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Piano with Sophia T.

Canoga Park, California

Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 10-100
Speaks English
Teaching since 2013
Commercial Media Writing

    Learn the Piano: professional musician with a Bachelor’s of Music & 20 years playing experience

    "As a teacher, I am whole heartedly committed to nurturing the development of students as they continue with the journey of playing music, and evolve into beautiful musicians. Achieving this requires a present awareness of my students and the music they are drawn to, while also presenting them with music and knowledge from various genres, styles, and times, to broaden their perception of the world we come from and thrive in.  My intention is to provide each individual with the necessary tools to play music passionately, beautifully, brilliantly, and with understanding, and to help students experience the joy of learning and playing music while becoming a well-rounded and well-versed musician. I aim to build a personal relationship with each of my students, and to provide a comfortable, challenging, fun, and vibrant learning experience as well so that all of my students can excel to their fullest potential."  - Sophia ♫ In our music lessons together, we will explore: -Repertoire of different styles that we can choose together -We can cover repertoire from Classical music, Jazz, music from movies, musicals, etc. -Expressive, musical, and impactful playing while performing -Learning how to read sheet music, chords, lead sheets, etc. -How to improve the musical ear through listening and Ear Training -Piano Technique -Music Theory (Jazz and/or Classical) -How to interpret music with ease -Sight-reading -Developing good practice habits -Composing your own music -Improvising and more Required helpful materials for lessons: -8.5 x 11 inch (or similar) notebook for weekly lesson notes -Pencil and eraser -Sheet music (ipad or paper) and/or music books as I recommend them -Blank manuscript paper notebook (available on amazon for very cheap) My students will get so much more than just piano lessons- They will have a resource full of experience, knowledge, and patience from a professional pianist and composer and music mentor working in the music industry today. Besides learning a relaxed piano technique that will allow you to start playing right away, I also teach students how to build more advanced technical skills, play with emotion and finesse, develop very accurate musical ears, find new and challenging repertoire, learn to accompany a soloist or a band, learn different styles of music, perform in front of audiences, understand music theory, and also how to write music. I would love to work with you so that you can develop your musical ability and your skills on the piano. I can help you learn how to really play the piano as a means of self expression, so that you can enjoy playing in any setting, whether it is to compose your own music or play for an audience. I have extensive experience playing the piano, and playing jazz and classical music and I specialize in piano lessons for beginning through advanced pianists in classical, jazz and any popular styles of music. We will set goals that you’ll be excited about, and we’ll work towards them together. I am extremely passionate about Music and sharing music education, and if you are interested in taking lessons, please feel welcome to contact me. Questions? Please hit the "Ask a Question" button on my profile!

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    Teaches Online
    Teaches Online

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    1 PM-3:30 PM
    1 PM-3:30 PM
    1 PM-3:30 PM
    1 PM-3:30 PM
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