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Learn harp fast the traditional Irish way
Is it hard to play the harp? That’s usually the first question people ask. My answer? Not at all! I teach the harp in three easy steps: Speak, Read, Write . "Speaking" music simply means learning to listen and play your harp. We learn tunes by ear to start, just like you would if you were learning a language. Reading and Writing are what allow you to pick up your favorite piece of music and learn it on your own, just like reading a book. Whether you want to play in a concert hall or in your living room, I will give you the knowledge and technique to help you make the harp a part of your life.
About Kathryn L.

Hi there! My name is Kathryn and I'm a professional singer, Celtic harpist, and educator. I love all animals (especially dogs), and baking goodies for my friends, family, and students. Over the past ten years I’ve helped hundreds of students reach their goals and fulfill their dreams of singing, playing the Celtic harp, and making music their own! Celtic Harp: I want to help my harp students learn the Celtic harp with no fuss, no stress, and no pain - just good tunes and good times! I firmly believe that music works best when integrated into the everyday, rather than becoming yet another thing on that ever-growing 'to-do' list. I work with students to make music a part of their lives, even with minimal practice time. As I always say, 5 minutes of playing each day is better than 30 minutes one day. (A quick note/FAQ: I get asked about lyre lessons quite frequently. I’m sorry to say I do not play or teach the lyre.) Singing: Voice students can expect to learn healthy vocal techniques, including good breath support, air flow, and presentation. I encourage my students to find their unique vocal sound through an Alexander Technique inspired method of undoing and releasing negative habits so that the voice flows freely and naturally. This approach facilitates confidence, musicality, and is just plain fun! As a singer, I've performed around the United States and the UK at venues such as the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and Carnegie Hall in New York City. I've also been fortunate to have worked alongside such professionals as John Williams, Stephen Spielberg, and a few others. My harp credits include working with industry names such as Sylvia Woods, Cynthia Artish, and Kim Robertson. I've performed throughout the US at various harp festivals, and educational events. Some of my favorites have been the outreach program I worked with as part of my degree at UCLA. I may be a classically trained musician, but my passion is folk and Celtic music. I look forward to sharing that passion with you!

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