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Ear Training with Maureen K.

Dallas, Texas

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 5+
Speaks English, Mandarin
Teaching since 2009
MM in Opera Performance

    About Maureen K.

    A full-time operatic performer and music educator, Maureen has been teaching voice and piano lessons since 2009. She currently runs her own private studio, in addition to traveling to students' homes to teach lessons. She happily teaches anyone who has an interest and willingness to learn, regardless of experience. Ms. K received a Master of Music from the University of Maryland in 2017 with an emphasis in Opera Performance. In teaching, her goal is to find the optimal method for each individual student that will encourage them to grow and improve. She firmly believes that anyone who is willing to dedicate the time and effort to learning a new instrument is capable of doing so, and looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Lessons are scheduled to best accommodate the student's schedule, and as such can be at a regular day/time or determined on a weekly basis. Please be aware that Ms. K is an opera singer who periodically travels for performances. As such, she may need to reschedule lessons from time to time, but will always give as much advance notice as possible.

    Instructor details

    Student's Home
    Student's Home
    Teaches Online
    Teaches Online

    Teaching Hours

    7 AM-8:30 AM
    9 AM-12:30 PM
    7 AM-8 AM
    9 AM-10:30 AM
    12 PM-1 PM
    6:30 PM-7 PM
    7 AM-8:30 AM
    9 AM-1 PM