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About Sergey K.

Schenectady, NY

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I love playing Chess and can teach you how to play as well

About Sergey
I am a NYS certified Social Studies and Special Education Teacher. I taught Special Education at a group home I also have many years experience tutoring and substitute teaching in various Capital Reg
ion School Districts. My other expertise is to teach Study and organizational skills. I have also taught GEO at Albany High School. Aside from teaching I also did freelance photography for a few years and can teach you how to maximize using your photo equipment, take amazing pictures and using the computer to edit your creations.

I graduated from Siena with a degree with History and a minor in Political Science. Then I went to school and earned my master degree from the College of St Rose in Social Studies. I also attended SUNY Albany where I got a second certification to teach Special Education.
Janet T. May 25, 2018
· Photography · In home
when I made an appointment, I asked if Sergey was familiar with my camera and they said yes. It seemed new to him. But after talking about my fijifilm x100F, I am returning the camera. So overall I did like Sergey and look forward to my next Hour
McKenna August 27, 2017
· Photography · In studio
Very helpful!!
Brent May 30, 2017
· Photography · Online
Sergey taught me about everything I had questions about and also offered suggestions in helping me to better determine the best way to find the career path that is right for me. Rather than hard and fast lessons, it was an opportunity to spend time, one on one, with a professional and learn from his experiences what works and what doesn't.
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Sergey K.

Sergey K.

Schenectady, NY 12309
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Jean-Marc J.

Columbus, OH

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Learn the basics of chess or how to improve your game if you already know how to play.

About Jean-Marc
I am now offering group lessons for an extremely low price compared to the private lessons cost.

The price is $20 per 1 hour of group lessons
(private lessons are $60 per 1 hour).

So that's $20 vs. $60 (66% discount)

Please use the "Ask Jean-Marc a Question" button to message me and get the details or let me know that you are interested.

Hi, there! My name is Jean-Marc and I can't wait to meet you! I'm a software engineer. I have been teaching computer technology lessons since 2007 and have loved helping my students excel in programming, web development, and productivity programs. I went to The University of Wisconsin and earned a degree in Computer Science in 2017. My teaching style is patient, thorough and detail oriented. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Windows
Fernando I. August 7, 2018
· Chess · Online
iris July 10, 2018
· Chess · Online
Hunter June 10, 2018
· Computer Programming · In studio
Jean-Marc was very nice, very imformative and I thought the classes went very well with him.
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Jean-Marc J.

Jean-Marc J.

starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Stephen M.

West Covina, CA

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Strong analytical skills.
I've been playing chess for 20 years
I've reached a 2020 elo on lichess
I estimate my elo rating in otb (over the board) to be somewhere between 2100-2300 and close to master level or even Grandmaster level for slower games.
I know a lot of cool ways to improve at chess and how to teach to get better at analysis and improving your chess/understanding/reviewing your games.
I would love to work with you and help boost your elo by hundreds of points (especially those under 1800 elo) or beginners/intermediate players.
I'm willing to teach all levels.

About Stephen
Currently looking for new students.
I teach piano, japanese, chess, go(weiqi/baduk), and meditation/self-improvement.
I am very proficient in all of the above subjects and have helped dozens of stu
dents reach their long-term goals over the years. I am also very patient and have taught children piano lessons for more than 10 years. As a learner I know how overwhelming new subject-matter could be and I tend to understand the pace that the student needs/wants to go at.
I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I see my students improving. I also am constantly improving myself as a teacher so the lessons will only get better and the material should be easier to understand with time.
Let's master anything you want to work on, and have a lot of fun too :)
Thanks for reading!
Ja'Quan September 7, 2017
· Japanese · Online
Awesome teacher man
John Edward September 7, 2017
· Japanese · In studio
Patient instructor. I'm super rusty and he was able to keep at my pace. He also made it interesting by using practical scenarios and alternating with cartoons or games. He watches anime as well so I was able to learn while talking about things I like. It helped practicing much easier.
真修 September 7, 2017
· Japanese · In studio
I think that both advanced learners and beginners could benefit from taking one of his lessons.
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Stephen M.

Stephen M.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Timothy R.

San Antonio, TX

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Started playing the Game of Chess at the Age of 6 years old. Chess has given myself sharpen my critical thinking and creative thinking skills & abilities. As a Chess player, successfully applied my analytical skills and knowledge of strategy & tactics to my primary and secondary duties while serving 24 years in the US Navy; leading to multiple leadership and management responsibilities and roles. I owe a lot to the game of Chess or game of life or game of kings & Queens.; and want to give back to beginning Chess players of all age groups. Taught and played frequently with many Chess Experts and Grandmasters in New York City by City Hall in downtown Manhattan. Prior to Highschool; became the top chess player at my school and chosen to represent the entire school at a NYC chess competition; which requires knowing how to think quickly & play with the Chess clock and how to use it to your advantage or make your opponent run out of time or make mistakes by moving too fast or ...

About Timothy
Hello, Thank you for giving myself to the opportunity to teach Chess to yourself or your Children. Chess is more than a game to myself; it is an important part of my life! At the Age of 6; I began p
laying chess with Chess Experts, Masters and Grandmasters at home, libraries, and outside park areas in NYC. Passionate about Playing the Game of Chess, now for 4 decades! I played Chess primarily for the fun factor, like most kids and people today (2018) play video games. Chess has been proven to help improve children's thinking and problem solving skills. Kids introduced to Chess at a young age do well in school; especially Math & reading for years. Along with my Tae kwon do lessons, chess helped in building my self-confidence, memory & creativity (or thinking outside the box), improves my memory, problem solving/ reading/ math skills, ability to focus or concentrate. My love of taking on difficult challenges and complex tasks, planning and foresight; resulted in my advancement/promotion to multiple Senior Management & Leadership positions, and pursuit of excellence in my primary and secondary duties/responsibilities; while serving in the US Navy for 24 years.
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Timothy R.

Timothy R.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

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