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Loren delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Females 18 to 35, males 18 to 25 and special needs

Teaching since:
June 2014

Hello there! So happy you found me amidst all the talented voice teachers of TakeLessons!

So what do I offer that is different, completely unique and stands out from the crowd— makes you jump for joy at the excitement of learning with me!?

Well, I go about things a little differently than most.. and by a little I mean A LOT. For starters I see each individual voice (spoken and sung) as the voice of your soul aching to be sung at full capacity.
Wanting to break free in its own unique truth and beauty. Connecting with your soul is the source to vocal delivery that captivates and moves you and your audience.

But our souls dwell within our physical body’s, right? So they can only sing as well as our hearts, minds, and body’s allow them to! If you’ve got doubts & insecurities in your mind/or an ego driven “all about me fame and money” attitude, we’ll clear those blockages up and fill you with some genuine confidence and positive self-empowerment. You’ve got a broken heart, we’ll mend it by releasing your emotions through song and filling it with some love. You’ve got physical addictions or supposed physical limitations— nonsense we’ll address those ailments and heal them with the power of your voice. The power that you reclaim when you sing from a place that is connected to who you truly are. Whatever you think is the good, bad and the ugly about you— come as you are and be open to putting that into the power of your voice, freeing all that you think holds you back or makes you less of a person.

Yes we cover logistics. You’re going to have vocal warm ups, you’re going to be doing breathing exercises, you’ll know how to control your diaphragm and enhance the quality of your voice through facial expression, posture, proper mouth movement and pronunciation— all basic groundwork that will be covered. But we’ll go beyond that as well. Because you can have the “BEST” sounding singer out there, but you just don’t feel it totally when they sing. There’s something artificial or platonic, mechanical almost. We don’t want that. We want the whole person you are, the whole package— physically, soulfully, mindfully, heart-fully. That’s the kind of voices what the world needs to hear. So if that’s the kind of singer you wish to be, you’re not doing this to seek out societal delusions of fame and money but because you care about having a full-body-soul-heart-mind experience of singing, and sharing that as a gift to yourself and others to make the world shine brighter with your powerful fully engaged voice?! Then lets do this.

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Chrissy Jan 2, 2017
Singing · Online

I absolutely adore my lessons! I feel confident that I'm learning what I need to to become a better singer and songwriter. Her skills are great and she puts in the time and energy to give me warm ups and recordings to practice. She has patience with me and is compassionate and reliable. I would highly recommend taking lessons from her. Total sweetheart!

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Andrew Dec 27, 2016
Singing · Online

Loren genuinely allows you to not only open up your voice but your heart. She can easily pin point not only physically but psychologically what blocks you have to singing at your highest potential. She focuses a lot on breathing and physical posture, teaching you that singing is a full-body experience. I highly recommend her if you are new to singing or a professional. She definitely can relate to you wherever you are and want to go on your singing journey.

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