and musicians of all kinds - from all over the world with both professional and personal learning goals. Her students are speakers and singers including English as a second language speakers; speakers in high profile professions; professional touring and recording artist singers; soloists, lead singers, karaoke singers, duos, choirs, singer-songwriters; guitarists and songwriters who don't call themselves singers; singers who don't call themselves musicians, children, pastors, professors, professionals and people with a passion for learning the strategies for loving their voice and loving to play music. Zelda is a professional performer who works as a musician, singer, speaker as well as a singer-songwriter, music, and performance coach, author, and creator of the highly effective voice warm-up program 'Zelda's Voice Warm Ups' for anyone who uses their voice - teachers, coaches, actors, singers and is available on iTunes for purchase to use anytime for keeping your voice in peak condition. As an award-winning songwriter, Zelda has been a performing professional musician for over 40 years and has enjoyed a well-rounded career in communications and entertainment including live performing, studio performing and directing singers, speakers, actors and musicians, and music education program development. She continues to work in recording studios with professional speakers, singers, and musicians across all the pop music genres and her award-winning works continue to be broadcast on television worldwide. An expert in her field working in the high end of commercial broadcast production, Zelda looks forward to helping new students enjoy their learning experience and prepare for the many opportunities as they arise. Her students range in age and include adults of all ages, teens, children, and a wide range of skill levels. She works with speakers, singers, musicians, songwriters, and producers across many genres and styles. Some of the musical styles she regularly teaches include Pop, Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative, Americana, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Gospel, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Broadway and Musical theater. For Speaking and communicating, Zelda helps her students and clients gain confidence in their personal communications and professional careers. Students love Zelda's fun, encouraging and systemized lesson format and enjoy reaching learning milestones and achieving their goals. What do you want to do with your voice and your music? MORE Zelda is a professional speaker, singer, musician, songwriter, and coach with a mission - to change the way people think about creative talent. She knows first-hand that when students get into the right headspace they can make amazing breakthroughs with their voice, their musicianship, their careers, and themselves in all areas of their life. As a young child, Zelda was extremely shy with her voice. She was so unconfident she could not sing in front of anyone else, not even her family. She started learning guitar at age seven, but it took her many years to gain the confidence to actually sing and perform. This is why Zelda loves working with shy singers, speakers and musicians, because she knows firsthand what is stopping the shy singer from letting themself come out of their shell. She knows what the shy singer needs to gain confidence step by step in a supportive environment. Zelda believes it’s not just about talent you're born with - but rather passion to master easy-to-learn skills to advance to the next level. She’s right at home with people at any level from raw beginners to shy speakers and singers to high-level professionals. Her encouraging style helps speakers, singers, musicians, and songwriters develop their unique voice for any situation - workplace, live performance, audio and video recording, auditions, presentations, and any type of event. Zelda's students range in ages from 6 to 97 and come from all walks of life, from children to teens, to recording and touring musicians, to adults in professional careers, to teachers and current and retired professors. If you're looking for life-changing coaching and Zelda's story resonates with you - then you’ll love lessons with Zelda.
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