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Colin teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: January 2004
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Colin has 20 years of experience spanning all genre's and styles of music. Countless hours of stage performance with bands. A love, drive and passion for music and drumming you won't find in any other instructor! Multiple studio recordings both behind the mixing board and behind the drum set. 10 years of teaching experience, realizing the importance of setting a unique curriculum for each student tailored to fit each individual's goals and interests. I have been involved in bands ever since middle school, starting with rock, and moving on to perform in country bands, hip-hop performances, indie rock bands, and progressive rock bands. A strong knowledge of jazz techniques and music theory as well as the ability to read drum sheet music make me a perfect instructor for any student.
I have had many beginner and intermediate level student's and have become proficient in determining what skills each individual student needs to work on as well as helping students progress in their interests, keeping the lessons fun and the student motivated. I can easily transcribe any song as well! So any song you might want to learn, even if there is no sheet music, is totally doable. I love working in odd time signatures and I prefer fancy hi-hat work over heavy double-bass drum use. Progressive / Indie rock is my favorite genre of music to play, but I have tons of fun playing hip-hop, punk, metal, I dabble in jazz, Latin rhythms, and pretty much anything else. I'm always excited to play drums, and I pass this excitement on in my teachings.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons and curriculum's are built around a students experience level, age, and goals. Students will learn the fundamentals of drumming, as well as the ability to add flair and pizzazz to their playing. Within the first 3 months, a beginning level student will have the ability to play basic beats found in many styles of music, as well as feeling comfortable playing to a metronome and keeping time. Lessons will include routines to be practiced by the student on their own time, as well as fun, exciting techniques to keep students interested and motivated to continue playing.
Each Lesson will hold its own highlights depending on the student. I believe getting to know the student and their goals for their drumming is one of the most important aspects of teaching lessons. Understanding whether the student is looking to drum as a hobby and for fun will change the lesson style dramatically compared to a student looking to make a living off drumming. The types of routines, styles and techniques taught should fit into helping the student reach their desired destination.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in the basement, full band rehearsal set up with 2 drum kits, one for the student, one for the teacher in an acoustically treated room.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I would expect the student to have a drum set and drum sticks. I can provide a drum set for lessons but it is important for the student to have a drum set or practice pad to practice.

*** Specialties ***
I have touched on almost every genre of music. I specialize in rock, progressive rock and fusion.

Photos and Videos

Here is a free-time improvisational solo I played


Drummer for July Fighter
Jun 2014 - Present
July Fighter

I am currently playing with the twin cities rock band July Fighter. We play live shows and have recorded a new EP which will be released some time early 2017.

Drummer for The Langer's Ball
Apr 2015 - May 2016
The Langer's Ball

I worked with The Langer's Ball for a little over a year and recorded an album with them entitled "Whiskey Outlaws" which can be found on most streaming music services.

Drummer for Vonnie Kyle
Feb 2011 - Jan 2016
Vonnie Kyle

I played with the Twin Cities band Vonnie Kyle for several years and did two recordings with them and a bunch of live shows around the metro including The Cabooze and many others.

Drummer for Whiskey Plates
Jan 2011 - May 2012
Whiskey Plates

Played with the country rock cover band Whiskey Plates. Gigged on a weekly basis and played a number of large music events including Moon Dance country jam. Played all cover tunes.

Drummer for Skittish
Jan 2010 - Apr 2011

Drummer for the Twin Cities indie rock/folk band Skittish. Played the Austin city limits music festival in Austin Texas plus many other shows around the Minneapolis area.


Recording Arts
Jan 2005 - Jun 2006
Media Tech Institute
Recording arts
Jan 2004 - Jun 2005
MediaTech Institute

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency

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Ryan H. Apr 14, 2015
Verified Student · Drum · In home
Colin has been an awesome drum teacher for my son! He is very supportive and flexible with my sons abilities. Colin makes the lessons fun and really boosts his confidence. It is easy to tell that Colin has a lot of teaching experience and that he loves to share his musical talents.
Linda C. Jul 30, 2014
Verified Student · Drum · In studio
I am very happy to have selected Colin as my drum teacher. He is patient and explains concepts clearly. I find that he provides helpful feedback identifying both what I am doing correctly and where I need to adjust. He adjusts the lessons to my progress, so I feel that I am receiving individualized instruction. I am a long time educator and know good instruction when I see it, and I see it in him!
Josh R. Jul 5, 2014
Verified Student · Drum · In home
Colin has been a great inspiration in my son's playing. It has brought a level of creativity and improvisation that he just wasn't learning from other teachers. He truly cares about his students and has a positive energy that helps motivate my son to be a better player. Colin has the chops and spectacular sense of timing and song memory. I would recommend Colin to students of all age and ability levels.
Ritesh M. Dec 16, 2013
Verified Student · Drum ·

I started learning drums from Colin starting June 2013. I am a beginner and Colin was my first drum teacher.

I really liked the way Colin provided step by step guidance. He has great patience when it comes to work with beginner like me. I am really glad I learnt under his guidance. He was very encouraging which is really helpful especially at the beginning.

Colin teaches how to do and play things right. I learnt really cool beats from him in my first set of lessons. Overall it was fun experience.

I would definitely recommend Colin.

And thanks a ton to Colin for being such an excellent instructor...
Michael J. Feb 15, 2013
Verified Student · Drum ·
No experience, no problem. Colin knows how to play.

I had never played drums before my first lesson but I had a singing background which gave me a good rythm. Colin was able to assess my coordination and abilities within that first lesson and understand how hard to push me. Colin is very good at the drums but knows what it takes to get there. Despite his elite skills he is able to relate well to the beginner, understand the different issues they are having, and provide a solution. I've been taking lessons at Colin's house where he has a couple of drum sets in the basement. The equipment he has is very good. It can be a little cold in the basement during a minnesota winter but when you're drumming it's not a big deal. I would say that his basement is an average place to play, but he's got good equipment which is most important. While teaching he doesn't follow a lesson book. He provides a good progression of excersises that allow you to gradually learn while using the entire drum set. Colin is a great teacher who is always willing to answer your questions and provides very fun lessons.
MeredithM May 25, 2012
· ·
Colin = Drum Master Jedi

First and foremost, Colin is a very talented drummer. He has the expertise and know-how on playing the drums and the fundamentals of music. In a nutshell, he knows what sounds good and how to make it happen. Second, he caters each lesson to my strengths and weaknesses. I am an adult that had never hit a drum before I met Colin! He patiently helps me get comfortable playing phrases and fills. If I am stuck on something, he always has a suggestion on how to get it right. The lessons fly by because they are so fun! I especially like when Colin plays the guitar while I attempt to complement him on the drums. I am still just a beginner, but I know that I will only improve with Colin as my teacher.
JesseH1 Apr 11, 2012
· ·
Great Teacher

Colin is a great teacher. I didn't know how to play at all and he knows how to slow it down and teach step by step and explain things clearly. He doesn't waste time and gets to the point on how to make you a better drummer. The best part is that he will cater to your style of drumming whether it be just jamming with some friends or trying to make it in a band for any genre of music.
JerryW Dec 19, 2011
· ·
I am tremendously improving

Colin has helped me improve my technique and given me plenty of new ideas to practice to help me expand my drumming horizons. Being a self taught drummer, I am learing things from Colin that I failed to learn on my own. Colin knows how to teach the things that the student needs to learn to improve their skills.
AndyR Nov 13, 2011
· ·
Sophia is really energized by Colin's enthusiasm. He is great working with kids. Our daughter looks forward to her next lesson and is motivated to do her best for Colin.Andy
DennisM Oct 17, 2011
· ·
Lesson on 10/15 was a lot of fun. I like the new setup with two sets of drums, enabling both me and Colin to play simultaneously. The lesson of fills was also very engaging and interesting. It'd be helpful for me to see a road map / curriculum of things to cover in the forthcoming weeks so I have an idea of what will be covered in each lesson before the lesson. Looking forward to the future lessons!
Colin McCowan
Colin M.

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