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Will teaches: Ages 5 and up
Teaching since: January 1970
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I am a patient, professional teacher with over 20 years of experience working with students of all ages, from beginner to advanced. If you are a beginner, I will get you off to a great start and you be surprised at how much you wil be able to play after only one lesson. If you've already been playing for a while, I can make suggestions that will immediately improve your playing. I customize your lessons to match your learning style, so you can learn faster. The lessons are enjoyable and challenging enough to edge you to the next level of your playing.

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John V. Nov 30, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Wow! Will is an amazing teacher/philosopher/ and friend. He loves music, and is very patient. In a couple of months of working with Will I learned a lot of practical application, some theory, and had more fun that I thought was possible while strumming and picking my guitar. Because of a job change I had to quit, and despite the many other great things about Seattle, I'll miss this the most. Peace: John V
John V. Sep 21, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
good teacher and I appreciate him so much
Heather Jul 9, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Will is an excellent teacher who has taught bass, acoustic and electric guitar to our son for the last 7 years.

Will's unique teaching method allows the student to assume ownership of the learning process. His student-driven lessons had our son playing songs from the very beginning. Not chords or scales, but songs that he chose. It has kept my son engaged and passionate about music throughout his childhood.

Will is also exceptionally flexible and kind, making it easy for us to fit lessons into our schedule. He has really shaped our son's childhood and love of music. We are so thankful and would highly recommend him as an excellent teacher for any student.
Erik May 15, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Will is the perfect antidote to learning from a computer or from books (not that those don't have a place) and provides way more context, experience, variety, and nuance than any computer or most other instructors could provide. Will's experience is something not easily acquired and has allowed him to suit his instruction to my specific strengths and address my weaknesses. While many instructors teach to support their music careers Will teaches cause he likes it and is good at it.
Jen Apr 13, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Will is a fantastic teacher!

I came in with a lot of bad habits built up by trying to teach myself how to play the guitar out of books, and a lot of shyness and embarrassment on top of that. Will patiently corrected my habits, drew me out, and directed our lessons at exactly the kind of music I wanted to play, despite the fact that initially it was *way* out of my league. And he doesn't let me get lazy, either, now that I'm getting better - every song is a new challenge.
Jon Apr 12, 2016
· Ukulele · In home
Will is an excellent teacher and will have you strumming a tune by the time you leave the first night. He is able to translate music theory in many ways and will find a method that works for you. He also is not a clock watcher and many times tends to go long on your time. I have been going to him now for over 2 years and have over 100 songs in my notebook now. Give him a try and you will not be disappointed. Makes no difference what style you want to learn just let him know and your off and running.
Bob Apr 12, 2016
· Guitar · In studio
Will is a fantastic teacher, coach, and mentor. I coach elementary and middle school basketball and really appreciated Will's combination of knowledge, patience, and ability to connect with each student by adjusting his approach.

Not only did I learn a great deal about playing guitar practically, music theory, and how to put it all together, but I also learned a great deal about larger life topics from a very caring and fun individual.

Will get's my highest recommendation for beginning and intermediate students. I not only took guitar from him, but also banjo, bass, and vocal lessons as well.
Gini Apr 12, 2016
· Banjo · In studio
I am a 71 year old Grandma and have wanted to learn how to play my old banjo for a very long time. I took weekly lessons with Will and he is an amazing teacher. He customized lessons to my interests and abilities and he was never irritated if I failed to practice. Will is patient, kind, and talented. Over the years, I've had three banjo teachers and he's by far the best!
Chris Apr 11, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Will is a warm, creative, patient, and extremely knowledgeable teacher. His exercises are enjoyable to play. His knowledge and understanding span pretty much all genres. Will has tailored his teaching approach to how and what I wanted to learn. I have played for years and because of Will every aspect of my playing and very importantly my listening is just better. Along with my guitar practice, Will has helped my singing, and song writing as well. It is a pleasure to offer my experience of working with Will.
Gary Apr 11, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Will's been my teacher for about 8 years now. I've had the pleasure to learn acoustic guitar with this patient, generous and gifted teacher. He taught me how to pick, pluck, strum and hum, and to enjoy being in the moment with strings and song. I've carve out time every week to disappear and get in the groove.
Will Vukin
Will V.

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