5 thoughts on “5 Common Reasons to Quit Playing Guitar… And What You Can Do to Stick With It

  1. Those are excellent points. The 20 minutes per day advice is motivating and easy to follow. I too had left playing guitar, but there’s been a constant itch without it. I’ll start playing again from today. Thanks!

    1. Hello Kalpak,

      We’re glad you’ve found motivation in the article. We’re happy you’re going to continue making time for what you love!

  2. I really wish 12 year old me had this article drilled into my mind, or even just gently encouraged by my instructor. I gave up and now I’m 23 dusting off my fret board.

    Thanks for putting the excuses to rest!

  3. The most demotivating is to see 10yolds playing like geniuses( ex Andrei Cerbu on youtube). When you are old the brain functions much slower and it’s way harder to cope. it’s a fact. Also the fingers are less flexible. Those are physical barriers unknown to kids. I started to play when I was 14 but my teacher was crap so I stopped after a few months sadly. It’s also huge luck to have a good teacher.

  4. I’m in the same boat. Played in high school and then life got in the way and was very easy to put down the guitar. 5 years ago I started playing again and it felt great. Recently I’ve been in a fog and can’t motivate myself keep pushing. Its nice to hear or read that this is a temporary and normal stage. THANKS !!

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