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Zhana G.

New York, NY
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Zhana delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+

Teaching since:
February 1985

I have been a freelance violinist and a professional violin teacher for the past 30 years. Playing in the orchestra and teaching students are two of my greatest passions in life. As a private violin instructor, I firmly believe that education is impossible without student motivation and passion. As much as I love teaching, my best experience is also learning from my students.

Education - received in the Republic of Georgia (Eastern Europe)
- Tbilisi State Music Academy - 7 year degree in Violin/Piano performance.
- Tbilisi State College of Music and Arts - Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance.
- Tbilisi State Music Conservatory - Master's Degree in Violin Performance.

I am very fortunate to love teaching because it allows me to share my knowledge and incredible experiences that I have acquired in my 30 years of being a musician in Europe and the United States.

Professional work experience:
Greenwich Village Orchestra -NY,NY
- Park Avenue Chamber Orchestra - NY,NY
- Charlotte Symphony Orchestra - Florida
- Tbilisi State Symphony Orchestra - Georgia
- Tbilisi State Opera House Orchestra - Georgia
- Tbilisi State Sympho-Jazz Orchestra - Georgia
- Tbilisi State Pop - Jazz Ensemble - Georgia

*** Lesson Details ***
Each lesson will be taught in response to current needs of a student but the following are the parts that make up an entire lesson:
- Technique
- Theory
- Music
- Practice
All together are basic fundamentals.

My job as a teacher is to help you find a place for music in your daily life and to make a practice time more of an experimental discovery play, than boring work. Once you find a key, it opens up a whole new world of communication.

As a private violin instructor, I believe that education is impossible without student’s motivation and passion. Perhaps you have decided to become a professional musician or maybe you want to play for your own enjoyment... Whatever your goals are, I can lead you there! Let's make it happen together because it is never late to follow a dream!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music studio set up in the living room.
Parents welcome.

*** Specialties ***

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Violin Instructor
Sep 1984 - Jun 2004
Tbilisi State Music School


Masters Degree in Violin Performance and Teaching.
Sep 1980 - Jun 1985
Tbilisi State Conservatory
Masters Degree in Violin Performance and Teaching.
Sep 1980 - Jun 1985
Tbilisi State Conservatory


English, Russian, Georgian.
Professional Proficiency


Suzuki Teachers Traning
Jun 2012
School of Strings

Photos & Videos

Making progress with Greer

Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center

Kalinas first stage experience at Manhattan School of Music
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26 Reviews

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Jennifer Jul 28, 2019
Violin · In studio

Zhana has been a great teacher so far. I just finished week 3 and I can play twinkle, twinkle little star. She is really patience.

Thomas Jan 30, 2019
Violin · In home

Zhana is such a kind, thoughtful, and patient instructor! Our lessons give me the perfect balance of structure and fundamentals, along with playfulness and exploration. She is able to make the connection between the technical aspects of the basics and the musicality of a piece. Zhana regularly plays with me during our lessons, which has really helped me hear my intonation and what correction is needed. She is very understanding of the fact that I am an adult learner and do not always have the opportunity to practice as much as I like, but at the same time she is constantly encouraging me to learn more and improve my technical abilities. I would highly, highly recommend Zhana as a teacher for anyone looking for a new teacher!

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Amir Jan 24, 2019
Violin · In studio

We really love Zhana. Very attentive and thorough teacher. Spends a lot of time on proper technique. Always finds a way to encourage a young learner.

Vera Z. Aug 7, 2018
Violin · In studio

We are very happy to know Zhana! My daughter enjoys taking violin lessons with her. Zhana is very kind, responsible, and her instruction effectively improves technique and inspires enthusiasm for music.

Asavari Jul 20, 2018
Violin · In studio

Would highly recommend as a teacher for beginner-adults. Zhana is a wonderful, patient, and constructive teacher and has several regular adult and child students.

I've gone to her for the past 2 years as we work through the first few suzuki levels. As an adult learner, violin is tough but Zhana breaks it down and gives helpful feedback.

She also goes above and beyond for her students by organizing recitals a few times a year. Her adult-students and child-students all perform at recitals.

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motherless Jul 10, 2017
Violin · In home

Please how can i get to know you my email is tinabruce4reaal@gmail.com waiting for your reply

Natalya B. Jun 11, 2017
Violin · In studio

Zhana is a wonderful teacher and person. I started as an adult beginner with her almost 4 years ago, and have continued to go to her despite moving farther away because of her patience, kindness, encouragement, and of course, expertise. I feel lucky to have found her.

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Julie R. Jul 23, 2016
Violin · In studio

If you are looking for an excellent teacher that can help you develop both technique and musicality, I highly recommend Zhana.

I have had the privilege of studying with her for seven months as an adult beginner, and I have learned so much. I come out of every lesson feeling like I’ve made progress—even when I am unhappy with how I am playing, Zhana helps me understand a key thing that I need to do to play better. She is able to explain things so that you don’t just conceptually understand, but so that your body can understand too (for all those times that your brain knows what you need to do but your finger/wrist/arm/etc. won’t cooperate).

Because she has played as a professional performer, Zhana draws on her experience to guide you to bring musicality and emotion to whatever you’re playing… even if you’re still in the early Suzuki books like me. I’ve studied with many teachers in the past (in school and privately) for piano, clarinet and voice lessons, so I know that the ability to teach across this broad spectrum of skills is rare.

Zhana isn’t just a great teacher, she is also a wonderful person. I am moving out of the city for a year, but I fully intend to continue lessons with her when I return!

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Daisy H. Feb 10, 2016
Violin · In home

Zhana is a lovely lady and a very kind, patient instructor. My daughter, Daisy, really enjoyed the class and we look forward to many more to come. Thank you, Zhana!

Fidan B. Jan 30, 2016
Violin · In studio

Great teacher!

Edwina H. Oct 31, 2015
Violin · In studio

Zhana has been teaching my daughter for the past two years. Zhana is a wonderful violin teacher - kind, loving, and patient. My daughter loves her violins lessons with Zhana, and she has progressed incredibly. Zhana is outstanding violin teacher. I highly recommend her.

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George S. Oct 9, 2015
Violin · In home

Zhana is an excellent teacher. She emphasizes with me getting a good, clean sound as a foundation. She has high standards and a pleasant manner.

Eli Wilner Oct 3, 2015
Violin · In studio

Really enjoyed it!!

Don V. Aug 24, 2015
Violin · In studio

She is an absolutely wonderful instructor. She is very patient and understanding. Absolutely recommend!

Amanda L. May 28, 2015
Violin · In studio

Great start and good to know Zhana!

Julia M. May 22, 2015
Violin · In studio

Zhana is a great teacher! She pushes you to work hard and focus, but she is also patient and realistic about how long it will take you to learn something or fix a bad habit. I have been her student for almost six months, and the difference she has made is truly amazing.

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Chen T. Jan 19, 2015
Violin · In studio

An advanced beginner's review Zhana combines very well the two elements that are essential for a good teacher in any field: strictness and high expectations on the one hand coupled with kindness and encouragement on the other.

MO Z. Nov 9, 2014
Violin · In studio

Zhana is an amazing violin teacher. She has the perfect amount of patience but at the same time demands enough to challenge any individual and make them better.

Benedict B. Apr 5, 2014
Violin ·

An advanced beginner's review

Zhana combines very well the two elements that are essential for a good teacher in any field: strictness and high expectations on the one hand coupled with kindness and encouragement on the other. I have only had six weeks of lessons with her so far, but I have already learned a lot and can compare her favorably with other instructors.

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Anna H. Dec 12, 2013
Violin ·

great violin tutor

Zhana is very patient, pleasant and professional tutor. My son is a beginner, now he has the confidence to continue play violin and join the school orchestra.

Joanna W. Dec 5, 2013
Violin ·

Great teacher

She has a very good way to teach children. We almost give up to learnt violin after taking private classes in 92y that my 5 years old didn't liked. After few weeks with Zhana my daughter told me she love violin.

Josephine C. Oct 5, 2013
Violin ·

She knows how to help me fix my old problems, and aquire new skills

One of the best teachers I have ever known. She knows a student's need well enough to help them reach their goals in taking lessons.

Eri K. Sep 26, 2013
Violin ·

Zhana is a great teacher!

I am an international student and not very good at English, but Zhana was very nice and patient.
She was a great teacher and I would love to take more lessons with her when I come back NY.
Thank you Zhana!!

David B. Feb 13, 2013
Violin ·

Zhana is an excellent teacher with plenty of patience.

Having had other violin teachers I can tell that Zhana contoured her teaching specifically for me. She is a wonderful teacher with plenty of encouragement and at the same time does not allow me to take it too easy on myself. Just what I need.

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Tatiana R. Jan 27, 2013
Violin ·

Zhana is a excellent teacher

She teaches very good techniques and also tells me excellent ways to practice and improve myself.

EstelaL Jun 28, 2012

Zhana is a wonderful teacher. She emphasizes proper way of learning and good technique which leads to creating a harmonious melody. She is patient and understanding of my needs and capabilities and most importantly, she is very encouraging. I enjoy my meetings with her.

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