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Trudie C.

Portland, OR

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Trudie teaches: Ages 11 to 60
Special needs
Teaching since: January 1995
Last sign in: Within a month


Greetings! My name is Trudie and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching private lessons since 1995 and have loved helping my students master their favorite songs in various styles while simultaneously learning the basic theory behind their chosen style of music. Many of my students go on to play gigs of their own, and write their own songs and tunes. I'm a friendly, funny and understanding person and my teaching style is based on your needs. I can teach you guitar in your learning style while making it fun and help you to turn information into knowledge. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

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Thinking WAY too hard while playing Bron Yr Aur Stomp a few years back.


BA of English
Sep 2015 - Present
Portland State University
Oregon Associates of Arts Transfer Degree
Sep 2013 - Jun 2015
Portland Community College

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Marty E. Feb 27, 2016
· Guitar · In studio
Great musician who is a patient instructor who knows her stuff.
Eric Jan 8, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
I'm an adult learner new to fingerpicking guitar. From the first lesson Trudie showed me interesting things to practice. Her version of Kashmir is awesome. Especially if you want to learn some Nick Drake or other British Isles guitar music she's the teacher for you.
Corinne Dec 31, 2015
· Guitar · In studio
Trudie is knowledgeable and cares about her students. If you want to really learn the theory behind the music, and are ready to work, She is the perfect teacher for you.
Sarah Dec 30, 2015
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Trudie is an amazing and passionate guitar player, and I was pleased to see her carry that energy over into the guitar lessons she's given my eleven year old daughter over the past year. She is professional and interested in her students' technical achievements, while at the same time understanding the importance of keeping it fun and inspiring. My daughter appreciates Trudie's willingness to work on pieces that are especially important to her. In addition, Trudie has a lovely sense of humor which helps her students feel comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend Trudie to anyone interested in learning guitar!
Ted Pitman Dec 30, 2015
· Acoustic Guitar · Online
I managed Pulse Music in Logansport, Indiana. Trudie was one of our guitar teachers. She also taught Keyboards. Trudie's students got more than an average lesson and most are still playing in some form around the area today. I also had pleasure of recording with Miss Cavey on more than one occasion. Always professional.
Westley Dec 30, 2015
· Guitar · In home
Trudie is a fantastic instructor. I was a pretty bad student for any teacher. I didn't want to waste time learning notes, I wanted to shortcut strait to learning songs I wanted to play and solo's that gave me thrills. In our first lesson, she made me a deal that if I learned a few important chords that I'd need to know to jam with anyone, shed learn any solo I wanted to play and teach me. Sure enough, I came back the following week with d,c,a,g down, and she demonstrated and taught me note for note not missing a bend or hammer on every breath of the ac/dc solo I was dying to learn. Trudie has an excellent bedside manner as a teacher, and managed to convince me the importance of learning scales and the foundation behind the greatest guitarists I admired, ultimately making me a much better guitarist and musician. With her instruction, I learned and developed the fundamentals required not just to pick any song up by ear and nail the leads without much work, but to also build and develop the framework to write my own music. She is a master of alternate tunings and every style of music from folk, to rock, to Latino and classical guitar. I'm a bit ADD and have trouble staying focused with most teachers, but Trudie was one of the few coaches I've ever had who allowed me to deviate from the boring stuff when I'd start to doze and teach me a few bars of a good lead to get me to wake back up before dragging me back through the important stuff I needed to learn. Trudie was my third guitar teacher. I'd had lessons with two others prior to her over a span of 3 years, and the first two wouldn't teach me anything I wanted, only wanted scales and framework. After 3 lessons I'd get so bored and distracted I'd lose interest and quit. My parents decided to give it one more go with a new teacher before selling off my strat. Trudie keeps you interested, and still teaches you what you want while teaching you what you need. 20 years later, I'm still playing regularly, and 90% of everything I've learned since she moved and has no longer been my teacher is based on the fundamental framework she thought me, and without instruction I can pretty much play and figure out how to play about anything I want. I was a student of Trudie's both as an early teen, and again as an adult. Now as a mid-thirties father, my son is approaching an age where piano and music lessons are in consideration. I hope I can find a teacher in both areas that will keep him interested, and eager to challenge himself to become a better student of music without getting burned out or loosing interest along the way. If Trudie still lived in the area, she would be our famiy's "go-to" for lessons.
Payton Dec 29, 2015
· Guitar · In studio
Trudie helped me so much in the time she taught me. She helped me develop knowledge of the fretboard, including scales and chords. Which have contributed greatly to building solos and riffs. She helped me develop my own style. Fluent in all styles and both acoustic and electric guitar. I highly recommend Trudie as an instructor. I would not be where I am today as a guitarist if it weren't for Trudie!
Trudie Cavey
Trudie C.

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