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Eric J


Intro to Vocal Placement

Learning to place your voice will lead to better pitch, timing, vocal health. Let's get you started!

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Teacher's Studio

Just wrapped up 2 lessons for my daughters (6 and 9) Eric did a wonderful job with them !

Posted Nov 6, 2022
Teacher's Studio

It's only been a few months but I have learned so much and am way more comfortable working with the guitar.

Posted Jul 6, 2022
Teacher's Studio

Eric is a rare gem of a teacher and I am so thrilled I started taking lessons with him. I am an experienced singer, guitarist, and songwriter and Eric teaches everything. I want to shred, I want to soul sing, I want to write better songs. Now I have a wonderful instructor who can do all these things. In addition, Eric has a relationship to the music that I care about, that I want to study and play. I have taken lessons from jazz guys in the past who wanted to teach jazz while I wanted to rock. Eric rocks. As an instructor, Eric is patient, positive, complimentary and encouraging. His philosophy is 1. Music is fun and 2. Music is most fun to play with other people. YES! I recommend him highly.

Posted Jul 5, 2022