5 Killer Tips for Mastering Guitar Chords

Guitar chordsLast week, TakeLessons teacher Kevin B. showed us how to play 5 easy guitar chords that allow you to play tons of easy songs.  Have you been practicing?

Just as pianists should learn the theory behind scales, beginner guitar players should review individual chords to ensure a well-rounded foundation.  After all, chords are the basis of guitar playing, so the more you know, the easier time you’ll have learning songs.  Instead of just memorizing each chord, go the extra mile to really understand which notes are involved and why. Check out a few of these great tips from the Not Playing Guitar blog and you’ll be dominating those guitar chords in no time:

1. Become an expert.
Your love of chords and what they can do for you should push you to learn as much as you can about them. For example, learn all about chord inversions and extensions, or how to alter chords by moving just one note.

2. Learn how chords are made.
Your first step to becoming a chord expert should be to learn how chords are made. You can learn the notes of each chord and their relative scale positions. Your knowledge will help you learn how to find or create fingerings for any chord, play chord extensions and inversions and enrich your playing.

3. Practice in all keys.
Whenever you learn a new chord progression or a song, practice it in as many keys as possible.

4. Integrate each chord you learn with those you know already.
Make sure you understand how each new chord you learn relates to the others you already know. What is its place in progressions and songs? What other chords does it work well with?  Remember to practice the new chord with the chords you know already, and learn how to change to and from all of them with the new chord.

5. Integrate new chords into your repertoire.
When you learn a new way to play a chord, try out the new form in your existing songs and progressions. This will grow your playing options and also allow you to hear how different chord forms sound.

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