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Marty teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: November 1997
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Open up to your own unique voice. Play piano with energy and freedom.

"With singing, your body is your instrument. Helping you become all you can be as a performer is my number one goal. Protecting your voice is a close second as we work to strengthen your vocal range and the quality of your sound. As well, piano students will learn techniques that will speed up their comprehension of sight reading and/or improvisation. Teaching gives me an opportunity to energize my students and share with them historically proven techniques - as well as new ways of practicing and performing." - Marty

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Marty moved to the Phoenix, AZ area eight years ago. Marty has over 20 years of performing and teaching experience. She studied for three years at the School of Music, University of Colorado, Boulder. She has studied in the Masters program in vocal pedagogy and has performed in a variety of venues from blues to opera.

You will find her pedagogy technique to be respectful of the masters that have come before her. She is also open to new techniques from belting (in popular music), to microphone usage skills. As a student, you will be invited to perform in student recitals. You will be joining a team of dedicated, passionate performers who know the pleasure of performing.

As a beginning and intermediate piano instructor, Marty will guide you in the basics of sight reading. If you prefer, your piano classes will consist primarily of improvisation and chord progressions (you will also learn a little bit of sight reading which will help you 'flesh out' the melody). You will gain a solid foundation in music theory as well as an introduction into the vast world of music history. All age ranges are welcome, from the beginning elementary student, to the retiree just now finding the time to pursue their passion to perform.

I have authored a variety of music theory articles to assist you with your progress. We use these in the lessons to speed up your assimilation of the material. You will receive support via this literature and will quickly recognize how music theory supports your efforts with either singing or playing the piano.

*** Lesson Details ***
Your voice is unique to you. How you currently sing and what you want to sing will be the foundation from which we work. We will explore your voice and strengthen it via breath and physical exercises and practice with a repertoire that suits your individual tastes. We will also prepare your mind for quick and fluid articulation of your musical sensitivities.

Music theory and various musical explorations will assist you in moving forward in the most rapid manner possible. Whether you are twelve years old or sixty-five, you will find fun as well as perceptive methods for strengthening your passion for musical performance.

Since your body is your instrument, I am very conscious of the need to assist you in waking your body up in order to perform most successfully. The warm-up exercises include not only traditional vocalizes, but also methods for stretching your body and strengthening your diaphragmatic breathing. My students become very aware of any residual tension in their bodies. Singing is a wonderful way to get in touch with - and expel - any way in which you might 'close down' or 'tense down' your physical body. By working with a caring professional, you will learn how to freely share your unique talent with the world.

As we progress through the series of classes, you will use breathing exercises to activate the thoracic (throat & chest) and visceral (stomach) cavities. Your lessons will continue into specific vocalization exercises; such as singing scales, triads and specific exercises to assist you with fluid musical expression. Traditional ear training will also be a part of the lessons for intermediate students.

Many of the lessons I teach include a theme of working on confidence, vocal projection, breath support, finding and releasing tension, vocal range expansion, audition preparation and stage performance. All singing includes a core of story-telling. You will be encouraged to 'deconstruct' a song and discover the story, along with the emotions that are found in the lyrics of the songs you will sing.


In a similar fashion, my piano students will work on exercises to establish kinesthetic learning or muscle-memory. I have a unique method for sharing chord-progressions and piano improvisation. You will learn to quickly share music in a satisfying and pleasing manner that will surprise you and the people who hear your music. From your unique 'ear,' and via your new-found understanding of music theory, music will pour out of your piano.

As a piano student, you will also be exposed to lessons of the masters who have taught for hundreds of years. Sight-reading at the piano is a very enjoyable skill. It is also a foundation from which we will work (while taking in mind your particular interests). Again, whether a pre-teen or a senior citizen (or anyone in between!) who has finally found the time to explore their musical talent - you will find classes uniquely suited to your musical trajectory.

Your lessons will proceed as you acquire the ability to successfully perform your exercises and musical literature. Playing the piano fluidly and sharing your abilities with others is an amazing experience! It is my intent to ensure that your progress is swift, enjoyable and based on the work of the masters who have come before us! See you soon... Cordially, Marty W.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, metronome, microphone and amp. I can provide supplemental piano music; in some cases, students will need to purchase their own music. I also have an area where parents can wait for lessons to end. We also have a market or restaurant close-by as well.

*** Travel Equipment ***
When traveling to student's homes - they need to have a piano. In some cases, students also need to buy their own voice or piano books. In the event that a vocal student prefers in-home lessons and does not have a piano, I can bring an electric piano to the lessons (let's talk!).

*** Specialties ***
Barbara Doscher method of Opera Voice and Singing
Have experience with conducting choral music
Piano - beginner and intermediate sight reading
Piano - chord progression and music theory (some songwriting)

Photos and Videos


Vocal Pedagogy and Piano Instructor, etc.
Oct 2010 - Present

See topic descriptions.

Music Teacher
Jan 1990 - Jun 1990
Carden School

Taught grade school and junior high music theory, choir, bells and drumming.


Master of Science
Oct 2002 - Nov 2004
University of Advancing Technology
Masters of Liberal Arts
Aug 1995 - Aug 1998
Regis University
Interdisciplinary Degree - Ethnomusicology, Voice & Physical Anthropology
Jan 1990 - Dec 1994
University of Colorado, Boulder

Languages Spoken

Italian (for singing)
Limited Proficiency
Spanish (For singing and limited usage)
Limited Proficiency


Choir Regionals
May 1992
National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)

32 Reviews on Marty W.

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Grace Jul 27, 2016
· Piano · In studio I enjoyed how flexible Marty is . She is a nice teacher who embraces different cultures and approaches.
Anne B. Mar 3, 2016
· Piano · In studio I am retired and wanted to start playing piano again after many years. Marty tailors my lessons to my skill level and to the kind of music I want to play. She is very personable, extremely well organized, and is a very effective teacher.
Rebecca A. Oct 15, 2015
· Vocal Training · In studio Marty is helping me figure out what I want to get out of voice lessons. I have loved signing my whole life, I am 50 now, still love it but never had any formal training, she is helping me find my real voice and express it the way that I want to. I LOVE HER!
Brooke C. Sep 21, 2015
· Singing · In home My daughter had a great time and learned so much about her voice in her first lesson.
Karyn P. Sep 20, 2015
· Piano · In home I swear you don't just learn piano from Marty. You learn about life. She caters to the needs and skills of each student. She personalizes each lesson with a music binder that she puts together for you. And she is gracing the music world with a book on her method! Her repertoire/bookshelf is endless. I looked forward to every single lesson (and she's so flexible when it comes to rescheduling) during my seven months with her! I had a blast. Thanks Marty - you're the best!
Kathleen C. Aug 7, 2015
· Piano · In studio Marty was a terrific teacher. I loved how she had a wide knowledge and I felt like I could ask her anything and she would either know the answer or be able to find it for me. I really enjoyed working with Marty and I would recommend her to anyone. I wish I could
Ritha S. Jul 13, 2015
· Singing · In studio At first the reason I decided to take singing lessons was just for fun but after 9+ months with Marty, man oh man... I have made lots of progress, am more confident in my singing abilities, and learned a great deal of what it takes to be a great singer. Sometimes when I'm singing, I'm completely a different person!

I still have a long way to go, but Marty has taught me that it is possible for anybody to sing well and that is why we need Marty! She is friendly, very encouraging and full of energy and fun. Thank you, Marty!
Bryan B. Jul 10, 2015
· Singing · In studio I just finished my first lesson with Marty today. I was nervous and excited before the lesson but Marty was very welcoming, warm and friendly. She is very passionate about music and singing and during the lesson I could feel she was invested in my success. In the first lesson I already felt equipped to begin learning and practicing things to help me on my journey toward my goals. She also communicated a great commitment to my goals which was a major point for me. Her knowledge of music added to my excitement because I enjoy learning and Marty was more than happy to educate me, even on more complex topics. I am glad that Marty will be part of my journey to improving my musical skills and consequently, my life.
Hannah Apr 9, 2015
· Piano · In home All I can say is, WOW! We are so happy that we made the switch to Ms. Marty!
JoAnn P. Dec 19, 2014
· Piano · In studio We love Marty. My daughter has been with her 2 1/2 years. There is a special relationship with my daughter and Ms. Marty that I never hear from any other teacher. Respect! I'm speaking of the respect that Ms. Marty shows her students. When she speaks to my daughter she treats her with such respect and kindness. Francesca will always have the skills Marty has taught her and continues growing and blossoming under her tutelage.
Marty Wilson
Marty W.

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