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image of Michelle D.

Personal Training with Michelle D.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 20-70
Speaks English
Teaching since 2018
Fitness and Nutrition

    About Michelle D.

    Hi, my name is Michelle Davis and I am an avid Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. I am 37 and reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a natural Bodybuilder and have competed in 8 competitions in the last 2 years winning 7 1st places medals and 3 Overall Trophies. I have always lived a very active lifestyle and am always looking for new ways to get in shape and love life. If you choose me as your Personal Trainer, I promise to go above and beyond any normal trainers that you have had in the past and will do my best to help you obtain the goals that you want to achieve. Not just outward goals to lose weight and be happier but to help you with any negative mental blocks that are keeping you stuck in your current situation. Personal Training to me goes much more deeper than just working out. It takes time, trust, dedication and consistency to rea