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Linda C.
Littleton, Colorado
Sing your heart out! 20+ years experience with all levels.
Your voice is unique to you and I'd like to help you make it the best it can be. If you are at an intermediate or advanced level, please know that my background includes 3 degrees, performance experience, and 20+ years of teaching voice and drama coaching privately. If you are a beginner, please know that my philosophy about singing is that it is a natural expression and a joy center in our lives. I incorporate breathing technique, breath support, resonance, and musical skills to help you build a dynamic voice capable of amazing expression and strength. Opera and Art Songs require a great deal of control, flexibility, breath extension, and expression. I love working with these elements beyond the basics. It takes dedication and a true love of music and the art of singing to delve into these depths of exploration. Let's dive in, Divas & Divos!
About Linda C.

Welcome to my bio! This experience and variety of skills will help you to establish and strengthen your own vocal and performing skills. Your lessons will help you to create your foundation, find your true voice, and build momentum to follow your dreams. My students say that I have the knack of finding a way to describe what you need to do in a way that your mind and body can understand. I hold multiple degrees including Theater Performance, Voice Performance, and Music Education. Over the years I have: *Prepared voices for careers in classical voice and opera *Coached those in the Dinner Theater Circuit *Primed and honed audition pieces for both hopefuls and veterans in theater *Assisted those in Jazz, Country, and Rock bands to strengthen and keep their voices *Worked privately with high school and college students to prepare for auditions, school productions, jazz and select choirs, All-State choirs, and School of the Arts auditions *Taught general music and choir as a certified teacher in the public schools *Served as a guest speaker and workshop artist for performing organizations *Directed church and community choirs, including a large senior choir and a childrens' chorale *Continued with professional singing, performing in a variety of concert, special occasion, band, and musical theater venues. No matter what your background and goals are, all of these experiences combine to create a professional and supportive environment for you.

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