Jonny Dambrosio

Jonny D.

Brooklyn, NY

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Acoustic Guitar

Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate
I'll teach you Major, minor, and 7th Chords and Chord voicing.
Chord melodies, Scales such as the pentatonic, blues scales, and modes. Finger picking in various styles from blues to rock
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Jonny delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:
June 2009

I’m a experienced guitarist with over 13 years experience and I’ve been teaching private guitar and bass lessons since 2009. I specialize in teaching rock guitar in the styles of Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and Angus Young just to name a few, But
I’ve also played everything from Lead, Rhythm and even bass guitar in various bands spanning all genres from Rock, Blues, Country and even Pop.

I focus on making a curriculum that is fun and unique for each student’s style and taste in music. We’ll focus on learning Rhythm playing such as Chords, Chord melodies, and various grooves and rhythm styles. To lead playing such as improvisation along with different scales ranging from the pentatonic/blues scales to modes and arpeggios.

Whether you’re a new player or just looking to improve your lead or rhythm playing. I’ll be able to help you get to where you want to be as a musician.

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Bachelor of Music
Sep 2008 - May 2013
Montclair State University


Bachelor's of Music
May 2013
Montclair State University

Majored in Guitar Performance

Photos & Videos

Photo by Jonny D.
Me performing a solo from one of my original songs at Arlene's Grocery
This is a improvised solo I did in the style of Slash for Knockin' on Heavens Door by Guns N' Roses
This is a Original solo that I wrote for one of my own songs
Photo by Jonny D.

Photo by Jonny D.

headlining Gramercy Theatre in NY with one of my bands Wildstreet

Photo by Jonny D.

Photo by Jonny D.


19 Reviews

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Richard L. Jun 1, 2017
· In home

jonny is a great teacher love playing the guitar with him was a beginner and he make me feel so good about playing the guitar i hated to lose him but he moved far away if u r thinking about lessons with him go for it and rock on

Jessica Mar 7, 2017
Guitar · In studio

Absolutely amazing, a great instructor and just an overall great atmosphere to be a part of! I learned so much with him

Bruno Mar 7, 2017
Guitar · In studio

Great teacher! Jonny has a great knowledge of rock guitar. I've been playing guitar for a few months but other then a few basic chords I didn't know much. Jonny showed me scales along with more chords and He even helped me apply what I learned into writing my own songs.

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Briana Mar 7, 2017

Absolutely amazing! I could not be happier with my lesson. Great experience, great teaching ability, and friendly atmosphere. I would not have it any other way.

Rob Apr 17, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In home

I've had a guitar in my room for a while but never took lessons or ever properly learned how to play. Decided one day to take lessons and stumbled upon Jonny. We have done a few sessions so far and it's been a blast! He went over the basics and slowly started teaching me songs I have always wanted to play. Jonny is a fantastic teacher that is very knowledgeable and excited about playing the guitar. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to learn how to play.

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Terry Apr 1, 2016
Guitar · In studio

Great teacher! I've only been taking lessons for a little over a month and I'm already playing some of my favorite songs on the guitar.

Giovanni Mar 30, 2016
Bass Guitar · In studio

I've been singing in a few bands but recently got an offer to play bass and sing for a band which I've never done before. Jonny was not only able to help me play the bass but he helped me learn the bands songs and sing and play them at the same time. Jonny just doesn't teach his students the same thing he really focuses on each students individuals goals and makes a lesson based around them. Bottom line A+ Great teacher for whatever it is your looking to play.

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Daniel Mar 30, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I've been a big fan of rock music ever since I was a little kid and only now in my 40s am I starting to pick up the guitar. Jonny not only has a great knowledge of the guitar but of rock n' roll music and how it works. He has taught me so much about how to play like my favorite players such as Slash, Eddie Van Halen, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I highly recommend Jonny to any fan of Rock music who wants to play the guitar.

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Valerie Mar 30, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I've never picked up the guitar before taking lessons with him and in a short time I've learned Chord shapes, major/minor scales, and Pentatonic scales just to name a few. He is patient, fun, and a great teacher.

Shannon Mar 30, 2016
Guitar · In studio

My son Michael is 5 years old and I’ve been having a hard time finding a teacher for him, but since he’s been taking lessons with Jonny he’s starting to excel at the instrument. He’s learning his favorite songs and having a good time doing it. Jonny is nice, charismatic, and he makes his lesson fun for his students. Great teacher I’d highly recommend.

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Richard L. Feb 29, 2016
Guitar · In studio

had my first lesson great teacher cant wait to go back

Tim Feb 19, 2016
Guitar · In home

AAAA+++++ great teacher, very east to pick up a guitar after a few lessons from Jon, would strongly recommend


Jay Feb 19, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I've been taking private lessons with Jonny for some time now and he's been awesome. He took me from basic scales and cords to more complex riffs and solos iv been tryin to figure out.
I started off as a self-taught, hobby guitarist and now I sometimes do paid gigs playin cover songs. Thanks Jonny D!

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James Feb 19, 2016
Guitar · In studio

Great teacher. Helped me with my chords. I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in playing guitar.

Rob Feb 19, 2016
Guitar · In studio

At various points in my life I've been struck with a fleeting desire to learn the guitar and each time have reached out to a different self-proclaimed teacher to learn. Each time, my teacher was unable to make the basics of the instrument click with me. I didn't hold it against them; I have a really particular learning style, but I still feared that I wasn't destined to be a guitarist.

That feeling visited me once more in January, and Jonny D became my latest teacher. I was, and am, overwhelmed with joy to find that Jonny D was able to help me in a way that I was beginning to lose hope for. Part-way into our session, I began to struggle with the same roadblock that had obstructed me for years. Jonny D stood out from the rest once he was able to recognize the way in which I needed to think about the subject, and spoke from the perspective of someone who has had and overcome my exact troubles.

I'm incredibly grateful to Jonny D and have noticed myself putting the mystery of this wonderful instrument together piece by piece. This is the teacher that I'll be recommending to all of my friends.

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Eric J. Feb 19, 2016
Guitar · In studio

Jonny is an incedibly talented musician: guitarist, bassist, & singer. He is motivated and hard working. With his expertise/experience & patience, he will without a doubt help you excel in your instrumental studies and make you truly great!

Matt Feb 14, 2016
Guitar · In home

Jonny is a wonderful guitar teacher. His technical chops are of a high level, and his personality is a joy to be around. You'll have fun while learning to be a more proficient musician, and his knowledge goes beyond just playing. You can pick up a few tips about stage presence and how to be a rock star from this guy too - he's an absolute riot. I'd recommend!

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Sara Feb 12, 2016
Guitar · In home

Jonny is one of the most patient, yet ENTHUSIASTIC teachers to ever be a part of the music scene. It is usually a cliche to say that someone eats and breathes music, but this is one of those times where that analogy is all too appropriate for someone like this. This is the kind of teacher you want telling you about music, and what you can DO with it, as well as what it can do for YOU.
Jonny knows what it was like to start bare bones and with no musical experience, and it is with that perspective that he is able to be a remarkably gifted person at coming up with creative methods to get his lessons to hit home. He can tell when someone has a passion to learn, and discern where their strengths may lie, and is able to work a way around that into a lesson tailored to YOU and only you.
It also helps that he's one of the biggest living musical nerds to grace the Earth, and it is impressive to watch him draw upon so many comparisons to so many artists when trying to get a point across.
In short; this guy knows his stuff.
Even shorter: Jonny B Good

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Scott Feb 12, 2016
Guitar · In home

I decided to learn guitar at a much later age than most and thought I'd be absolutely doomed but Jonny made learning so simple and clear. Excellent instruction, an unmatched love for what he does, and serious skill with the instrument. super grateful for the classes! The guy is a pro!

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