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Kayla delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:
June 2009

For the past 7 years, I have taught students in classical voice, musical theater, piano, and music theory and ear training. I am happy to accept students of all ages, levels, and interests. I graduated with my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from San Diego State University, and am currently pursuing my Masters in Vocal Pedagogy (the study of teaching voice) at New England Conservatory in Boston. I am a member of the National Association of Teacher of Singing (NATS). As a classically trained musician, I perform as a concert soloist, opera singer, and a choral singer. Although my true love is opera, I have performed multiple solo art song recitals as well. I have performed in both musical theater and opera productions, with roles including Suor Genovieffa from Puccini’s Suor Angelica, Mother from Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors, and Spirit from Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

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Music Teacher
Jun 2013 - Present

Music Director
Jan 2014 - Nov 2016
Folklore Guild

Assistant Music Director
Jan 2012 - Oct 2016
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Director of Development and Education
Mar 2013 - Apr 2015
Bach Collegium San Diego

Chorus Member
Mar 2014 - Apr 2014
San Diego Opera


Master of Music - Vocal Pedagogy
Dec 2016 - Present
New England Conservatory
Bachelor of Music- Vocal Performance
Aug 2008 - Dec 2013
San Diego State University


Professional Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Professional Proficiency


Italian Language Proficiency
Jul 2012
Centro Studi Italiano (Urbania, Italy)


First Place
Apr 2014
National Association of Teachers of Singing


National Association of Teachers of Singing
Jun 2013

Founded in 1944, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) is the largest professional association of teachers of singing in the world with more than 7,000 members worldwide.

Photos & Videos

Photo by Kayla G.
Ruhe, Meine Seele! by Richard Strauss
This rather metaphysical poem by W. J. Wellock is set by Mr. Chambers as a study of 4ths. The quartet of singers selected from the SDSU Chamber Singers are part of a recording project led by Dr. Patrick Walders, Director of Choral Studies at San Diego State University. Scores are available at choralcompositions.com
Photo by Kayla G.

Photo by Kayla G.

Photo by Kayla G.
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Mark J. Nov 28, 2016
Singing · In studio

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kayla for a year, before moving for work. I started voice lessons because, quite frankly, I was tired of being embarrassed to sing. Within one month I was sounding better than I would have thought possible. Kayla is an exceptional teacher and in addition to the fun of learning how to tap into my own instrument, it’s also quite engaging to see her mastery of teaching. She can easily explain concepts several different ways in all the learning style until the concept clicks for you. Her passion for her students’ progress is infectious. She is also genuinely interested fostering an ability to be a self-sufficient musician. She periodically spends time teaching you how to critique yourself and how to find new pieces without assistance. She is also always pointing out other opportunities and avenues to enjoy singing and to seek improvements. She is great at keeping lessons at your ability level. I always left lessons feeling that I had learned all the material I could have possibly learned in the allotted time. Furthermore, she organizes her lessons in such a way that your practice for the following week naturally follows and she always closes lesson by explicitly stating the goals that you should reach for in your subsequent practice. Thanks to her coaching, I learned that good singing isn’t about talent, it’s about technique and technique can always be learned. I learned to be comfortable with my voice. I really like the way I sound (which had never been true before), and even when I mess up singing something beyond my skill level, I’m still comfortable with myself because I know that it’s just a technique I haven’t mastered yet and the only thing that’s keeping me from mastering it is instruction and practice. I would give Kayla my highest recommendation to anyone who asked.

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Karen M. May 13, 2016
Singing · In home

This is more or less an update of my old review.
Kayla obviously cares about her students. She drives me to do my best, and reminds me that its okay to make mistakes. She covers all aspects of performing, from auditions to the various insecurities of performers. She also teaches you how to care for your instrument. Kayla is very encouraging and understanding. She is also very enthusiastic about her work.

These are the reasons I sing her praises to anyone looking for a voice teacher.

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Bethany K. May 2, 2015
Piano · In home

Meredith W. Nov 17, 2014
Singing · In studio

So happy with Kayla. She is working with my 12 yrs. old daughter and we have seen such improvements in her singing ability and her self-esteem!

Ann C. Oct 29, 2014
Singing · In studio

I should say Kayla has different teaching styles for different students depending on their abilities. I am 27 years old who sings without knowing how to read music whatsoever, so I was quite nervous when started. Being a non-English speaker made me even more nervous because I have been singing in Vietnamese my whole life. With Kayla's coaching, I am a lot more confident now even though it has only been a month. I am ready for the next step, learning proper singing techniques, after my fear for learning how to read music is now over thanks to Kayla.

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Karen M. Oct 16, 2014
Broadway Singing · In studio

I have been with Kayla for a few weeks now.
My experience is that she brings an enthusiasm to every lesson. She is very good at spotting areas that need help [like theory-type areas] and she is very patient, which as a person on the autistic spectrum, is something that I find to be invaluable.

She is very good about being flexible with lesson times. I come in, I may not be feeling as excited about the lesson, but when I leave, her enthusiasm stays with me for at least a few days! :D I cannot say enough good things about her.

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Suzanne H. Oct 1, 2014
Singing · In studio

Kayla has been amazing with my 11 year old daughter thus far. We have been working with her for about 6 weeks, and I can see such an improvement in my daughter's poise, confidence and understanding of her abilities as well as improved vocal ability. As a parent I especially appreciate Kayla's concern for the health and longevity of my child's voice. She also has a very easy way about her that allows her to connect well with my daughter. I would feel most confident in recommending her as a vocal instructor for other children.

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Anne P. Aug 24, 2014
Singing · In studio

Within taking 3 lessons I have learned how to project my voice through breathing and I have gained more confidence in my signing. Kayla has taught me how to control my range. I had picked Imagine as one of my songs to sing. She helped me to express my passion while I sang, in other words to pt more feeling into it.

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Stephan B. May 23, 2014
Singing · In studio

In the short time that I've been working with Kayla my singing has improved tremendously. From simply learning how to breathe properly; to focusing on the shape of my mouth; to paying mind to what the words I'm singing mean to me as a artist/performer; and so many other things. Kayla taught me a great deal. I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon her. I recommend her highly.

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Shelby C. May 14, 2014

So Awesome

Both my boys take piano lessons with Kayla G. She is so patient and kind. She definitely enjoys music and I like how she also incorporates a little bit of singing into the boys lessons. :) She is extremely flexible and very approachable with questions and concerns. Overall, I feel Kayla is an awesome teacher for my boys and feel as though they have a love of music and for the piano! We Love Kayla G.

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Preston H. Jul 4, 2013
Singing ·

Passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgable. Best teacher ever!

Kayla taught me more about music and singing in three months than I learned in nine years of choral and a cappella experience! Her enthusiasm, ability to connect with students, phenomenal knowledge of music, and diverse teaching techniques equip her to teach and coach students of all ages.
Best of all, her devotion to the true spirit of music fuels her passion for singing and sharing the beauty of music! Whether a neophyte or an aged practitioner, Kayla will walk with and lead you on a journey of musical discovery.

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Celia N. Jul 4, 2013
Singing ·

She is a knowledgeable well rounded teacher due to her passion and enthusiasm for singing, her experience and flawless technical skills.

Ms. Gautereaux is more than qualified to coach and mentor voice. Her technical skills and knowledge of the subject are impeccable. She has been cultivating her talent since her early childhood and her academic as well as professional experience have placed her in a perfect environment to understand how to implement music theory in the most effective manner, and teach it, independent of the student's background in music. For example, I had never studied music before taking proper lessons with Ms. Gautereaux once a week. However, now I am learning to read music with minimum assistance under Ms. Gautereaux's instruction, I practice my piece on my own time and I'm experimenting with harmonies. That is something that I would have never achieved without her guidance. Her instruction has also made a difference in my ability to reach notes I once thought impossible, in my ability to project, and especially in helping me avoid straining my voice as I used to, when I was ignorant of the proper technique to sing. Furthermore, her teaching style transcends a lifeless methodological lesson in music. Because Singing is her passion, and she enjoys it so much she is fun to learn from. Finally, due to her experience as a competitive performer she has great practical advice and encouragement to offer to anyone who plans to pursue a career as a vocalist.

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