Build Your French Vocabulary: Colors and Days of the Week


French Vocabulary Colors and Days of the WeekReady to start learning to speak French? Colors and days of the week are great vocabulary to get you started. Let tutor Anna M. walk you through this basic vocabulary lesson…

Colors and days of the week are some of the easiest words to study when you are first learning French vocabulary. If you know any other romance languages, like Spanish or Italian, you are going to see that the French words for colors and days of the week are very similar to their colors and days of the week. Let us begin!


As you may know already, adjectives in French take on the gender of the word that they are describing. In addition, the color comes after the word that it is describing. For example, if you wanted to say “The purple house”, you would say “La maison violette”. Here you are using the feminine form of purple because “La maison” is feminine.

Another rule in the French language is if the noun that the adjective is describing is plural, the adjective is pural. Therefore, if you wanted to say “the purple houses”, you would say “Des maisons violettes”. Due to this, I will give you the all genders and the plural form of the colors.

Masculine Singular Feminine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Plural
Red Rouge Rouge Rouges Rouges
Orange Orange Orange Oranges Oranges
Yellow Jaune Jaune Jaunes Jaunes
Green Vert Verte Verts Vertes
Blue Bleu Bleue Bleus Bleues
Purple Violet Violette Violets Violettes
Pink Rose Rose Roses Roses
Brown Marron Marron Marron Marron
White Blanc Blanche Blancs Blanches
Grey Gris Grise Gris Grises
Black Noir Noire Noirs Noires

Days of the Week

The days of the week are much simpler. The days of the week in French are not capitalized, like in English, and all days of the week are masculine. In addition, the American week starts on Sundays, but the French week starts on Monday.

Monday Lundi

Tuesday Mardi

Wednesday Mercredi

Thursday Jeudi

Friday Vendredi

Saturday Samedi

Sunday Dimanche

There are many phrases that one should know relating to the days of the week. These phrases apply to all days of the week, but I will only give you the specific example for Monday.

Monday Lundi

Mondays Les lundis

On Mondays Le lundi

This Monday Ce lundi

Last Monday Lundi dernier

Next Monday Lundi prochain

Monday the 15th Lundi 15

Monday the 15th of January Le lundi 15 janvier

It’s Monday C’est lundi

On Monday evening Lundi soir

Every Monday Tous les lundis

Yesterday Hier

Today Aujourd’hui

Tomorrow Demain

Next day Le lendemain

Day after tomorrow Après-demain

Day before yesterday Avant-hier

These very basic French words can greatly increase your French vocabulary. This is something that you have to learn for every basic French class.

There are many ways to study language; some of the best are group study and flash cards. For everyone, practicing speaking the language with others will help a lot. Working with a French tutor is another great way to make progress in your studies. Have fun studying and bonne chance!

Anna M

Anna M. is an academic tutor in Tampa, FL. She is currently studying chemistry at the University of South Florida, and she has been tutoring for one year. Learn more about Anna.


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