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Susan T.
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Student Favorite
30+ years professional singer/songwriter/musician (piano/guitar); producer; adults/retirees welcome!
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Student Favorite
Classical Piano normally leads to other styles of piano playing, which I encourage. However, if you want to focus only on classical piano technique, I can take you up to early advanced/late intermediate studies (Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, DeBussy, Mozart, etc.). Please see "Piano" in my Subjects list for more information.
About Susan T.

After 30+ years of professional musicianship spanning across two continents (North America and Europe) with original published songs available digitally (on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) and two CDs on the market (a third containing jazz standards/originals mastered) I retired from "performing" in 2010 and started teaching classical, blues, jazz solo piano; pop, classical piano/voice; classical guitar, pop, classic rock guitar/voice, songwriting, theory; most recently the trending ukulele. I especially want to work with adults with flexibility in scheduling, families with multiple siblings to play together; or solo students any age who play for personal pleasure or have professional musicianship aspirations. I teach online lessons via Zoom, FaceTime, or Messenger. I would love to try using Takelessons Classroom however you will need the technical requirements on a device. My motto: From the movie, Beethoven Lives Upstairs (family film on youTube) ... "Great musicians need the spirit of a gypsy; the discipline of a soldier!" Current accomplishments: 90 year old mother playing holiday ukulele duets with daughter 59. Two siblings played church holiday solos: One classical guitar O Holy Night; one jazz piano solo Away in a Manger). NOV 2021 A 13 year old guitarist/piano/voice student with professional musicianship goals was inducted into National Legendary Thumbpickers Hall of Fame after winning the JR Competition. One of my former adult students (songwriter, guitar, piano, trumpet, sound engineer) quit his professional job as attorney back in 2015 and after 30 voice lessons he signed with an LA based eight-time grammy award winning music producer. Lessons for children need to be recurring weekly - if not twice per week in order to develop the brain, nervous system, fine motor skills using repetitive movements, patterns, and momentum. Adults? Recurring lessons are still important however most need lots of flexibility in scheduling, which I love to assist with. If you need to simply refresh your memory, weekly lessons are not necessary in my opinion. I wrote my first song at 17 and helped work my way through college playing original music and covers as solo artist in coffee shops and on KSU’s camput. As songwriter and founding member of “Progressive Wood” (a KSU original prominent band), we performed at campus parties, state fairs and festivals. I earned a bachelors degree in Family and Child Development. One thing led to another, decade after decade, now my passion is teaching/helping others with their music and goals. HOBBIES Gardening; hatha and restorative yoga (20+years) and meditation; cycling with friends (off- and on-road); hiking and volunteering at that nature center collecting seeds, working the grounds, etc.; arranging/producing original unpublished songs on arranger/workstation/keyboard. Being a good compassionate friend.

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