7 thoughts on “90 Famous Guitar Players + 10 Extremely Influential Guitarists Who Were Not Technically Great

  1. BB King absolutely does NOT belong on this list. King played an economical style in later years and was self deprecating about his own ability but a good study of his late 50s to late 60s material along with a look at some interviews will tell you that he was a far better musician than the modern casual listener might think.

  2. I hope you’re not trying to get notoriety by being controversial. And if so, I pray it backfires. There is no reason to write an article like this, nor do any of these players belong on this list. All of these players are perfect at accompanying what they do. I will share this on Facebook and make sure that you get no props for this! Man, you guys suck!

  3. You put the man who INVENTED modern lead guitar over a list of “Bad guitar players”?
    You are a poor excuse for a hack.
    I don’t think you even know what “technique” or “musicianship” means.
    Get off the internet. No, make that the planet.

  4. You’re right. You knew you would be controversial, so it was the first word you used. A gift from God is a gift from God. And a gift from God is never junk. But you give us good insight as to why, no matter how great a musician may be, there is always someone out there, who does not like that musician. Just because someone may not like a musician, or, may think they’re ‘not technically brilliant’, which is the same thing (after all, if you can cause controversy with a diverse view, so can I) remember, one man’s ‘trash’….. I happen to like ‘simplicity’ and ‘complexity’. But, in reality, neither is possible to us who do not have that particular gift from God/Jesus. If the gift has reached someone, it qualifies as a gift. In reality, all ‘simplicity’ is complex, because, like I said…B.B. King can do what you and I cannot do.

  5. If by technically great, you mean 70’s jazz guys or 80’s shredder, I agree. However, all these players are virtuoso songwriters, whose songs are more memorable than Malmsteen’s 200mph shredding. I specially appreciate The Edge. His famous “dot height” delay technique was mind blowing at the time.

  6. Author is a moron. BB King never ever said he played chords poorly just that he “didn’t do chords” as he preferred lead, single not style. Amongst this articles most laughable mistakes is the idea that Edge’s guitar sounds like a “train”. Author needs to get his ears checked, what an idiot!

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