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Apple Valley, CA
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    May 1995

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    About Tina


    I started singing professionally at the age of fourteen. I have had leading roles in semi-professional theatre productions since I was seventeen. I have also been assistant director, musical director, choreographer, costumer and writer for many productions from West Side Story to My Fair Lady to Camelot. In the theatre I have worked with and trained children and adults of all ages. I have also conducted summer camps that were theatre workshops for children. I was a school teacher at a Charter school for eight years and I taught music and drama to children from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I have been giving voice lessons for more than twenty years. I tailor my programs based on the needs of my students. I am passionate about music and I love being able to share that with other individuals who are passionate about music. I have worked with children and adults who told me "I cannot sing" and have shown them that, once you understand how your voice works, you can do things you never dreamed you could do. I will work hard to help anyone who has the love and determination to sing to improve and become a better singer.

    One of my students was accepted to AMDA in New York and several of my students have won various competitions.

    *** Lesson Details ***
    The voice is an instrument and, like any instrument, you have to know all of its parts and how it works in order to get the most out of it. I teach my students how to properly use their voice without damaging their vocal chords. I teach vocal techniques and exercises to help my students become a better singer. My students will learn how to use their diaphragm; how to use dynamics; how to project; how to build up their lung capacity; how to sing in a clear and articulate manner; how to sing various different types of music; how to control their voice; and how to develop their natural ear for music as well as showmanship. My style and technique has been developed over many years of practical experience and learning from instructors and entertainers who work in the entertainment industry. My method of teaching is entirely my own and I have had a lot of success with it. I expect my students to work hard and be dedicated but I try to make the lessons not just instructional but fun.

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    Home-lessons taught in a designated music room, has an electric weighted keyboard and a karaoke machine.

    *** Specialties ***
    I teach my students breathing techniques; how to use the diaphragm and relax the vocal chords; how to project; how to properly enunciate; how to perform a song instead of just singing it; showmanship; how to select the music that is right for them. The voice is an instrument and, like any instrument, you have to fully understand it and its different parts in order to get the most out of it.

    In regards to the various hand-crafting arts that I teach. I have been hand-crafting for more than forty years. I first discovered my love for creating things when I was only six years old, which is when I first began to learn embroidery. That just made me want to learn even more and I am always looking for some new and interesting art to learn and master. I have been a costumer for more than thirty years, creating costumes for community theatre and making period costumes for events such as the Renaissance Faire and Civil and Revolutionary War Re-enactments.

    One of my new passions is Recycled Crafts. Taking items that you might throw away and turning them into something useful. For example, I had a pile of sheets that we didn't use any longer. Instead of throwing them away, I made them into rag rugs. Another of my favorite recycle crafts is taking the plastic bags that you get your groceries in and making them into re-usable totes that are washable.

    Needle tatting is a form of lace making. Taking string and creating some beautiful lace that allows you to add old world charm to a garment or project. One of the things that I like about this hand-craft is being able to easily take it with me (to doctor's appointments for example) so that I can have something to do while I wait.

    As you can probably tell, these are things that I am passionate about and I love teaching them to anyone who wants to learn.


    Program Advisor

    May 1995 - Sep 2001
    California Baptist University

    I worked in the Evening College program at the university. Because I worked at an extension site, I had to help my students with admissions, financial aid, unofficial transcript evaluations, education plans, file maintenance and academic counselling.

    I also provided tutoring in English, creative writing, essay writing and how to take notes and prepare for exams.


    Bachelor of Arts

    May 1994 - Dec 1998
    California Baptist University

    Associate of Applied Science

    May 1992 - May 1994
    Phillips Junior College


    Associate of Applied Science

    Apr 1995
    Phillips Junior College

    I have an associates degree in Paralegalism.

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    12 Reviews on Tina B.

    Tracey C. Aug 13, 2015
    Singing · In home
    Verified Student
    Kid friendly and enthusiastic teacher. My daughter enjoys enhancing her singing with Tina
    Sydney C. Jul 18, 2015
    Singing · In home
    Verified Student
    A fantastic teacher, my daughter has learned so much. She loves Tina, nice professional lady with so much talent. Thank you Tina!!!
    Priscella K. Apr 26, 2015
    Singing · In home
    Verified Student
    Tina is the best voice coach. She is very professional but friendly at the same time. Somehow my daughter(8 years old) clicked with her and loved singing with her! Tina successfully prepared my daughter for the Talent Show quickly even though the date was imminent. My daughter is currently taking a break from singing until her school is over. I highly recommend Tina to anyone who has a child or teenager as she is very patient and fun to sing with!
    Nhien L. May 28, 2014
    Singing · In studio
    Verified Student
    Ms. Tina is the best singing teacher in the High Desert! My daughter loves coming to her lessons, and has vastly improved. She has had 3 other singing teachers prior, but they did not teach breathing and vocal techniques. Ms. Tina coaches and critiques without being overly critical. She challenges my daughter with different genres of music, which has helped her not only widen her interests in music, but also improved her vocal abilities tremendously.
    So if you're looking to sing better just for fun or for a competition, Ms. Tina will help get you there!
    Yolanda P. Feb 12, 2014
    Verified Student
    Best Vocal Teacher Ever!!

    Ms tina is an excellent vocal coach, her ability to cover the most important aspects of vocal instruction is very impressive. My experience with her has been extremely beneficial. I had been singing 5 plus years and after taking vocal lessons with Ms.Tina I realized I was singing the wrong way and damaging my vocal cords. After working with Ms tina for a little over 1 month I was able to identify correct breathing tecniques, pronunciation, as well as being able to stay on key. Ms tina is extremely professional, patient, reliable and very passionate about helping her student's reach their goals and aspirations in music.
    Any direction that my signing career goes, I would love to keep her as a vocal coach!
    Monika W. Dec 19, 2013
    Verified Student
    Awesome Teacher

    Our Daughter has not stopped glowing after placing 2nd in a local talent competition! Tina helped bring the personality and confidence out of our Daughter. She is patient, understanding and knowledgeable. Our Daughter looks forward to every lesson and learns more each time. Thank you Tina for all you have done...you are a hidden gem of the desert!
    Rico P. May 5, 2013
    Verified Student
    Ms. Tina is an excellent voice lesson teacher.

    We are very lucky to have Ms. Tina because shes very professional,talented and has alot of patience to her students.My daughter learned so much from her and made many improvements because of Tina my daughter is going to participate in a singing competition this coming june.Im going to recommend Tina to all my friends.Thanks to you Tina!
    maryannm Jun 8, 2012
    Tina is well qualified, she really puts a lot into the lessons. She's very easy to deal with and we are very satisified. Wouldn't go anywhere else ! Maryann
    KarinaR Mar 29, 2012
    Thank you Tina

    She is awesome, im very happy with her coaching, I feel more confident with my voice, I have learn a lot in short period of time. She is very experience and she get ME exactly that I want and need.
    maryw Jul 14, 2011

    tina is awesome we love what shes been doing with cheyenne. thanks tina