19 Signs You’re Head Over Heels In Love With Your Guitar

You’ve been hurt by instruments before, so how do you know if what you feel for your guitar is the real thing? Read on to discover the signs that you’re completely crazy in love with your guitar. How many of these things sound like you?

1. The first time you saw your guitar, your heart skipped a beat.

They say that when you find the right one, you just know.

2. Your guitar has a place of honor in your home.

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Making space for it in your home is a sure sign that you’re really falling hard. Whether it’s a special practice corner or the iron throne, when you have a designated guitar spot you’re showing how much you care.

3. You give your guitar hugs.

You don’t want to put your guitar down, even when you’re not playing. If you’ve ever sat with your guitar in your lap, in total silence, you might be falling in love.

4. You’ve slept with your guitar in the bed.

This was a huge step in your relationship with your guitar, but you’re so glad you made the plunge. Now you don’t have to get out of bed in the morning to start playing guitar again.

5. You dream about your guitar.

It’s on your mind all day long, so of course it’s on your mind when you sleep too.

6. You would rather eat bugs than hurt your guitar.

You always take good care of your guitar and would hate to put even the smallest dent in its finish. Even watching someone else hurt another guitar is torture.

7. Your phone is full of guitar photos.

If you’re flipping through your phone to find guitar selfie after guitar selfie, you’ve definitely given your guitar your heart.

8. Your guitar has a name.

Just like B.B. King with his Lucille, you know you’re a goner when you’ve named your guitar.

9. You stay up late to spend more time with it.

If you’re missing sleep for your guitar but you don’t mind, it sounds like you’re in love.

10. You buy your guitar lots of presents.

Picks, straps, new strings… Nothing’s too good for your baby!

11. You and your guitar have a special song… or hundreds of special songs.

And whenever your song comes on the radio, you think about playing it with your guitar.

12. Sometimes, your guitar is all you can talk about.

Wherever you go, the word “guitar” is right on the tip of your tongue.

13. Sometimes, your guitar is the only one you can talk to.

No matter what happens,  your guitar is there for you.

14. Everything makes you think about your guitar.

Why can’t you be together all the time?

15. You want to keep getting better, so you can impress your guitar with your skills.

You practice every day, and you’re always learning new things. Maybe, one day, you’ll be good enough for your guitar.

16. You’ve introduced your guitar to your friends and your parents.

When they’ve met your parents, you know you’re in the love zone.

17. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed by how beautiful your guitar is.

Is it real? And it’s really yours?

18. You don’t mind carrying your guitar around.

Wherever you go, your guitar can go too!

19. Playing guitar makes you happier than anything else in the world.

At the end of the day, you know you’re in love because you feel great. Colors are just a little brighter, sugar tastes a little sweeter, and life is better because you have your guitar by your side.

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