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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Piero delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 13+

Teaching since:
January 1985

“Creativity and it’s expression is something nobody can take away
from you."

The Universe/God has given you gifts and my job is to grow them beyond your fears and perceived limitations. To live a creative life the artist must define their approach to the craft and stay true to their voice.

I've trained actors since 1985, first in New York City, then starting in 1996 in Los Angeles. I’ve taught Meisner, Adler, Method and Stanislavsky; but I specialize in On-Camera, focusing on audition materials, sides, monologues, cold reading and character creation all using techniques that I have developed: © Character Preference™ , Character Expression℠, Character Pathology℠ and Writers Preference℠. The Preference Techniques are taught online interactively, where I share my computer screen with the student showing various slides and movie clips.

Learn how not to give up your power to others, regardless if they are an agent/director/producer, instead create your own opportunities. Creativity is a force of it’s own, it needs to be expressed otherwise it could find a destructive outlet. The life of the artist is incredibly rewarding but can also be very difficult. We’ve all seen the struggle: Robin Williams, John Belushi, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris Farley, Amy Winehouse, etc. Creativity needs to be respected, honed and taken care of. This is why it’s important to me to guide those on a path of creative expression.

I’m interested in students seeking to express their own unique individuality; staying motivated, maintaining a positive mindset, realizing your vision, developing focused and accomplishing your goals.

There’s only one YOU in this world, with your own specific set of skills and talents. We tend to discount our own natural abilities, not fully recognizing and owning them. My job is to bring forward and build up those unique attributes while also giving you the tools to see the unique qualities in whatever character you are playing.

No two people learn alike, I design a tailor-made syllabus for each individual. For special auditions I can be available in person at my studio. I have clients who reside in Europe, so my hours can be flexible by special arrangement.


-Sandy Meisner selected me to study with him in the West Indies in 1985.
-Completed the 2 Year Meisner program with William Alderson,

-Stanislavsky, Method Acting and character study with Stella Adler.

-Created the Duality Playhouse and the Piero Acting Studio in

-Founder and Artistic Director of The New York Italian Theater

-Co-Founder and Artistic Director of S.T.A.R. Teens; A non-profit and one of the first theater outreach program for troubled youth in conjunction with Mt. Sinai Hospital Adolescent Health Center.

-Artistic Director of The Piero Acting Conservatory in Los

-Directed the trilogy, Dead by Morning By Tom Thomas at The Taper Two, Hollywood.

-Directed a one woman show at The Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.

-Adapted The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument for actors and

-Created © Character Preference™ including: Character
Expression℠, Destructive Preference℠, Writers Preference℠.

-Collaborated with Syd Field in a new writers workshop called The
Matrix of Character Preference.

I know this to be true - I’m eccentric, I break the clock, I like being playful and must have humor in order to work. My strongest addition to the world of acting is the creation of “Character Preference” to help actors play the preference of the character without injecting one's own natural preference.

Many true artist’s in all kinds of professions have touched my life, and you, like me, will discover that while it is not always easy to determine whether some people and experiences were for the better, each one is, nevertheless, an important part of your tapestry - many of these influences will leave your life, but they will live on through your work.

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Life Coach.
Feb 2007 - Present
Private Studio

Specialize in: Creative Coaching, Career and Professional Image, Relationships, Addictions, Happiness and Spirituality.
I like to provide value and I love to transform people's lives.

Creator of © The Character Preference Technique Series.
Jun 1998 - Present
Private Studio

© Character Preference™
Definition: A character’s style of thinking & behaving that chooses
certain actions over others.

Character Expression℠
Definition: The actions that the actor manifests through artistic
execution in the body & phrasing to create the character’s essence, emotional life & inner rhythm; expressed in preference & brought to life in performance.

Destructive Preference℠
Definition: The character’s Pathology soul suffering.
The origin of their suffering will empower them or destroy them in the journey of the script. The actions the character plays are ruled by their suffering; evoking recognition, feelings of happiness, pity, rage or sympathy in the audience. Overcoming their soul’s suffering becomes one of their major obstacles.

Writers Preference℠
Definition: Binds the Preference Model, giving the writer new insights and an extra dimension in creating characters; compelling dialogue, action and behavior, must be injected into each character without interference from the writer's natural preference. The result will be character's with strong distinct voices and preference's.

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Acting Coach.
Feb 1991 - Present
Private Studio

Coaching for auditions, agent/manager interviews, monologues and scenes for college admissions, screen-tests and on-location.

Artistic Director
Sep 1996 - Dec 2005
Private Studio

Taught On-Camera, Cold Reading, Teens, Commercials, Agent Showcases, Meisner, Adler, Stanislavsky. Method and Character Preference Techniques.

Founder/Artistic Director
Jun 1988 - Aug 2005
The Duality Playhouse. NYC.

Directed numerous plays. From John Patrick Shanley to David Mamet to Chekov.

Director of A One Woman Show.
Jul 2003 - Aug 2003
THE FRINGE, at Edinburgh, Scotland.

Co-founder and Artistic Director
Sep 1998 - Oct 2000
S.T.A.R. Sinai Teens Art Resource at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center. NYC.

Along with Co-founder Dr. Cydelle Berlin, we would tour inner city schools. Educational material written by both me and the teens and directed by me. Topic covered: Aids, drugs, peer pressure, etc. Non profit.

Founder/Artistic Director
May 1990 - Sep 1995
The New York Italian Theatre Company, NYC.

A non-profit theatre company dedicated to producing works of Italian and Italian-American playwrights in both Italian and English.
I directed numerous plays, including works by Dario Fo, Richard Vetere and Luigi Pirandello.

Acting Teacher
Mar 1985 - Aug 1995
The Piero Dusa Acting Studio, NYC.

Jan 1991 - Dec 1993
Multinational Casting. NYC.

A casting office for actors with foreign languages skills in movie and television for visiting production companies shooting in the U.S.

Jan 1978 - Aug 1992
New York City.

Industrial and billboard model. Performed in numerous national commercials, soap operas, television shows and films.


Film Production.
Jan 1993 - Dec 1993
New York University.
Jan 1981 - Dec 1985
Sanford Meisner, William Alderson, Stella Adler and Mikhail Tsoglin.


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Professional Proficiency


Herman Brain Dominance Model.
Jul 1998
Herrmann International. San Francisco.

A course on how our internal preference, thinking style and personality makes choices and how individual’s style of thinking & behaving chooses certain actions over others.

Fitness Instructor Certification.
Jan 1989
Marymount Manhattan College.

A certification in fitness and nutrition.


First Prize Winner: Screenplay.
Aug 2002
The Hollywood Film Festival Screenplay Discovery Awards 2002 for Best Screenplay.


Actors' Equity Association
Jun 1988

Actors' Equity Association, founded in 1913, is the labor union that represents more than 49,000 Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society.

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Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
Feb 1986

An American labor union representing over 160,000 film and television principal and background performers, journalists, and radio personalities worldwide.

Photos & Videos

With Sandy Meisner, who selected me to study with him in the West Indies.

With Alfred Molina. At one of my acting class graduations.

Private On-Camera session with teen Laura R.

A Commercial private class with model/actor Jermaine J.

© Character Preference. How we see the world through our own filter.

With student Teresa Ruiz and Mexican actress Ofelia Medina after its U.S. premiere of "Frida" at The LATC in Los Angeles.

© Character Preference types.

With actors John Savage and Nick Mancuso.

The Destructive Preference℠ of The Character.
+ 18 more

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Justin Mar 7, 2016
Acting · In home

I wanted to start off by saying that Piero is the best teacher I have ever had period. He is able to get a performance out of you that you will not think is possible. He has created an amazing environment for creative people that few can manage in this city. Having studied Meisner from him for years and experiencing his amazing techniques, Character Preference, Character Expression and Writers Preference, I can say truly makes him a world class teacher. I can't say enough good things about him. My entire family has trained with him and the guidance he has given me with his Life Coaching has meant more to me than I can express in words. He always makes time wether in the studio or via Skype if I ever need any guidance. I know that he will be apart of my life for a long time to come.

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Mitzie P. Mar 4, 2016
Film and TV Acting · Online

Piero Dusa, is a master acting coach who absolutely enjoys working with actors. He is empathetic, very supportive of his actors and has been my acting coach for many years, from New York to Los Angeles and no matter where I am he's only a Skype away from prepping me for auditions. He has an instinctive way of guiding an actor to discover and unearthing a characters truth, because he understands how to nurture an actor through the process. Piero knows we all are different and come in with our varying idiosyncrasies, yet he has an uncanny way for immediately understanding who you are, and he's such an easy person to work with.

I believe Piero's Character Preference and Character Expression Techniques to be one of the most invaluable tools for an actor to use when delving into character work, these tools have completely changed the way I've approached script reading and scene breakdowns. As a life coach, Piero has thought me how to incorporate and utilize these same techniques within my everyday life. His supportive guidance, wisdom, knowledge and creative experience have been an asset toward my personal and artistic development.

I can't recommend Piero highly enough, he's a gift for any actor.

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Katy Feb 1, 2016
Film Acting · In studio

I feel so blessed that the foundation of my acting training took place under the guidance of Piero. In 1998, I began studying at his studio in Santa Monica where I studied the Meisner Technique, Commercial Auditioning, Film Auditioning, as well as Piero's own Character Preference. The learning environment with Piero was fun, nurturing, inspiring, and a safe place to discover and grow. I still call upon and share with others the things I learned from him!

Today, 18 years later, I live in Texas and still continue to rely on Piero for private coaching via Skype and phone calls. He has provided feedback and coaching on my website, acting reel, headshots, and film and commercial auditions. I have booked several film and commercial roles after working with him! His Character Preference Technique is a valuable tool that has helped me grow tremendously as an actor!

In addition to the acting training I have received from him, he has also been a great encourager to me offering great words of wisdom and truth. I consider him not only an acting coach, but also a life coach. He is hilarious, and has a gift for knowing what to say to remind you of who you are and what life is really all about. It is a true blessing to have such an amazingly gifted teacher, who cares enough to take the time to make sure you're not only excelling at your craft, but as person too.

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Laura Jan 28, 2016
Acting · In studio

Piero is amazing. Working with him is such a growing experience! Not only have I grown beyond my imagination as a performer, but also, have grown personally through his guidance and insight. Piero has this deep seated ability to understand and guide his students with such grace and ease.

Studying Character Preference and Character Expression with Piero enables me to be stronger and more comfortable in who I am with the understanding of personal and interpersonal relationships. This strength he helped me achieve makes me a stronger performer with more commitment than I have ever had. It also enables me to communicate better with people in life, as I now better understand human behavior.

With enthusiastic energy Piero makes it exciting to take classes with him as he supports you, challenges you, and helps you grow.

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Sallie Jan 22, 2016
Life Coaching · In studio

Piero is great, and I am thankful that no matter what curves life may throw, he is there to offer me new perspectives for resolving them. Life coaching is as innate to Piero as breathing.

At times when I have been muddled in what seemed like a dire situation, he skillfully guided me into discovering fresh approaches beyond the confines of my “box”. He is able to shed light that opens me to new, understandable and attainable possibilities in a way that makes my life easier on a daily basis. The best part for me is that I know Piero is dependably there with support and encouragement as I continue to develop my own ability and confidence to live a fuller life.

Prior to my seeking life coaching for myself from Piero, I became aware of his desire for people to succeed while my daughter was enrolled in his film and television class where she received steady positive reinforcement. His Character Preference introduced her to different styles of human behavior, and both her skills in acting as well as in her personal relationships improved.

Piero’s decades of varied trainings and personal experiences, combined with his giftedness to teach and eagerness to be of service, provide a solid foundation for his coaching. Although I have most sessions at the studio, there have been times that I have had my appointment by call — phone or Skype. Either way I receive his same professional assistance. Thank goodness for Piero’s willingness to use his knowledge to help others.

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Claire Jan 22, 2016
Acting · Online

I've worked with many teachers and I can honestly say that no one compares to Piero. I am constantly learning to push myself and trust that I am enough. His method and technique have definitely brought me to the next level. This is money well spent!

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Lyle Jan 21, 2016
Film and TV Acting · In studio

In 2001, I joined Piero's acting studio in Santa Monica, CA where I studied Meisner for two years. Twelve years later, we reconnected and I restablished my studies. Piero is a genius. His insight into the human condition, along with his trademarked work, aid the actor into quickly dissecting script while laying a pathology and history for character development. If you are wanting to work with the best and are committed to your craft, his "one on one" lessons will leave their mark and take years off of your searching for the right class. Remember nothing happens until you begin working. This is the first step.

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Pamela Jan 19, 2016
Life Coaching · In studio

Piero motivates and inspires like no one I’ve ever met. He has a special and unique talent similar to that of Oprah or Dr. Oz. It’s a gift that is hard to put into words. But when you first meet Piero, you will feel it. He opens his heart and gives 110%. He says that it’s “baby steps” that can change your life. I believe that and I have experienced that. Thank you Piero. You have changed my life. You are not just a Life Coach, you are a Life Saver!

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WC Jan 19, 2016
Life Coaching · In studio

Piero's encouragement has had an enormous impact on me, and my career. Our work together has inspired me to set long term goals and dream bigger. Piero works passionately, patiently, and respectfully. After a session with Piero, I absolutely feel more confident.

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Rachel Jan 14, 2016
Acting · Online

Piero's no-nonsense approach, enthusiasm and respect for the craft and his ability to connect, is what makes him the best teacher in the biz.
I've taken numerous acting classes including Ivana Chubbuck and none of them compared to Piero. His character preference technique completely changed my approach to character work. He’s able to share his computer screen with me so I can see the slides and movie clips in real time. I just recently used it to quickly break down a scene and grasp the major qualities of my character in minutes, it's so on point it's mind-boggling.
Piero's teaching doesn't stop with acting and writing, his wise words have coached me through many hardships of the business. Whenever I'm insecure about my work, he tells me to be kind to myself and to keep it simple, “ The life of the artist is enough torture, no reason to torture yourself even more". I couldn't do this without him.

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