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Singing with Kait K.

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 5+
Speaks English, French
Teaching since 1997
Master Of Fine Arts - Musical Theatre

    Reach your fullest potential as a singer with me. My passion is helping you be your absolute best.

    My mission is to help students reach their fullest potential as singers and to build their confidence in the process. Lessons focus on each student as an individual and can encompass anything from vocal technique and song repertoire to audition coaching and even recording sessions to help the students with a project or to help them simply hear the subtleties in their voice more clearly as they train and grow. Vocal Technique covered includes: Range Building, Tone & Color, Vocal and Musical Dynamics, Diction, Releasing the Jaw, Opening Up the Sound, Body Conditioning For Singers and finally, Breath Support* *I teach breath support in a way most teachers do not. I help students gain strong abdominal muscles and teach them how to use them to sing with more power and control. Rather than releasing the belly (as most teachers recommend) I show students how to breathe into their backs and use all three lobes of the lungs (upper, middle, lower). This allows them to keep the abs strong and tight WHILE singing and breathing in. It also looks much better onstage ;) Mostly, it works! "The proof is in the pudding" as they say and the pudding is a strong capable vocal instrument from head to toe. I also teach Music Theory for singers and Solfege for those who wish to learn those two musical languages. Solfege is the "Do Re Mi" we all learned when watching The Sound of Music. I find these basic languages help a singer tremendously, especially when it comes to collaborating with other singers and musicians. Sofege is a fantastic way to learn intervals and to become versed in the many different modalities of melody and musical genres and styles. When a singer can accurately sing any interval, their pitch improves and their ear and these are fundamental to creating a voice that will be received as "professional" and "advanced" sounding. The other thing I love about teaching these two methods is that it is really fun and helping students really get a solid understanding of them is tremendously empowering! I also can provide Artist Mentoring to interested students. I can help singers determine what style(s) of music they are most gifted at and then help them find song material that will help them really shine. For singers who write their own songs, I have about 20+ years experience as a singer-songwriter myself and can aid with that unique and artistic journey into finding both your voice and your "voice."

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    Teaches Online
    Teaches Online

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