Tom Mccusker

Tom M.

Pleasantville, NY

About Tom M.

Tom teaches: Ages 18 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: January 1996
Last sign in: More than two months


We Specialize In:

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu
Chinese Kickboxing
Tai Chi
Wing Chun
Women's Self Defense
Bully Safe Programs
Special Needs Programs
Ages 4 & up


Owner & Head Instructor (Sifu)
Nov 2005 - Present
chinese martial arts & ed. center

Kung fu training - 35 years plus
Shaolin studies
Tai chi (Yang, Chen, Chang, Wu)
Bagua & Xing Yi (B.P. Chan)
Wing Chun


Forensic Psychology
Sep 1998 - Jan 2001
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Languages Spoken

Limited Proficiency


Black Sash
Jun 2010
Kung Fu

5th Degree Black Sash


Hall of Fame Member
Mar 2013
USA Martial Arts

30 Reviews on Tom M.

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David L. Oct 6, 2016
· Tai Chi Chuan · Online
Tom is great. Was able to work with my very limited knowledge to help me along in my studios. Definitely talking more classes with him.
Vernon Jul 6, 2016
· Wing Chun · Online
Sifu tom very patient and helpful in spite of my being a bit old teacher had no patience.made me very uncomfortable and even challenged me to fight.
Will work with sifu tom in the future as my budget allows.thanks sifu tom!!
Julie Apr 13, 2016
· Kung Fu · In studio
My daughter started when she was six years old, she is now 13, and is still taking lessons. Sifu Tom, is very experienced, knowledgeable and a fun instructor. Both kids and Adults enjoy his classes.
Ken Apr 4, 2016
· Kung Fu · In studio
An excellent teacher with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Sifu Tom - recently inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame - knows how to get the best out of his students while balancing how the art of Traditional Kung Fu is applicable in real life situations and to understanding the foundation of Kung Fu. I have trained under Sifu Tom for 4 years now and respect him greatly for all he has taught me.
Colleen Apr 2, 2016
· Kung Fu · In studio
Sifu Tom has taught my son for over 8 years. He is an excellent teacher who brings out the best in his students--from young children through adults. In addition to teaching the skills of Kung Fu, he focuses on respect and integrity, as he develops discipline and confidence in his students--skills that carry over into all areas of life. The atmosphere in the Pleasantville school is like an extended family get-together, where everyone is welcome. I am very thankful that my son has had an opportunity to learn and grow at CMAEC.
John Apr 1, 2016
· Self Defense · In studio
Sifu McCusker is an amazing instructor. He is talented, professional, patient, excellent with students of all ages, immensely skilled in a wide variety of martial arts disciplines, and fosters a sense of both achievement and respect - he truly is the whole package!
Victoria Mar 30, 2016
· Kung Fu · In studio
The best local Rockland County kids Karate program. My 5 year old and 3 years old absolutely love it and always looking forward to the next class!
Allen Mar 30, 2016
· Kung Fu · In studio
Sifu Tom is a patient , good natured and talented instructor with a seemingly endless depth of knowledge across an impressive range of styles and approaches, with a real-world grounding in applications of what he teaches.
Larry Mar 28, 2016
· Wing Chun · In studio
Sifu Tom helped supercharge my development. I am doing private classes with him and doing a ton of practice at home. He has a no nonsense, no Martial Art stigma approach to teaching and speaks to you in a way that makes it easier to understand and take in. His unique prospective and multi-application view of even the simplest of movements opens up doors for me and the way I look at movements. Finally someone who teaches for the love of the Arts and not to keep you there to line his pockets like some schools will do.
Alex Mar 28, 2016
· Kung Fu · In studio
Sifu Tom has been my instructor, mentor, and friend for the better part of decade now. He has an incredible gift for not only showing and teaching the Chinese martial arts but also showing his students the history and culture that goes along with it. His classes always feels like its a one on one experience even if the class is full with 20 other students. I have taken tons of other martial arts but i found my home once i met Sifu Tom because no matter how much or how little experience you have he will always work with you toward your individual goal. I recommend Sifu to anyone interested in martial arts and is looking for a school and instructor that is experienced and knowledgeable in real world tactics, culture, self defense, forms, applications and history of Chinese Martial Arts
Tom Mccusker
Tom M.

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