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Piano with Lori H.

Denver, Colorado

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Teaches online
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Age: 5+
Speaks French
Teaching since 1977
Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance
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Broaden your Piano Skills with Advanced Lessons from a Certified Pro

With more than 35 years professional experience both performing and teaching, I understand what it takes to become comfortable and confident at the keyboard while having fun along the way. Every student has unique goals and abilities and I love matching their special talents to the methods and techniques that will help them feel successful and develop their love and appreciation for music.

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Teaches Online
Teaches Online

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About Lori H.

I have been a working professional pianist and instructor for 40+ years. After graduating from DU Magna Cum Laude with my degree in Piano Performance I began working professionally in the Denver area. I have performed as soloist with the Denver Symphony (now the Colorado Symphony), worked as primary coach/accompanist with Opera Colorado for more than 25 years, and have worked with a large variety of Colorado and international musicians and performing groups. I have coached every level from beginning students to international artists and enjoy customizing every session to the unique talents and tastes of the individual student. Music should be fun - let's have fun learning together!

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16 Reviews
Lori is awesome. She had helped me work on my technique and my confidence. I really recommend her for all levels, as she is able to tailor instruction to your needs and will support you in achieving your goals!
Posted Dec 21, 2021