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Eric J
Brooklyn, New York
Whether it's learning to identify notes, chords, intervals, or melodies & rhythms I can help
I will help you learn to recognize Intervals, rhythms, chord voicings, and memorize "typical" chord changes, melodic motifs, etc etc to help you in your ear training development
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I take pride in my students growth and accomplishments. My experience as an online music teacher is unmatched. I've taught lessons on all video conferencing platforms to students all over the world. I began teaching music as a teenager and I've been coaching well-known musicians/actor/actresses & celebrities. I was hired many times as an on-set tutor for Hollywood feature films, but my experience includes vocal coaching at recording sessions, preparing students for high school/college music conservatory admission, casting calls for TV/Film, major tour preparation/major label industry showcases. I am a professional, flexible, reliable and treat all my students with top respect. For the past year and a half, I've been promoting my latest album release 'III' (released 6/25/21 via Golden Robot Records) and I’ve been touring internationally. During the pandemic, my band brought live music back to the people. We played 185 shows in two years. We were the first to bring live music back to the USA and Europe. We also toured Mexico this year. My unique experience (23,000 lessons on Takelessons in 10 years) and stage experience makes me able to quickly problem solve and find a way to communicate to every student I teach. I have released 8 singles since my last album (June 2021), been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, and performed the largest festivals including Rockfest and Rocklahoma, toured and taught hundreds of students, including group classes on Takelessons Live. I’m endorsed by PRS guitars, Elixir Strings, Godin Guitars/Bass Guitars, & Metaldozer Mic Stands. ______________ I graduated from New York University with Bachelor's of Music in Jazz guitar and trained with the most highly respected rock/pop vocal coaches in the world. In 2015, I signed a major label publishing deal with Fieldhouse Music/BMG). My songs have been licensed for national/international TV (E!, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, TBS and more), commercials for CBS, Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung and in video games. Styles I regularly teach include: Pop, Rock (Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock), Metal, Punk, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk, Soul, Classical, Folk. ______________ Lesson Details My students learn the following techniques and more... Voice: ∙ intonation / resonance ∙ proper breathing & breath support ∙ diction ∙ vocal placement ∙ understanding chest / head voice ∙ bridging registers & 'the high note' ∙ vowels and modification techniques ∙ mixed voice ∙ edgy/bright ∙ clean/distorted - runs and riffs ∙ vibrato ∙ screaming ∙ rhythmic singing ∙ vocal health/maintaining your voice ∙ touring, recording, performing ∙ writing songs/melodies/lyrics to suit your vocal strengths and personality Lead / Rhythm Guitar: I've developed a step-by-step approach to learning to solo and improvise. Using simple, "guitarist-friendly” techniques you will quickly learn and begin to apply major/minor scales/modes, blues/pentatonic scales and “l

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