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Lynda A.
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Piano/Keyboard Piano is a gateway instrument. Learning piano can open the door to learning other instruments with greater ease. The frequency range of the piano covers most instruments and continues to be an important first instrument for many. Beginning piano students start with the Alfred Basic Piano series which is grouped into 6 levels. Adult piano students follow a similar path using the Alfred method in 3 levels. Songs and/or books from the Faber method are often used or substituted. Both methods are widely used and provide a steady increase in difficulty, incorporating a variety of styles of music. At the same time, students learn music theory through supplemental Alfred theory books. More intermediate students use the Julie Johnson method of music theory used by music teachers the world over for its clear, concise, and repetitive approach to learning the basic skills. Advanced beginning students start learning all the major and minor scales, harmonized scales in triads, and basic chord progressions around the Circle of 5ths at their own pace until completion. Knowledge of the building blocks of music can lead the way to improvising, playing by ear, and composing, which is open to any student who shows interest. After students achieve a basic reading level, they are encouraged to bring in popular songs or any tune he/she would like to learn. Lynda likes to teach the blues form, which is a popular music style with a basic chord progression that beginning piano players can understand. Knowledge of the blues form paves the way for improvising and learning jazz, as well as other popular styles of music.
About Lynda A.

I've been a music instructor, performer and music producer for over 20 years. I understand the balance between learning the language of music through reading and music theory and how to balance that with creative freedom and expression. I look forward to working with you on achieving your musical goals. Lessons offered: Piano (Beg - Adv), Flute (Beg - Adv), Vocal Coaching, Songwriting, Music Theory, Ear Training, Digital Audio & Music Production More about Lynda: Lynda A has been teaching piano and flute, performing and producing music in the Bay Area since 1999. She received her music degree from DePauw University in Indiana and a Recording Arts degree from Expression College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. Lynda attended the Stanford Jazz Workshop in 2008 and also studied guitar and the Speech Level Singing technique for two years. In the Spring of 2011 she completed the acclaimed Sound, Voice and Music Healing Certificate program at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Lynda has taught privately at many music schools in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years before recently relocating to Long Beach. She has developed and taught piano and audio production courses for Pyramind Audio Training School and Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. In addition, she writes music and audio tutorial articles and reviews for popular online education magazine, Ask Audio. Lynda was a contributing writer for a Pyramind School text book published by Alfred called Music Theory, Songwriting and the Piano™ in 2013. After studying classical music for many years throughout college, Lynda craved to find another way to express herself through music. With this solid music education foundation, she was able to expand into improvising, composing and performing in the rich San Francisco Bay Area arts and music scene. Learning digital recording opened up a whole new world of musical possibilities and paved the way for years of musical experimentation and song-writing “ merging the acoustic with electronic. She has multiple album releases on a variety of international record labels and has performed extensively at clubs and festivals worldwide. Lynda thrives on teaching solid fundamentals of her instruments while finding the unique musical passions, talents and motivations of all her students. This integrated approach has been successful in student retention over the years. Many of Lynda™s students have stayed in her studio for 5 years or more and made music a part of their life long journey.

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Teacher's Studio

Lynda is great with my daughter. She made everything comfortable and easy

Posted Dec 14, 2016
Teacher's Studio

Karina's words were "that was so fun".

Posted Sep 7, 2016
Teacher's Studio

She was awesome! She made me feel at home. I was nervous to start this but I'm glad that I did. Thank you, Lynda!

Posted Jul 6, 2016
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Sound, Voice and Music Healing Certificate
Sep 2010 - Jun 2011
California Institute of Integral Studies
Stanford Jazz Workshop
Jul 2008 - Jul 2008
Stanford University
BS Recording Arts
Jul 1999 - Sep 2000
Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts
BM Music/Business
Sep 1994 - May 1998
DePauw Unversity
Music Together Instructor
Sep 2013
Music Together, LLC
Trained in early childhood music development program

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This teacher is not currently accepting students