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Patricia D.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Patricia delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 14+

Teaching since:
October 1986

I am a graduate of both Akron University and Kent State. I have been in the Fitness industry since 1986 and have been certified in many areas. I have also competed in body building , earning many titles listed below.

SERVICES: Weight And Strength Training, Weight Loss, Flexibility Training, Boot Camp, Core Conditioning, Public Speaking / Speech Coaching

.Certified Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer - I.F.P.A, 2004

• Certified Fitness Consultant - I.F.P.A, 2005

• Certified in Sports Nutrition - I.F.P.A, 2001

• Certified in Youth Fitness - I.F.P.A, 2002

• Certified as a Woman's Fitness Specialist - I.F.P.A, 2007

• Certified as an Advanced Flexibility/Stretching Specialist - I.F.P.A, 2009

• CPR certified through the American Heart Association - AHA, 2011

.Certified as a Strength and Sports Conditioning Specialist - I.F.P.A, 2013

.Core Training For Athletes - IFPA, 2013

2002 - 2002: Mike Francois Classic, lightweight 4th. NABF 2002 Steel City Classic, light, 2013

2001 - 2001: Mike Francois Classic, lightweight 3rd. Powerhouse Classic, lightweight 2nd, 2013

Ohio Women's Body Building Champion both Light Weight and Masters Division - Buckeye Championship, 2001

2000 - Powerhouse Classic, lightweight 2nd. Ohio Governors Cup, masters 2nd and lightweight, 2013

1999 - Powerhouse Classic, lightweight 2nd. N.G.A. Natural Ohio Classic, lightweight 1st, 2013

*** Specialties ***
I Specialize in:


YOU will have your OWN Personal Training Coach for a One on One Private Training session ( 30 min. and 60 min. sessions available) OR for you convenience you can also get a Private Training Via Web Cam or Speaker Phone training 30 minute Sessions tailored to your own personals needs. Your Personal Trainer will hold you Accountable, Motivate you and keep on Track in the comfort of your own home, office, or even while on vacation.


This 30 min. session will focus and help to eliminate pain, muscle soreness and increase Flexibility! Learn to incorporate stretching into your daily activity

Work your ABS, LEGS, ARMS and Much More! This is a Fun, High Energy, Extreme Butt Kicking Cardio Workout! Jumping, Kicking and Stepping are combined in POWERFUL MOTIONS. Burn up to 900 calories! THIS IS THE WORKOUT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!

Fitness motivational/educational speaker with years of experience in helping individuals reach their goals. Invite Patty to speak at your organization's/ company's events or meetings about weight loss, fitness and over all health and wellness, she will surely stimulate , encourage and motivate your friends, employees and colleagues!

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Criminal Justice
Sep 1980 - May 1984
Akron University/Kent State University


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


Sep 1999
International Fitness Professional Association

IFPA - Advanced Flexibility Specialist

IFPA - Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer

IFPA - Certified Fitness Consulting Specialist Certification

IFPA - Core Training Expert Certification

IFPA - Program Design Specialist

IFPA - Sports Nutrition Specialist

IFPA - Strength and Sports Conditioning Specialist

IFPA - Womens Fitness Specialist

IFPA - Youth Fitness Instructor

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Body Building and Fitness
Mar 2002

Photos & Videos

Online or on the Phone Coach/Trainer

Building Confidence and and Strengh

Women's Fitness Specialist

Stretching and Flexibility Specialist

One on One Customized Personal Training Sessions.

Program Design Specialist

2015 NPC Competition in both Physique and Figure.

Photo by Patricia D.

Photo by Patricia D.
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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Strength and Conditioning · In studio


I started with Patty's classes in 2001. I was 51 years old and getting pretty beat up by Menopause
and Endometriosis in particular. I was a Jogger for many years but needed to add a good class with
weights and high and low impact exercise to really get into good shape. My best friend recommended
Patty's Classes and rest as they say is History.

Everyone knows that Exercise is critical to good health and if you have any chronic conditions is it
especially important !! Patty's training sessions are the best I have ever gone to - in addition to the exercises, the knowledge
she has imparted to all of us has been just as rewarding. I schedule everything "around" my training.
because I never want to miss and the older I get the more critical it is for me !

It is not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination when I say that her training session have saved my life
because it is literally true. I had a serious illness a few years ago that took such a physical toll that there
is no way I could have survived it had I not been in the best physical shape of my life and that was at age 60 !
Oh and her Boot Camp class is the best ever - hands down.

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Sports Nutrition · In studio

When I began to train with Patty I was a vending machine addict. Patty helped me kick my habit! I would buy 4 pops a day @ $1.25. This added up to $100 a month. I would also buy other vending machine items, totaling up to an additional $40.00 a month.
My work junk food vending machine habit ran me $140.00 a month...which pays for over half of what I spend in training with Patty! When people tell me I must be rich to have a trainer, I tell them "I just stopped eating and drinking crap and it pays for my sessions"...people don't realize how much they spend on junk food....hope this helps someone else! Tammy F

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Fitness · Online

What makes the Skype workout so convenient is, that I can literally get up, go to the living room and start my workout. I do not have to leave my home and that makes it so much easier to continue on with exercise. It is the perfect amount of working out. After 40 sessions with Patty, I always still come out feeling great. This workout has made such a difference in my life style and my body!! Ryan S.

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Nutrition · Online

This is the first time in a year, since I ruptured my Achilles' tendon, that I've been able to lose any weight. I was really beginning to feel that it wasn't going to happen. Working out with Patty jump started me in doing what it takes to "regain" control of my nutritional habits. I'm very encouraged that I'm developing a new relationship with food and it feels great!!! Thanks Patty. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
Carol S.

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Strength and Conditioning · Online

CHUCK: Training with Patty's exercise program is great. It is really precise, and Patty keeps me right on track. With her positive attitude, she pushes me just enough to break a sweat, but yet, I feel so incredible when I am done with my workout!

Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Nutrition · Online

We are so lucky to have you for guidance and inspiration!
Your guidance and encouragement has helped me keep my weight gain to a minimum over the holidays. I know you'd never yell at me if my food log was bad, but the look of disappointment on your face is worse!
You've helped me wean myself from my weekly chocolate cake binges, and the Arbonne shakes and caramels have really helped with my sweet cravings.
Reading all the testimonials is also very helpful, I know I'm not alone in my fight against fat!
Thank you Patty for all you do for every one of us, we're lucky to have you in our lives! Diane

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Weight Loss · Online

CHRYSTAN: Being a new mom, I no longer had the time to work out like I did in the past. I didn't want to leave my baby to go exercise. Now with this awesome phone workout, I can in 20 minutes while my baby takes a nap, or I can even get a great workout in the morning before he even wakes up! The best part is I can stay in my PJs if I chose to!

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Strength and Conditioning · In home

I have run on a relay team in the Akron Marathon for the past 7 seven years.
For the last 5 years I meet with Patty for a 20 minute stretch class, group personal training and Boot Camp Classes. I know this has made a huge difference on my ability to run Marathons on race day . I was better prepared. No cramping, no stiffness and more flexibility.
I get the same feeling after the stretching class that I do from a massage.
After the stretching session there is a great sense of relaxation and stress relief!
October of 2010 I became very ill with a Bacterial Infection. I was 60 years old at the time. I totally credit working out with Patty as a viable possibility that I survived the illness. I lost 38 pounds in 5 weeks and was really beat down.
I was able to fight back and that was entirely due to the fact that I was in the best shape of my life at the age of 60!
I totally credit Patty for teaching me the importance of good nutrition and consistent exercise. When I was 50 my Doctor told me " if you want to promote good health as you age, you can NEVER stop exercising " - so I began looking for classes that would benefit me in the long term - Patty was the answer ! Now at 63 I can honestly say I am in very good physical shape. I sleep better, handle stress better and am healthier than most of my friends!
Janet z.

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Health Coaching · Online

I had hurt my neck over 5 years ago and totally stopped exercising, which led to a 60 pound weight gain. L Patty showed me some low impact modifications and I just kept coming back, and felt like I was able to do more and more each time. My diet was horrible and I still wasn't exercising regularly. I wanted to lose more for my trip to Italy on the beach, and the thought of putting on a bathing suit made me want to cry. Thanks to Patty I was able to lose about 45 lbs. I know that with Patty's help and constant support and encouragement I will succeed in accomplishing my goals! Karen F

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Fitness · In studio

SHARLENE: I have been training with Patty since 1999. My body has changed quite a bit through the years working out with her. Patty has guided me through training slumps, weight fluctuations, injuries and menopause. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of resistance training and cardiovascular training. Patty teaches you the proper form to use while preforming an exercise to maximize the benefit to the muscle as well as to prevent injury. Over the years I have watched Patty study for additional certifications to improve her skills as a trainer and educate herself on new information and techniques in may areas. I have always been impressed with her drive, talent and skills. I highly recommend Patty as a trainer

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Strength and Conditioning · Online

What a great way to stay on track with my exercise program! Knowing that Patty was contacting me on the phone for my workout kept me accountable and motivated! I could not make any excuses. This is such a convenient way to stay in shape and strengthen my body without even leaving my home.
Your the best!!

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Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Health Coaching · Online

I train with Patty because she is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive, and really wants me to succeed in reaching my goals and will do whatever she can to help me get there! Karin

Patricia D. Dec 29, 2014
Fitness · In studio

Kathy L: I started training with Patty in my early forties for quite a few years. I looked and felt the best I ever did in my life. When my daughter went to college I took a break because of finances. But I told Patty I would be back. Well it has been about five year and in June of this year I made the call I was thinking of making for months, asked Patty if she could fit me into her schedule. Thankfully yes. When I workout by myself I would make excuses, and my eating habits became terrible, and I gained weight. Patty got me back on track quickly. When I would make excuses she asked me when did I think I could get it together and it made me think. Patty said maybe if I got my eating under control with my workouts maybe other situations in my life would start to fall into place. Patty was right I already have started losing weight and other things in my life are falling into place. Patty is a
great trainer and motivator. I am glad Patty is in my life. P.S. I travel forty minutes to see her and it's worth it !!!

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