4 thoughts on “Beginner Guitar Chords: 4 Essential Progressions for Beginners

  1. After taking you through the well-known chords and rhythms, instructors will teach riffing methods, producing effective hooks, and finish with some insight on reaching serious rock tone from your gear.

  2. Sir i am a beginner …i am having problem when i play the guitar and sing as well my right hand goes offbeat …and sometimes stops …

    But when i only play the guitar its fine ….
    plz suggest what should i do

    1. Singing and playing guitar at the same time can be tricky! Here’s an article that might be helpful for you: /blog/how-to-sing-and-play-guitar. And working with a guitar teacher one-on-one can definitely help you learn techniques to practice. Let us know if you need help finding an instructor!

  3. Guitar progressions can be easily learned by reading guides, watching youtube and reading some ebooks too, but having a live teacher is the most productive way I can assure you.

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