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Kathryn L.

Is it hard to play the harp? That’s usually the first question people ask. My answer? Not at all! I teach the harp in three easy steps: Speak, Read, Write . "Speaking" music simply means learning to listen and play your harp. We learn tunes by ear to start, just like you would if you were learning a language. Reading and Writing are what allow you to pick up your favorite piece of music and learn it on your own, just like reading a book. Whether you want to play in a concert hall or in your living room, I will give you the knowledge and technique to help you make the harp a part of your life.
/30 minutes

Anne R.

Teaching all levels, from beginning through advanced. I recommend adults to take one-hour lessons every other week. Children do better with half hour lessons every week. Ask about renting a harp!
/30 minutes

Lydia H.

She wanted to share her gift of music with others and started teaching harp lessons when she was 17. Lydia was hired on as a teacher with a local professional music company and worked there for 4 years. During that time she continued her education and received the necessary training on how to effectively teach students of any age.
/30 minutes

Jill W.

As a music teacher of over 15 years I take a fun but structured approach to learning the harp. I've taught all ages and I individually work with each student to help them learn the music that they want to and reach the goals that they set for themselves. I also have a large emphasis on hand position and help my students have the very best technique so they can play their very best. We will typically start with exercises and technique and then move to music. I will then send written individual feedback after the lesson to help remind the student of what we are working on. I hope to have the chance to share my love of music with you!
/30 minutes

Sara C.

I am a harpist at heart since the day I set my eyes on this angelic instrument at the age of 12. Every sound made is immediately comforting and soothing. My experience ranges from teaching children and adults of all backgrounds. I founded Harp4all Music Conservatory and have regular harp ensemble practices and recitals. I teach from several method books including Harp Olympics and Fun From the First. My teachers Pre collge harp at Jacob’s School of Music in Bloomington under direction of Susann McDonald, private study and masterclasses with Susann McDonald, Elizabeth Richter, Ellie Choate. Susann McDonald has strongly influenced my teaching style and performance. My students progress quickly with a strong foundation of technique and note reading/theory. I encourage students to participate in orchestra, recitals, competitions, and other adjudications. I’m a member of the American Harp Society. Other influences in my teaching have been Mary Dropkin, the former harpist of Redlands University.
/30 minutes

Jason F.

I teach the folk harp. This is a smaller harp of about 22-26 strings that plays in the major scale of C. I have built my own harps and love playing Irish tunes on them as well as popular folk music. I have performed weddings with my harp and seen first hand the peace and tranquility it both brings to the player and those who listen. Lessons will aim to give the student the musical foundation and tools they need to explore this amazing instrument. Focus on many style of music and an aim to work toward playing the student's favorites songs will be a primary goal in addition to having a lot of fun! :)
/30 minutes

Liudmila I.

I am a very experienced harpist, holding over 20 years of experience. I have performed in over 4,000 concerts and have had the privilege of performing as the Principal Harpist at St. Petersburg Opera Theatre and Mariinsky Theatre in Russia. I also hold a Master’s degree in Harp from the St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia.
/45 minutes

Alexandra P.

As a harp teacher, all of my students play scales, arpeggios, and technical exercises in their lessons. I believe having a strong technical base is the foundation for every part of playing and you can't learn without it. I will set the repertoire for students according to their technical progress and although I may take into consideration a student's desires to learn a certain piece, there has to be time and they have to be ready for it. I have both short term and long term goals for each student that involve theory, technical ability, and repertoire both orchestral and solo. Adult students still have to learn technique, it makes things much more fun and easy six months later, I promise! Beginning students will learn how to read notes, understand basic theory, and technique in a short amount of time, so don't be scared if you have never had a music lesson before. I require all students make at least an hour a day commitment to practice. I teach mostly the Grandjany method of harp technique, however, I also use Salzedo and Renie methods at times to fit a particular students' build and unique physical attributes as well as what the piece requires. I have studied all techniques throughout my education and I find them all beneficial for different reasons. I do, however, believe everyone is built differently and the technique should help the harpist play and not hinder them from achieving their goals. Everyone learns at a different speed, but as a brand new musician, after six months practicing regularly, you should be able to read music fluently, understand basic theory concepts, be able to play with both hands and four fingers on each hand, play all of the basic scales and arpeggios musically and be able to play at least one piece memorized. Curriculum is based on the student's technical ability and issues and is individually created – if you learn slower than someone else, don’t worry about your pace. In the end, lessons are about you personally and not someone else. *** Studio Equipment *** I have harps and a piano at my studio, so you do not need to bring your harp to lessons. If you don't own a harp, you can rent one for around $45/month from several sources. *** Specialties *** HARP - Grandjany Technique with an incorporation of Salzedo and French school depending on the player's body type and technical difficulties. I make use of the ABRSM as well as local, national, and international competitions depending on the student's level of commitment.
/30 minutes
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Anne has been a tremendous help for our daughter's improvement in technique and ability on the harp. She is encouraging, flexible and a wonderful teacher!

Melissa (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

Anne is very patient, encouraging and understanding with different learning styles and beginners.

Elisabeth (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

Anne brings a vibrancy to her lessons that make it fun. Anne has a keen eye for finger placement and sharp hearing for the beat of the song. Anne has the patience of a saint. I enjoy the harp lessons

Barbara (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

She’s amazing! She is the most patient and lighthearted harp teacher I’ve ever worked with. She doesn’t expect perfection either, but repetition and practice is important. Have fun with your playing a

Nannette (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

Anne has been a tremendous help for our daughter's improvement in technique and ability on the harp. She is encouraging, flexible and a wonderful teacher!

Melissa (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

Anne is very patient, encouraging and understanding with different learning styles and beginners.

Elisabeth (Harp lessons with Anne R.)

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