Tamari   (Tamara) Witkin

Tamari (Tamara) W.

Torrington, CT
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Tamari (Tamara) W.

Hi, there! I'm Tamara and I can't wait to meet you!

On social media and for those who are more familiar, I'm Tamari. We all learn in different ways; some are more visual; others, auditory; some, kinesthetic--I combine a number of different modalities in my teaching, including direct feedback-teaching--once you learn a concept or skill, teach it, as soon as you possibly can, to someone else! -- this reinforces your own knowledge of the skill or concept!
I've been teaching private lessons for many years and have loved helping my students acquire new skills, master new pieces, and prepare for concerts and performances. Over the years, my younger students have earned Blue and Gold ratings at the Young Musicians' Festival in Fairfield U., some of them earning gold cups: This is a statewide event to encourage long-term commitment to the art, discipline and joy of music making.
I attended Indiana University's distinguished Jacob School of Music where I earned a Masters in Piano Performance, and Composition in the '90's. I sang all types of vocal music as well as prepared singers with vocal coaching and voice development techniques 20+ years.
I'm fun loving, patient, and optimistic-- these traits carry through in my teaching style,
One Size does NOT fit all--I approach the lesson plans for each student tailored to your learning style.
Over the past 23 years, my life experiences have encompassed other disciplines and compelled me to learn and acquire many other skills: my liberal arts as well as fine arts education lent itself to helping me work administrative jobs and even expanded into sales and public speaking. I have coached after school and SAT preparation to High School and College age students, helped with the preparation of legal and analytical documents, creative writing and editing assignments; and even tutored computer, social media and Microsoft Office & iWork Suite of applications to older adults. Within the 10 most recent years, I served as Music Director in Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches, as it is my firm conviction that Music is a universal language which can help deepen the prayer experience while helping to bring comfort and joy.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals

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  • MM Piano; Composition; Comparative Literature Music in Film from Indiana University Jacob's School of Music
  • Teaching since 1990
  • Teaches students Male: 5 to 68; Female: 5 to 85

Reviews (35)

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Anna C. Jan 17, 2020

Tamari is a remarkably accommodating teacher. Uses instructional strategies that are effective and appropriate. Also, presents new material clearly and logically. Demonstrates enthusiasm and interest in lesson presentation. My daughter loves learning classical piano with Tamari.

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Rhea Farbman Sep 13, 2019
Classical Piano · In studio

I have known Tamari professionally for fifteen years.
She is an excellent music teacher for piano and voice. Her expertise is noticeable as she patiently meets her student at his/her level and guides that student to the next step.
The process is perfect for any student, even if developmentally challenged and for any age. I highly recommend Tamari.


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Justine Sep 6, 2019
Yoga · In studio

I've been consistent weekly taking yoga lessons from Tamari at the Y in Canaan CT. I try not to miss it. She's a compassionate and caring yoga teacher and will trailer her classes to fit your needs. Her classes are good for newbies and seniors and those who want a simple class. No athletics. Hatha Yoga are basic yoga stretches that will make you feel good after participating . My aches and pains are gone after each session. To be continued....

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Jeff Sep 2, 2019
Classical Piano · In studio

Tamara is a very highly qualified, and extremely capable musician and instructor. While away on a leave from my position as music director at a local church, Tamara planned and provided the music for services, and led the congregation's music programs in my absence. While I was away, it was a great comfort to know that Tamara provided quality music for each service. In addition to demonstrating an extraordinary level of musicianship, Tamara is a dependable, and dedicated professional. I am pleased to provide my strongest recommendation!

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Victor Aug 26, 2019
· In studio

Tamari also teaches yoga, and my wife and I have attended many of her classes. They are spiritually based, rewarding and quite centering, as she is gifted with a mastery of both human physiology as well as how to project her deeply rooted skill set to others in a class. We wish her much success and know she will elicit the deepest responses from those she meets and works with.

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Kayleen Jan 11, 2019
Classical Piano · In home

I’ve truly enjoyed my lessons with Tamari! She is patient, kind, and an expert in her field! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking classical piano lessons!

Nicole Dec 23, 2018
Classical Piano · In home

Tamari is very passionate, patient and kind. Highly recommend!

MARGUERITE S. Jul 10, 2018
Classical Voice · Online

Jonathan May 31, 2018
Classical Piano · In studio

Tamari Witkin is not only an incredible musician, but is one of only a few teachers who is deeply committed to making sure that any student she takes under her wing will fledge comfortably and competently. Tamari has a keen sense of exactly what is needed to help a particular student overcome a particular pianistic impediment to learning to play the piano. Moreover, she brims with such enthusiasm that it all becomes so much fun studying with her that one cannot help but feel like and sound like they are becoming a pianist.
I highly recommend anyone at any level of piano playing to study with Tamari,

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Sylvia Corrigan May 13, 2018
Classical Piano · In studio

It was a pleasure working with Tamari Witkin over the years that she was located in Milford and participated in the Schubert Club of Fairfield County. I am familiar with her piano performance, which was high level, showing fine musicianship and great sensitivity to the message of the pieces.
I have also sung with her; and again, she shows a high degree of musicianship!

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Nancy May 9, 2018
Classical Piano · In home

I had fun doing a demo for her piano promotional video. Tamari also gave me excellent practicing strategies as a beginner violinist. She is passionate about music and teaching.

Kayleen May 7, 2018
Classical Piano · In studio

Had my first piano lesson today with Tamari. It was awesome! I learned so much and how to practice . She is very patient and made me feel like I can learn to play the piano at the age of 64!!!

Maxwell L. Jan 24, 2018
Guitar · In studio

Our 7 year old is excited about what he learned on the first day of guitar from Tamari.

Crystal Mar 27, 2017
Classical Piano · In home

Great beginner lesson!

Nancy S. Jan 7, 2017
Classical Piano · In home

Great first lesson. She clearly knows the technical aspects of piano and has a wonderful personality too!!

Danika N. Nov 5, 2016
Broadway Singing · In home

Tamari is excellent with our 7y/o daughter. She is very thorough and detailed in her instruction. We love how she involves us, the parents, in the lesson. We could not be happier.

Michael Aug 24, 2016
Classical Piano · In studio

As a fellow teacher, pianist and choral director, I know a fine musician and teacher when I see one, and I am happy to recommend Tamari Witkin as an outstanding teacher of piano, voice and composition. As a highly versatile, knowledgeable, multi-faceted musician and coach, she motivates her students of all ages, from beginner to advanced levels, to keep reaching for ever-higher levels. Tamari's enthusiasm and creativity as an instructor make taking lessons from her both interesting and fun. She skillfully and thoughtfully communicates the language, meaning and joy of making music. Tamari is exceptional in encouraging and motivating her students. These qualities are what make up the keys to what it's all about; the bottom line: one would be hard-pressed to find a better balanced and effective teacher of music.

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Gloria Aug 20, 2016
Classical Piano ·

I am a fellow musician and piano teacher. I've known Tamari for well over a decade, and know her to be a dedicated teacher of piano. I've heard her sing at performances hosted by The Schubert Club of Fairfield County here in Connecticut, and she is quite skilled. I haven't seen Tamari in a formal piano performance, but we've sight-read piano music together at home, and she is very capable. Tamari's greatest strength is her warm and caring personality, which is essential for relating to students. Put that together with her excellent musical training, and you have a dynamite teacher.

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Kate Aug 15, 2016
Classical Voice · In studio

I have known Tamari Witkin for about four years through a very active music club called The Schubert Club of Fairfield County. She and I have performed vocal duets for the other members of the club on two occasions, and recently we were members of a quartet presenting music from a Bach Cantata. In addition, I have listened to her perform as a solo pianist on several occasions and was impressed with her musical ability.
Tamari is delightful to perform with, because her musicianship is highly professional, and she works well with other performers. In rehearsal, she is able to communicate her ideas about the inner structure of the music, giving her partners clear insights into the composer’s intent that helps them achieve a more satisfying performance.
I have been a voice teacher for over forty years, teaching both young and older students the craft of singing. My long years of experience have taught me that effective communication (from teacher to student) lies at that heart of developing an artist. Although I have not witnessed Tamari in a teaching capacity, I believe from the association I have had with her that she would be an effective and capable teacher.

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Richard Aug 11, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Tamari is a very nice and a talented teacher. I learned a lot while working with her and feel more comfortable with the guitar now.

Joanna Aug 10, 2016
Music Theory · In studio

Tamari is very knowledgeable to music theory, and she is able to turn the deep theory into plain and fun language that children can easily understand. She is also very patient and nice. Our kid is really enjoying her class.

Chaz Aug 9, 2016
Essay Writing · In studio

I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to learn from.
with a spirited enthusiastic approach in
her teaching method.

Joanne Feb 15, 2016
Classical Voice · In home

I have worked with Tamari and found her very knowledgable about music. She has a great teaching technique and is very helpful.

Rob Feb 4, 2016
Classical Piano · In home

Tamari taught lessons to two of my daughters. She was patient with them and helped them learn both theory and performance. The recitals were also enjoyable and rewarding. I would recommend Tamari for lessons.

Carole Feb 4, 2016
Classical Piano · In studio

Tamari is a wonderful teacher very professional and patient, helps you to stretch and meet your potential. I highly recommend her.

Uma Feb 3, 2016
Classical Piano · In home

We had really great experience with Tamari, my daughter had great foundation on piano and guitar .

I would definitely recommend her.

Pani Jan 22, 2016
Classical Piano · In home

Highly accomplished excellent teacher. Patient, kind and very good with beginner students. Highly recommended.

Noelle Jan 22, 2016

I have known Tamari since 1989 when she was the graduate student of renowned pianist Edward Auer at the University of Indiana Bloomington's School of Music. Tamar has a broad and extensive background in classical piano performance and teaching. She is a dedicated, compassionate and astute teacher committed to the person and artistry of her pupils. She is also a person with a rich arts and cultural background, as well as being extremely enterprising and persevering in other support endeavors such as her Legal Shield work, and coaching work. It would be a privilege to learn from Tamari's humanistic wealth of knowledge, talent and experience.

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Steven Jan 12, 2016
Broadway Singing · In home

Fantastic and knowledgeable teacher. Patient, kind and willing to work with even an amateur like myself. Made my first musical performance possible through careful prep. Highly reccomended

Robert Jan 12, 2016
Classical Piano · In home

For more than a decade I have followed Tamari’s piano performances, compositions, choir direction, and performances of her students. The results have been superb as attested by audiences, colleagues, and those under her direction, including former performers with the Metropolitan Opera and other distinguished musicians.

I am delighted to learn that she has decided to take some additional fortunate students, including beginners. I have also witnessed excellent performances by her justifiably proud beginner students.

I am pleased to recommend Tamari as an excellent music teacher of piano, voice, or composition for students of any level.


Robert D. Johnson

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Thelma Jan 11, 2016

Tamari is a wonderful musician. She enjoys teaching at all levels and brings joy, fun, and creativity to what she obviously loves doing ! Definitely a people person

Jay Jan 11, 2016
· In home

Tamari is a very effective communicator who strives to help her students understand the subject matter in a clear and concise way. She also has a wonderful heart which keeps her students at ease. Tamari creates an enjoyable and satisfying learning experience and come highly recommended.

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Ed Jan 11, 2016
Classical Voice · Online

Excellent instructor, very professional. Highly recommended.

Roger Nielsen Jan 10, 2016
Public Speaking · Online

Tamari is a very diligent, hard-working, articulate professional. She has excellent communication skills and always gives 110 percent when she is very passionate about something. She would be a tremendous asset to your organization.

Wendie Jan 10, 2016
Classical Piano · In studio

Tamari Witkin is an excellent pianist and singer. She maintains an infectious enthusiasm for music and would be an excellen t teacher.


Music Director
Jul 2018 - Present


Directed Choirs, Helped to Choose music for Anthems; Religious Holiday music; Sang; Performed on both piano and organ for services

Music Director (Interim)
Jul 2018 - Present

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Chief Musician for this church, planning each week's Hymns and Service music closely with Pastor K. Wadhams. Organist, Keyboard Player (Clavinova) and Vocalist.

Independent Associate Senior Manager Level
Jun 2012 - Present

Private Company

I present Legal Insurance and Identity Theft Prevention and Restoration Plans to Individuals, Families, Self-Employed Professionals, Businesses and Companies (as employee benefits), following a protracted legal probate experience with a family member from '06 to the Spring of '11. I'm especially driven to help artists, writers, and musicians to arm and protect themselves with affordable legal services available in 50 states: Use your money for your life and art, not to line lawyers' pockets! one year's membership availing us of attorney advice in every discipline of the law costs less than one hour with a specialized licensed attorney. The trainings and experience I've gained in learning the plans and publicly presenting them to business professionals every month since 2013 has given me outstanding public relations skills and experience; public speaking skills.

Performing Pianist and Mezzo Soprano
Apr 2006 - Present

The Schubert Club; Music Teachers Association; Wednesday Music Org.

Perform both as a soloist and as a singer in ensembles with musical colleagues throughout the State of CT and NY.

Content Management & Web Design Assistant
Aug 2006 - May 2014

Artful One Design

Data entry, content consultant; visual graphics assistant in content managed web sites and print materials as well as typing; document preparation, office management; (interfacing with clients for proposals etc.)

Private Instructor: Piano & Voice
Sep 1998 - Apr 2011

Middle Sea Music

Private Teacher for both Piano and Voice Students both at my home studio and at student homes

Sales Associate in Antiques; Rare Books
Mar 2005 - Mar 2010

AJ Antiques & Collectibles

Assisted with trade and antique show displays and sales; traveling auctions; and purchasing inventory; specialized in rare; illustrated children's books for awhile..Here I began to develop my confidence in public speaking and presentation skills.

General Music Teacher
Aug 2002 - Apr 2003

Trumbull Public School System

Taught General Music; Musical Games; Singing K-6 in Jane Ryan and Booth Hill Schools singing, using musical instruments; music and movement, listening games; ear training games; implemented a course in music from around the world for the older children...


MM Piano; Composition; Comparative Literature Music in Film
Sep 1986 - May 1993

Indiana University Jacob's School of Music

BFA Piano & Music in Film
Aug 1981 - Dec 1985

Purchase College, SUNY



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Jul 2018


Physical Fitness Instructor Training Certification for Group Teaching Earned Summer of 2018. I have developed a LIIT program to Classical Music to help an aging population stay healthy and fit while learning about and enjoying the beauty, power, and rhythm of famous and not so famous Classical Music pieces!
CT's ARC program graduate
Aug 2002

CT Board of Education

CT's Alternate Route to Teacher Certification-- Condensed course in teaching music in public school: this included learning the basics of every band instrument.


Merit Prize
Sep 1998

Guild of Temple Musicians


Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut
Feb 2015
The mission of the Literacy Volunteers of Southern Connecticut is to provide services at no cost to any individual who wishes to learn the English language or enhance their reading, writing, speaking and math skills necessary to lead productive lives in our community.
Music Teachers National Association
Mar 2003
The MTNA was founded in 1876 with the goal of advancing the value of music study and music-making to society while supporting the careers and professionalism of teachers of music. With nearly 22,000 members in 50 states—and more than 500 local affiliates—the MTNA is the preeminent source for music teacher support, where members embody like-minded values and commitment to their students, colleagues and society as a whole, while reaping the rewards of collaboration, continuity and connection throughout the lifetime of their careers.

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