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Leland V.

New York, NY
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Leland V.

The Alexander Technique is a 100-year-old method for helping you learn how to use your body properly. I use gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction to help you prevent movement patterns that wear you down by the end of the day or cause pain. There are no exercises, machines or special clothing. Instead, you apply the principles to your normal activities. It takes from 5-30 lessons to learn the Alexander Technique and all lessons are either private or shared and are taken once or twice per week.

The theory behind the Alexander Technique is that habits of excess tension cause people to unnecessarily shorten and narrow their bodies. These habits degrade posture, inhibit free movement, and can cause pain. Excess tension also reduces the internal capacity for internal organs, and makes breathing more difficult. Through Alexander Technique lessons, you can learn how to reduce habits of excess tension as you gain a renewed feeling of ease and lightness to improve the way you look and feel every day of your life.

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Bill Feb 18, 2019
Alexander Technique · In studio

I started going for Alexander sessions with Leland Vall after a very serious illness that had left me unable to walk for some time. I was able to walk with before I started the lessons but I was having quite a bit of difficulty. My wife, who was quite concerned about the condition I was still in, found Leland and suggested I go for a lesson to try it out.

I have been so pleased that I have been going almost weekly for several years and I am vastly better on my feet than I was when I started. I have learned a lot about balance and posture that I think has really helped me. In addition to the normal lessons I have discussed, when it has occurred, any mobility issue such as having fallen. Leland has done an analysis with me of why it might have happened and helped my avoid future falls, which I think has been very successful. I also discussed with Leland how difficult it was for me to get up after an fall and he showed me how to get up from the ground unassisted. I haven’t fallen recently but am now able to get on the ground to get something from under the bed or whatever and get back up with no problem.

I have been enormously happy with the outcome of the lessons and Leland is great. I really have the mobility back that I had before my illness and I am enormously happy with Leland’s lessons and the role they have played in that.

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Lynn Feb 11, 2019
Alexander Technique · In studio

Leland has been training me in the Alexander technique for the past few years. His lessons have enabled me to feel less tension in my neck and shoulders and my breathing feels less constricted. His lessons have always left me feeling better - lighter, somehow taller. And less tense. I can't recommend Leland highly enough! He is an excellent instructor of the Alexander technique.

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Serena Jan 16, 2019
Alexander Technique · In studio

Leland has done a great job of training me in the Alexander technique. Working with him over the course of several years has allowed me to achieve a better sense of posture and ease within my body. He has given me tools to use throughout my daily life which have helped me deal with chronic neck and back pain. I no longer go to a chiropractor as often as i did in the past. Leland is a dedicated imaginative instructor who I recommend without hesitation.

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David Nov 10, 2018
Alexander Technique · In studio

I've been Leland's Alexander student for over 10 years. Soon after starting with him, my back ache complaints cleared up. I find I naturally use his Alexander wisdom in my own Tai Chi classes (I'm a Tai Chi teacher) and in my daily life. Sessions with him are enjoyable & enlightening. I've also signed up for his periodic email Alexander tips. I highly recommend him.

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David Nov 5, 2018
Alexander Technique · In studio

I first saw Leland when I was struggling with a debilitating spinal condition of thoracic kyphosis; I had an upper back curvature of eighty degrees, for which my doctor recommended reconstructive back surgery. Over my next eighteen months working with Leland and doing physical therapy, my back curvature reduced to sixty degrees, within a healthy range, to the total bewilderment of my doctor. He told me, "I have no idea what you’re doing, but keep doing it." With my Alexander practice, I discovered an enhanced clarity of my how my body works and improved manner of use of my body that was critical to my return to health.

Moreover than the health benefits, I have found that Alexander practice has brought me a greater sense of well-being and quality of life. I find pleasure on my daily walks and I find my exercises more invigorating. Most of my work is behind a computer and my Alexander Technique lessons have helped me to work with greater ease. I leave the studio each week cheerful and with a sense of lightness that is one of the highlights of my life.

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Andrew Aug 28, 2018
Alexander Technique · In studio

I’ve taken Alexander technique lessons off and on for over 20 years — with around 7-8 different teachers. Working with Leland has had the most impact of any of these. He definitely takes it to the next level.

Nora Jun 27, 2018
Alexander Technique · In studio

Leland is passionate about the Alexander Technique. The lessons I took with him taught me to think about my body and movement in a new way. I always left feeling lighter and taller, but the real secret of Alexander is what is says about the power we have to improve our own lives. Truly transformative.

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Alexander Technique Instructor
Jun 1996 - Present


Alexander Technique Instructor
May 2000 - Jan 2007

Chelsea Piers Sports Center


Professional Certification - The Art of Breathing
Sep 2002 - Jun 2003

American Society for the Alexander Technque

Professional Certification - Alexander Technique
Sep 1993 - Jun 1996

Alexander Technique Training Center

Theatrical Directing
Sep 1989 - May 1990

Trinity Rep Conservatory

B.A - English, Theater
Sep 1981 - May 1986



Art of Breathing
Jun 2003

American Center for the Alexander Technique

A specialized ten-month course in breathing coordination.
May 1996

American Society for the Alexander Technique

The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) is the largest certifying of Alexander Technique training schools in the United States. AmSAT certification requires a three year 1600 hour training course.

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