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Reiki Healing for Stress & Healing
Reiki session for oneself session. Reiki Healing sessions for students, a non-invasive, natural form of stress relief. Healing sessions locally, and I also offer online distance reiki healing sessions online. Reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stress and relaxation. The practice is a healing of mental, emotional, and energetic level, and it is done through energy channeling. I am a Master Teacher Level, this is a balance and replenish the energy within the participating student. Life force energy flows to assist you in having a happy and healthy life. Reiki is a safe method of energy healing and self-improvement for an individual that seeks natural remedies. A session consist of: focus on three areas of the body that needs energetic healing.
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Motivational speaker, mental health counselor, coach, mentor, professional advocate and usually teaching to assist humanity in doing better and becoming better versions of themselves by improving themselves daily. Meditation, yoga, art, drama, and more. Tools are essential for you to learn and use when needed throughout life.

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