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Logic Pro Software with Marcelo M.

Brooklyn, New York

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 12+
Speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English
Teaching since 2010
Performance/Contemporary Writing and Production

    About Marcelo M.

    Established New York musician. Berklee College of Music Graduate. Have been teaching for many years and know that each student has their own mindset and we need to work around each person's goals and interests. I teach mainly pop, rock, blues, jazz, classical, funk, RnB. All ages and levels are welcome. *** Lesson Details *** Lessons are very relaxed and we will focus on ways to practice and getting the student to learn what he/she wants. Some people just want to come and learn a few tunes, some want to really learn the instrument and practice all the time. It all depends on the individual and I'm more than ready to adapt for each one of my students with the methods I have. On our first class we will spend some time discussing what are the goals of the student and I will formulate a good plan so we can reach those goals in no time. I usually have 3 main paths that the student can choose. 1st - Learn the instrument enough so you can play your favorite songs and have fun with friends. 2nd(most requested) - Learn the instrument from scratch. Study technique, repertoire, a little of reading and music theory and learn how to improvise. This will allow the person to have their own tools to study on their own after attending classes with me. 3rd - Usually people who have been playing before like this one. We will go deep in music theory, ear training, reading, improvising and technique. Always leaning challenging tunes that will develop the student skills. This one allows the student to follow a professional path on the future, or maybe go into a music college. *Location Classes can take place either online, at my studio or at your own location with an extra fee for transportation. *Under 18 students For children under 18 parents are more than welcome to stay for the classes, tell me if there is any specific goal you are looking for or talk about any subject that you might want. *AUDITION PREP I also help people to prepare for auditions. For this subject, I will tell you how to get ready for an audition. If you are trying to get in a college I have many contacts around the country and know how most auditions work and can help you with any question there might be. For auditions for orchestras or band we can work on repertoire and behavior to get you ready and all set to get accepted.

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    Teacher's Studio
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