Ylona Marie Hartford

Ylona Marie H.

Ypsilanti, MI

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Ylona Marie delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 10+ and special needs

Teaching since:
April 2006

Ylona has been teaching people to take care of themselves, their health, and their families' health since 2013.

Are you curious about essential oils? Passionate about homeopathic remedies? Fearful to try herbs? You're in luck! Ylona is here to teach you how to safely and effectively use alternative methods and naturopathic principles to help your health.

What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the practice of working with the body to restore balance and allow healing to occur. Naturopathy is an umbrella term, meaning it encompases many other practices. These include body work, acupuncture, homeopathy, iridology, herbology, aroma therapy, energy work, and many others.

Naturopaths work to treat the whole person. Our bodies are not simply a group of separate systems that have no effect on the others. Every part of our body is connected to the other. This means we need to find the root cause and work to heal that, not simply put band-aids on the symptoms.

There are several guiding principles naturopaths follow.

1. The body is designed to heal.
2. Give the body what it needs and it will heal.
3. Germs do not cause disease, environment causes disease. The environment is you–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
4. Disease has many causes beyond the physical including emotional, mental, and spiritual.
5. A doctor is a teacher. This means the ultimate goal for any naturopath is to educate the client out of needing the naturopath.
6. Naturopaths serve the client. They are not the healer, they merely facilitate and witness the client on his/her path to health.
7. Naturopaths empower the client. You do the work, not your naturopath.
8. We cause no harm.

In addition to naturopathy, Ylona is trained as a Life Coach and is working towards a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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Aug 2013 - Present
Holistic Whole Health

Apr 2006 - Jun 2017
Private Studio


Certified Naturopath & Naturopathic Doctor
Mar 2017 - Present
The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education
Natural Health Therapist
Aug 2015 - Mar 2017
The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education
Natural Health Educator
Aug 2013 - Aug 2015
The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education
Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education
May 2008 - Dec 2010
Oakland Community College
Master of Music
Aug 2002 - Dec 2004
University of South Florida

Photos & Videos

At Red Wings game.

At Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.



12 Reviews

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John Sep 14, 2016
Piano · In studio

Marie is very patient and easy to work with. She makes learning the piano fun!

Wendy D. Aug 3, 2016
Piano · In studio

Marie is so wonderful and patient with my kids. My son is very shy and extremely hard on himself. Marie has a way to make him feel relaxed and better about himself

Anitha M. Sep 14, 2015
Piano · In home

Marie is extremely patient, and very encouraging. When the kids talk, she hears them out, and is attentive. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher!

Wendy D. Sep 8, 2015
Piano · In studio

She's wonderful and very patient with the kids. Highly recommend!

Susan S. Jul 31, 2014
Piano · In home

My lessons with Marie are perfect for me. She is a very positive person which adds to my excitement of learning. Marie also understands that each person has areas of music that are easier to grasp than others areas and provides me with worksheets for my difficult areas; very helpful. Marie is also able to recognize how much I can do in a week (how many pages in the lesson and technique books) so I don't feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed.

I look forward to many more lessons with Marie and give her a 5 star rating. BTW, she comes to my house, which I appreciate, which allows me to play on my own piano for lessons.

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Candace D. Jun 2, 2014
Singing · In studio

Marie is a student of mine and has been for the last 4 years. She has a vast knowledge of music and how to sing properly and has the ability to bring out the best in her students. I highly recommend her.

Janet B. Apr 28, 2014
Singing ·

Very happy

Marie helped my son prepare to audition for college as a voice major. He was accepted. We have enjoyed working with her.

Rich R. Apr 28, 2014
Vocal Training ·


Marie is wonderful. I worked with her while she lived in Florida. I went to her as a beginner with voice, never having sung before. She made learning enjoyable and I achieved my goal of singing with my music major wife on her recital!

I never thought music could be so much fun to learn and didn't think I could really sing but Marie showed me how to sing the best I could.

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Julia R. Apr 28, 2014
Piano ·

Helped my daughter with more than just piano

I never realized how much positive growth my daughter would gain from learning music.

Abby was a shy ten year old when she first started taking piano from Marie. After a year of working with Marie, Abby is doing better in school, has friends, and has come out of her shell. I do believe learning music in a supportive, loving environment helped her. Abby said to me the other day that with a little practice and hard work she can do anything; shoot for the stars and you might just land on the moon. That is something I have heard Marie say to her before too.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Roy H. Apr 28, 2014
Piano ·

Marie is patient and fun

Marie is my wife. However, she has also helped me learn piano. I am not good, however, she is patient with me. Let's face it, if she can teach me, she can teach anyone!

Marie is very talented (all husbandly love aside). She sings like an angel even when she would say she is doing terribly.

She enjoys teaching and goes the extra mile, often spending hours a week after lessons making sure her students have the warmups needed, music examples, and anything else you can think of to help them.

And, like I said, if my wife can teach her husband piano with a smile on her face, she can have patience working with anyone.

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Roy H. Apr 9, 2014
Piano ·

Wonderful lesson

Marie is a wonderful teacher. She worked with me to make sure I was comfortable with everything suggested. I have never played the piano before but I found that it was enjoyable. We also covered basic music theory.

Joan B. Apr 9, 2014
Classical Piano ·

Miss Marie

I worked with Marie for a few years before she moved away from Florida. We worked on piano and voice. She was patient and encouraging. I am in my 60s and she had no issue with that. She always said that music is for everyone. If she lived closer I would still be studying with her.

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