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Kenneth S.

North Bergen, New Jersey
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Kenneth S.

North Bergen, New Jersey
I am a former amateur Boxing champion, who won the Empire State Games, and finished in the finals of the golden Gloves 3 times. a professional fighter and personal body guard for Mohammad Ali and Iron Mike Tyson as well as many celebrities, Like Johnny Deep. Robert DeNiro, Ed Harris, Leonardo DiCaprio Madonna, Christopher Walken, John Casablancas, Sean Penn, Chris Penn, Charles Durning, Kathleen Turner, Eric Roberts, Ray Liotta, and many others. I train women in the art of self protection as well as in the art of the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, or as you know it boxing! I train men and young boys in the skills of boxing, but have found that women and young ladies are more serious about training and discipline than most males are. I train a persons psyche as much as I train their bodies to endure pain and conditioning, so that under duress their bodies reactions are instinctive and happen naturally. To train with myself is an experience in itself, my knowledge is of wisdom, and your body is like water, ever changing to the environment that surrounds it adapting and going with the flow of humanity. I train the mind witch is stronger then steel, build you confidence to take on any challenge and fear nothing.
About Kenneth S.

Hello, Students I train a person to fear nothing, no man or women. I train the body and mind. If you are out of shape you soon will not be, if you have no friends soon people will be attracted to your presence, your strength and leadership qualities will shine through, you will then be able to choose who is around you and in your space. You will see that most people you wanted as friends are not worthy of your valuable time and space. The lessons of boxing also teaches you lessons in every form of life. I will teach you wisdom, a very special treasure indeed. I dont have time to waste on people being forced into training or those who are not serious. I am a former Marine and read people very well, I wont waste your time and you should not try and waste mine. Be wiling to work hard, very hard and to let your mind be educated, and your body to grow. Discipline, self control is everything, without it you are nothing.

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Teacher's Studio
73rd st. North Bergen nj
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Student's Home

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