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Kimberly delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 13+ and special needs

Teaching since:
January 2002

Kimberly Harrison, M.M. is owner of Singing For Your Soul voice studio, winner of "Best Voice Lessons" and "Best Performing Arts Business" in Santa Monica, CA for 2014 (awarded by two separate institutions). Considering the high number and caliber of voice studios in Santa Monica, this is quite an honor! Learn more at www.SingingForYourSoul.com, Facebook.com/SingingForYourSoul, and http://www.yelp.com/biz/singing-for-your-soul-santa-monica.

An accomplished musician, singer, and music educator, Kimberly's career spans the gamut of classical, pop, musical theater, Medieval, Renaissance, and world music styles.

Kimberly’s holistic approach helps free the voice in singing, speaking, and life. She understands how revealing and scary vocal work can feel, and also how incredibly empowering. She approaches the voice as mind/body/spirit, helping clients build solid vocal technique, and, as needed, addressing stress, emotional challenges, breathing, posture, and unnecessary tension.

Easy going, playful, and always gentle, Kimberly creates a safe space that’s appreciated by all, especially beginners or those struggling with anxiety.

Clients say things like: “Kimberly is a genius,” “Saved my voice,” “Took my voice to a whole new level,” “My singing, speaking, and whole life have improved,” and “LOVE you Kimberly!”

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Pro Voice Teacher
Jan 2012 - Present
Lauri’s List Premier Community for S.Cal. Vocal Pros

A consortium of top professional singers and voice coaches in Los Angeles, CA.

Artist's Way Facilitator
Jan 2012 - Present
Singing For Your Soul

Facilitator of Artist's Way Workshops, in which participants explore their relationship with creativity, free themselves of blocks that hold them back from full self-expression, and learn to bring more richness and creativity into their daily lives. For people from all walks of life.

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Nov 2006 - Present
Singing For Your Soul Voice Studio

Singing For Your Soul is a number of things. 1. It’s my holistic voice practice, where I assist clients in finding and freeing their authentic voices. 2. It’s how you feel when when your voice and presence express who you really are ~ your soul sings! 3. It’s how I personally strive to sing, perform, teach, and live and 4. It’s a community of people who are pursuing lives in which our souls soar and sing. If you feel called, join us!

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Workshop Leader
Nov 2006 - Present
Singing For Your Soul

Facilitator and producer of numerous workshops and retreats, including Vocal Power Retreat, Find and Free Your Authentic Voice, Radiant Performance Bootcamp, Overcoming Anxiety, student recitals, holistic health workshops, and more.

Voice Teacher
Feb 2008 - Sep 2014
Lori Moran Music

A consortium of top singers and professional music instructors in Los Angeles.

Voice and Piano Instructor
Oct 2008 - Sep 2011
South Pasadena Music Conservatory

Voice and piano instructor for all ages and levels.

GTA Music History and Music Theory
Aug 2004 - Jun 2006
Lamont School of Music

Graduate teaching assistant for music history and music theory classes at Lamont Music Conservatory.

Associate Voice Teacher
Jan 2004 - Jun 2006
Steve Spencer Music

Associate voice teacher for a top Denver, CO music studio.


Masters of Music in Vocal Performance
Aug 2003 - Jun 2006
Lamont School of Music
Bachelor of Music
Aug 1996 - Jun 2000
College of the Holy Cross


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin - not fluent, but excellent diction coach in these languages
Limited Proficiency


Breatheology Certified
May 2015

In-depth training in the science and application of numerous advanced breathing techniques for enhanced physical and mental well-being. The course was created by Stig Severinsen, Founder of Breatheology, Author, PhD in Medicine & 4x Freediving World Champion.

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CPR Certification
Apr 2015
CNT Training, Ann Arbor, MI

Posture Enhancement Coach
May 2013
B3 Equation

Granted through one year of personal training studies with movement & posture coach Brian Glaspy, champion body builder, dancer & trainer.

Program Graduate
May 2012
The Mastery of Self-Expression

An intensive 3-day personal development seminar designed to help participants dig deeply, move through emotional blocks, and fully open to their authentically expressed selves. The course was created and led by Dan Fauci, founder of The Actors Institute and producer of the hit T.V. series "Frasier."

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Best Voice Lessons in Santa Monica, CA
Apr 2015
Santa Monica Business Recognition
Best Performing Arts Business in Santa Monica, CA
Jan 2015
Best Businesses
Brooks Music Scholarship
Aug 1996
College of the Holy Cross
Music Teachers Association Scholarship
Jun 1996
Music Teachers Association


Broadcast Music Inc.
Mar 2011

One of three United States performing rights organizations, along with ASCAP and SESAC. It collects license fees on behalf of songwriters, composers, and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed. In FY 2013, BMI collected more than $944 million in licensing fees and distributed $814 million in royalties.

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National Association of Teachers of Singing
Feb 2010

Founded in 1944, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) is the largest professional association of teachers of singing in the world with more than 7,000 members worldwide.

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Welcome to Singing For Your Soul!
What Clients Say About Working With Kimberly
Releasing Jaw Tension
Releasing Tongue Tension
Kimberly is learning harp!

Voice class at the Santa Monica studio

Goofy post-recital pic - Venice, CA

Student Performance

Working in voice class
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Nikki C. Jun 18, 2015
Vocal Training ·

I love Kimberly, and there’s no way you couldn’t. She has taught me a new way of seeing things, expressing myself, and even feeling, that’s brought a new perspective on the world that is so uplifting. Since day one my voice has grown and still continues to. I’ve learned wonderful approaches to breathing and vocal strengthening. With the tools she teaches not only comes an advanced voice, but in-depth knowledge of voice and sound, history, extreme confidence, and so much fun.

I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone, either advanced or just starting out. I really can’t say enough about her – she’s an amazing artist, teacher, friend, guru & the cutest darn thing to laugh with. Truly an hour never feels like enough time. So, FYI: If you’re looking for a voice coach and came upon her name, then congratulations, because you’ve just struck gold.

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Mel F. Jun 12, 2015
Vocal Training · Online

I've been singing for as long as I can remember. What I didn't know until last year is that I've had PTSD for nearly that long. And what I also didn't know ... was that my PTSD was affecting my singing. It's honestly been a toss-up whether singing has been cathartic or stressful for me, whether I've been proud or ashamed of my own voice. Given that I sing at numerous gatherings and have been encouraged to record an album, I figure I should love what I put out there as much as everyone else seems to before I take that kind of step. And so, I've been taking lessons with Kimberly, who's helping me to rewrite my own song, or rather to unpack those fears and beliefs and thought processes that've been dragging me down, not only as a vocalist but as an individual. That's the thing about singing. You can apply so much about singing to life at large--more, in fact, than I ever thought possible--and of course, the reverse is true. As such, it's important to find resonance in both, which I believe may be a lifelong, evolutionary process. I'm so grateful to Kimberly for her patience, compassion, wisdom, knowledge of PTSD, and friendship as I embark on this leg of my journey. She has a gentle heart and vivacious spirit, possesses excellent command of her expertise, and loves and works with you wherever you are. I'd recommend her to anyone, hands-down.

I work with Kimberly via Skype. And even though I'm blind and can't see her onscreen, we still get a LOT done. If anything, we have to communicate even more effectively when she's teaching me a new warmup or breathing technique, in order to compensate for the fact that she can't show me things such as posture hand over hand. Together we come up with a lot of analogies that we can both understand and that might be applicable to others in future. We bond by sharing words, thoughts, and feelings, and when I work with her, I feel like I'm spending time with a friend. If you feel concerned about working online with a music teacher, I encourage you to give it a try. If you feel that undeniable connection with a teacher, then that's the person you're meant to work with, and now technology makes that possible!

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Elena P. Jun 4, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio

Three years ago I looked online for a singing teacher. I was excited about some songs I had written and was getting ready to record them for the first time. I was basically self-taught, so I wasn't sure if I had good technique etc. I was hoping with singing lessons I could reach another level.

I was fortunate to find vocal expert Kimberly Harrison. A talented singer/musician, an intuitive teacher, and a wonderful human being; Kimberly has the unique perspective of an empathetic artist. She can easily place herself in her students' shoes at any singing stage they happen to be in. She then creates a joyful, comfortable space to learn, with her refreshing humor and open mind/heart.

Her expertise allowed me to fill in the gaps. Her belting exercises strengthened my vocal chords so by the time I got to the studio I had better control and felt more confident. Good classes do make a big difference. My songwriting project is now an original band... we just finished recording another album.

Kimberly was recently notified by Best Businesses that Singing For Your Soul was awarded Best Performing Arts Business in Santa Monica for 2014! I'm not surprised!

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Michael G. Jun 1, 2015
Vocal Training · Online

I am so fortunate to have found Kimberly in my quest to learn how to sing.

Kimberly is everything you would expect from an experienced voice coach, and much much more.

First and foremost, she is an excellent educator. Kimberly believes that one must understand the inner workings of the voice, in order to truly unlock one's singing potential. By using creative analogies, descriptive imagery, and unique metaphors,
Kimberly is able to demystify even the most elusive vocal techniques. It is evident that she is both an experienced instructor and talented singer.

In addition to having a talent for teaching, Kimberly possesses a vital skills that many educators do not: providing feedback. Singing is vulnerable, and the wrong style of feedback could damage a person's confidence for good. From day one, Kimberly aims to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which there are no mistakes - simply vocal experimentation. Being in the comfort of my home, I am able to stretch the limits of my comfort zone while incorporating Kimberly's
positive encouragement. After each lesson, I feel empowered, confident, and proud of my accomplishments.

Kimberly is an experienced educator, a talented coach, and most of all a caring person. She truly cares about the progress of her students, ensuring that each lesson is personalized to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual.
Most importantly, she strives to make every lesson extremely enjoyable for her student. Singing is fun, and I had never held that perspective until working with Kimberly.

I have been taking lessons from Kimberly since the beginning of 2015 and it has truly been one of the BEST investments I have made for myself!

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Mona M. May 31, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio

Kimberly is not only a fabulous singing coach, she embeds in you a zest for life, opens your spirit to more of what you are looking for, and packages the session up in such a professional and loving way. She truly helps you with whatever you are looking for in voice lessons. Not only did she satisfy, above and beyond, my singing -as as - hobby goals, she intuitively helped me actualize a sense of confidence and freedom to make my voice matter in the world around me.

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Rowan S. May 29, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio

Kimberly is a shining jewel in so many ways: beautiful ethereal voice and powerful at the same time, lovely presence, graceful creator of musical community with her students, friends and colleagues, in a beautiful environment. Your voice and therefore your essence will emerge quickly in a well-rounded environment of support, technically as well as metaphysically. Your ears will learn the art of listening.

As a musical colleague, Kimberly is fluid and spontaneous, responding internally in dialog and improvisation. Singing and playing a second instrument is a rare skill, and Kimberly's musicality and ability to improvise simultaneously with her voice and string instruments is stellar.

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Chris M. May 28, 2015
Vocal Training · Online

Kimberly is awesome! She is very accepting and made me feel comfortable exploring my voice which can be a scary thing. She is great at evaluating where you are at and tailoring the lesson to meet your needs. I was really surprised at how much I learned in my first lesson!

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Maggie K. May 28, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio

Kimberly is an amazing human. She's calm, kind, welcoming and FUN! Best of all, Kimberly puts comfort first and makes sure everyone feels safe and secure. Singing can be nerve-wracking, so it's important to be with someone that makes you comfortable.

Kimberly taught me how to trust my voice and push it into a wider vocal range. Since taking her lessons, I'm keen to the specifics of utilizing your voice as a tool and using her guidelines for practicing and building my singing abilities. Training with her gave me a ton of confidence for performing - before I only sang by myself. Now I sing all the time AND in front of people!

Try a lesson with Kimberly, you won't regret it! In fact, I bet you'll be hooked on your newfound sound! 5 stars! :)

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Caitlin H. May 28, 2015
Vocal Training · Online

Singing For Your Soul is the perfect name for what Kimberly is and
does. Not only will you leave a lesson with new vocal tricks, tips,
and techniques, your soul will feel incredibly bright and uplifted.
Kimberly's kind, gentle, and always fun approach is great for both the
novice and the advanced singer. Perhaps best of all, Kimberly is open
to teaching you what YOU want to learn. If something is stressful or
not working, you leave it, work on something else, and come back to it
when and if you're ready. I've worked with several voice coaches, but
Kimberly is certainly in a superior class by herself!

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Peter S. May 28, 2015
Vocal Training · In home

I've sung in bands. I've sung in choirs. I've sung opera professionally. I've had a few teachers. Kimberly is the best. She takes personality into account and urges me forward in a way that makes me feel better about my voice and about myself.
Kimberly tries a number of different paths until she finds the one that works for the individual.
On top of all of that, spending an hour with Kimberly is what I can only hope is what heaven is.
Thank you, Kimberly. You are wonderful

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Timothy L. May 28, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio

I worked with Kimberly for about 5 months last year. She was my first private voice teacher and I loved the entire experience. Kimberly is an amazing teacher, very patient and knowledgeable about how the voice works. I learned a lot about the science of singing and what to do when applying it to songs. Highly recommend learning from her, you won't be disappointed.

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Nori T. May 28, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio

Whether you are a professional singer or just an enthusiast like me, if you are interested in voice lessons, I highly recommend Kimberly. I have taken several lessons from Kimberly and she's awesome! Besides being a very nice person, Kimberly has excellent credentials and experience and is an extremely professional, supportive and present teacher who will give you lots of tools and exercises and encouragement to focus on you and your goals. I was interested in songwriting for fun and I am not someone who was gifted with a beautiful or even good singing voice, but with Kimberly's guidance I was able to improve quite a bit and feel confident to pursue my creative endeavors. And also feel comfortable with her to actually sing in front of someone which I could never do before! Besides being relaxing and fun, our sessions also improved my speaking and communication skills and breathing as well. And her teachings continue to be of great value to me - I go back to our lessons, exercises and information she shared with me all the time (and love getting her email blasts, too). I'm looking forward to taking more lessons from her online now. It really is an enriching experience to work with her.

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Ivan D. May 28, 2015
Vocal Training · Online


- Extremely knowledgable, skilled, and caring teacher that helps you see fast results
- Adapts to your learning style, makes class a fun and low pressure atmosphere
- Offers Skype lessons that are just like being in the studio

I've been taking Skype lessons from Kimberly for a couple months, and she is phenomenal. The idea of doing video chat lessons seemed strange to me, but she had such good Yelp reviews, I figured it was worth a shot. I'm glad I did - she definitely lives up to the hype, and we're able to hear each other clearly, almost as if we're in the same room (technology is amazing).

Kimberly is fantastic at adapting to your skill level and tempo, which is something that's quite important to me... I've had some less-than-stellar experiences with teachers in the past that took a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching music. Homie don't play that. I think music is something that's very personal, and it takes a strong teacher to stay focused on the individuals needs and not fall into autopilot.

Kimberly is one of the rare few; she really cares about your improvement. She adds an element of depth and spirit to each class, which she begins with an (optional) guided meditation to aid connection and presence. She also keeps it fun and light, and is great at helping you comfortably work through stage fright issues. Before the first class was over I had many of my misconceptions about the voice cleared up, a handful of quick remedies that instantly improved some of my singing and breath issues, and some great exercises to improve my strength, range, and confidence. I "walk" out of each class excited to practice, and I notice big improvements on the weekly.

Thank you Kimberly!

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