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L'Marco Smith

L'Marco S.

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I am not just a teacher, having the experience of successfully launching a solo career in the pop markets and working with some of the best in the industry! Thus, not only do I give instruction on basic and intermediate singing technique(s), I also focuses heavily on the performance aspect of music.

"There is nothing greater to witness on stage, than a singer who both has the talent and the ability to captivate their audience's full attention." - L. S.

I studied for 5 years at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSU, Long Beach. I studied everything from Classical to Jazz, so I'm knowledgeable on how to yield results in various genres. My musical education, however, dates far before my collegiate career, offering assurance to my students that they will, indeed, get the most from their lessons: the Ability, the Finesse (sharpening of their natural talent), and the Confidence (which is one of the most vital elements of performance).

*** Lesson Details ***
I have a very unique teaching style most would say. I'm very real, honest, upfront, and approachable. My feedback is constructive and insightful. I focus on technical singing, initially, to really establish a solid foundation for musicality and health longevity, then as progression is made, I put emphasis on performance methods. Throughout my lessons, confidence building is my main focus! Most of my students can attest that if the work is put in, the best results are put out! I teach many genres: Classical, Pop/R&B, Rock, Country, and Musical Theatre!

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*** Specialties ***
Overcoming stage fright, Proper technique of vocalizing

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Jason Yang Oct 16, 2015
Singing · In home

Excellent teacher, I just took a few classes with him, and I already feel like my singing has tremendously approved.

Marcia H. May 12, 2014
Singing ·


L'Marco is providing my 8 year old son more than what I thought. He's teaching the things that go along with singing and the words and definition as well as having exams so he will really know what they mean. Diction, posture, diaghragm,larynax, glissando (?). He's teaching him pitch, performance and stage presence. Because of L'Marco and his wonderful teachings my son has song the lead to a song in church which he was very afraid before. Now he has many request to lead solos and perform at 2 separate banquets this year (2014). Several of my friends want to utilize L;Marco for their children... NO NO he's all mine. lol

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Sarah M. Jan 24, 2013
Singing ·

L'Marco shares his soul/power through teaching!

I've been studying under L'Marco Smith for almost a year and can say not only has my singing ability improved but my confidence in myself and my voice as well. Not only does he focus on technique but is passionate about instilling the idea that music is all about the intention and message you want to leave your audience. I tend to put stress and pressure on myself being such a serious artist constantly looking for perfection but L'Marco has been there time after time reminding me with his enthusiasm, humor and supportive outlook to enjoy the journey. He has taught me to make bold mistakes, know you have been given a gift to share, and take responsibility don't be ashamed of your voice. I've never met such a teacher who would kill to see you succeed the way he does. I know working with him, I am becoming the confident/power/successful/artist I've always dreamed I could be.

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Vocal performance
Aug 2005 - May 2010

Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

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