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Tina B.

Bainbridge Island, Washington
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Tina B.

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Sing Like a True Star with Expert Advice from this Top Classical Singer

The voice is an instrument and, like any instrument, you need to understand how each part of your instrument works to create music. You also need to know the best way to take care of your instrument so that you don't permanently damage it. I teach vocal techniques and exercises to help my students become a better singer. My students will learn how to use their diaphragm; how to use dynamics; how to project; how to build up their lung capacity; how to sing in a clear and articulate manner; how to sing various different types of music; how to control their voice; and how to develop their natural ear for music as well as showmanship.
About Tina B.

A recent transplant from Los Angeles, California; I have been singing professionally for more than forty years as well as having leading roles in local theatre productions. I have also been assistant director, musical director, choreographer, costumer and writer for many productions from West Side Story to My Fair Lady to Camelot. I teach ages five and up and love working with singers of any age. I have also conducted summer camps that were theatre workshops for children. I was a school teacher at a Charter school for ten years where I taught music and drama to children from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I have been giving voice lessons for more than twenty-five years. I tailor my programs based on the needs of my students. I have worked with children and adults who told me "I cannot sing" and I have shown them that, once you understand how your voice works, you can do things you never dreamed you could do. I will work hard to help anyone who has the love and determination to sing and the desire to improve. Students I have worked with have won competitions and even been accepted into AMDA in New York. *** Lesson Details *** The voice is an instrument and, like any instrument, you have to know all of its parts and how it works in order to get the most out of it. I teach my students how to properly use their voice without damaging their vocal chords. My students will learn how to correctly use the muscles surrounding the diaphragm; how to use dynamics; how to project; how to build up their lung capacity; proper breathing and breath control; how to sing in a clear and articulate manner; showmanship/stage presence; how to develop their natural ear for music; and how to sing different genres of music. My style and technique has been developed over many years of practical experience and learning from instructors and entertainers who work in the entertainment industry. My method of teaching is entirely my own and I have had a lot of success with it. I expect my students to work hard and be dedicated but I try to make the lessons, not just instructional, but fun. **Online Classes** No worries about how to get to your lesson, or getting stuck in traffic and missing part of a lesson. You pick the space, set up your webcam on your computer/laptop and reserve your time. The thing I love is my students ability to record their lessons, or just a section of the lesson, and refer back to it as often as needed. This combined with my website where I leave notes and materials for my students, allow me to offer a program that works well for students of all ages!

Teaches Beginner, Intermediate

Teaching since 1995

Bachelor of Arts

Age: 5+

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Subject: Singing
Broadway Singing
Improv Acting
Music Performance
Theater Acting
Teaches 6 subjects. Different subjects may have different prices.
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I've taken her class for over a few years now and I can't even describe how much I have grown because of her. I first was very mousy and quiet but I am now achieving and wanting to tackle songs I never thought I could because of her. I recommend her to everyone I know. In all seriousness people around me have noticed a huge change and there may be days where I don't notice it until she asks if I caught that I was able to hit it.

Posted Mar 25, 2021
Student's home

I love Miss Tina, She is the best singing instructor ever! She always knew the best songs for me. Hands down the best person and teacher. She has helped me over come so much with her help. She inspired me so much and has helped me evolve with my singing.

Posted Feb 2, 2021
Teacher's studio

Shelbie is so excited. Can not wait to next lesson

Posted Jun 29, 2019
Bachelor of Arts
May 1994 - Dec 1998
California Baptist University
Associate of Applied Science
May 1992 - May 1994
Phillips Junior College
Associate of Applied Science
Apr 1995
Phillips Junior College
I have an associates degree in Paralegalism.

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