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Vocal Training with Kylan C.

Austin, Texas

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Teaches online
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All ages
Speaks English
Teaching since 2018
Liberal Arts Degree

    Build and Improve Your Voice with a Professional Singer and Performer

    I took many singing lessons as a kid, and one thing that I took away was comfortability. Getting to know what a student, or you, are comfortable with is always so important if not one of the most valued things when it comes to a student-teacher relationship. Especially when learning how to sing, it can be nerve-wracking or seem embarrassing to sing in front of a stranger, but when you've done it a million times (like me), you learn ways to make things slightly easier on everyone. We will be going out of our comfort zones, that's how we learn, but I work on creating a relationship of trust, I'm not here to make you feel embarrassed or ridiculous, I'm here to help you grow as a vocalist. The lesson revolves around how you learn, not how I teach. Open communication is always encouraged, for example, if I'm talking about something you don't understand, tell me to back up! I am always willing to break things down and try to explain something in a way that makes sense to you.

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