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Kait K.

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Reach your fullest potential as a singer with me. My passion is helping you be your absolute best.

My mission is to help students reach their fullest potential as singers and to build their confidence in the process. Lessons focus on each student as an individual and can encompass anything from vocal technique and song repertoire to audition coaching and even recording sessions to help the students with a project or to help them simply hear the subtleties in their voice more clearly as they train and grow. Vocal Technique covered includes: Range Building, Tone & Color, Vocal and Musical Dynamics, Diction, Releasing the Jaw, Opening Up the Sound, Body Conditioning For Singers and finally, Breath Support* *I teach breath support in a way most teachers do not. I help students gain strong abdominal muscles and teach them how to use them to sing with more power and control. Rather than releasing the belly (as most teachers recommend) I show students how to breathe into their backs and use all three lobes of the lungs (upper, middle, lower). This allows them to keep the abs strong and tight WHILE singing and breathing in. It also looks much better onstage ;) Mostly, it works! "The proof is in the pudding" as they say and the pudding is a strong capable vocal instrument from head to toe. I also teach Music Theory for singers and Solfege for those who wish to learn those two musical languages. Solfege is the "Do Re Mi" we all learned when watching The Sound of Music. I find these basic languages help a singer tremendously, especially when it comes to collaborating with other singers and musicians. Sofege is a fantastic way to learn intervals and to become versed in the many different modalities of melody and musical genres and styles. When a singer can accurately sing any interval, their pitch improves and their ear and these are fundamental to creating a voice that will be received as "professional" and "advanced" sounding. The other thing I love about teaching these two methods is that it is really fun and helping students really get a solid understanding of them is tremendously empowering! I also can provide Artist Mentoring to interested students. I can help singers determine what style(s) of music they are most gifted at and then help them find song material that will help them really shine. For singers who write their own songs, I have about 20+ years experience as a singer-songwriter myself and can aid with that unique and artistic journey into finding both your voice and your "voice."
About Kait K.

Kait K. has been coaching singers of all ages and abilities since 1997. "Every singer has stumbling blocks. It is my passion to help them identify those, understand them and then move past them. Singers are complex people with complex instruments, and no matter what our expertise level, the desire to sing is something to be protected and nurtured. I value fun, honesty and true comprehension in the singing studio. I find those three things, meshed always with a sense of discipline and playfulness, are the keys to helping singers unlock and develop what makes them unique artists with something to say." She has taught in public and private schools, colleges and universities and privately in San Diego & Los Angeles, CA and Salt Lake City, UT. She has owned and operated her own studio since 1997. As a teacher, Kait's focus with each student is to help them understand both the anatomy and health of their vocal instrument and to help them tap into their very best sound in an engaging and fun way. Professionally as a singer, Kait has headlined her own blues band in Los Angeles and sung in several cover bands. Kait was also the lead singer and co-songwriter for the band Light Vizion and co-produced the band's debut album "Looking For An Angel" and can be heard as the solo vocalist on the album "True North" by Tristan Moore. She is currently a freelance vocalist in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has sung lead and solo in a large variety of venues, including Capitol Theatre, Abravanel Hall, Rose Wagner (Jeanne Wagner Stage) and several local clubs and restaurants as well as festivals and outdoor concerts including the annual Pride Festival, Millcreek Venture Out Festival, Avenue's Street Fair and the Brown Bag Concert Series and several fundraisers. While in Los Angeles, Kait performed in numerous clubs and blues music venues, including The Brown Derby, The Blue Cafe and BB Kings in Hollywood. She has also worked as a professional singer for several years in the Los Angeles Music Industry where she performed in several bands and worked as an in demand "session" singer (someone people hire to come in and quickly record vocals for various professional and experimental projects). Kait's education as a singing performer includes a B.F.A. from the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah, an M.F.A. in Musical Theatre Performance from San Diego State University plus 5 years post-grad study in Los Angeles training in voice with world master voice teacher, Edward Sayegh. In 2004 Kait returned to her roots in Salt Lake City, UT to continue both her singing and teaching career. She continues to direct The Performer Studio, a non-profit school for singers, as well as write, arrange and record as a freelance singer, and has appeared as the featured vocalist with groups like Children's Dance Theatre and Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company as well as other local blues and rock bands. Kait: “As a teacher, my goal with each student is to help them to become the very best they can be as singing performers. But in addition, I aim to lift their spirit during the time they spend with me, so that when they leave their lesson, after the work they've done, they feel better, more inspired, more empowered and more confident and driven than they did before their lesson. Watching my students evolve as both artists and people is why I love what I do. I have the honor of watching them find themselves through music while they build truly lifelong friendships with the performing peers they meet in the classes and performances they participate in here...they end up finding some of their 'kindred spirits' in life here, and that is something that is priceless as an artist."

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Master Of Fine Arts - Musical Theatre

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Teaches Online

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Teacher's studio

If you want a music instructor who can guide you through the mysteries and joys of playing music, go to Kait Kingston. I sought her expertise for Chromatic harmonica. She quickly and painlessly explained the complexities of the instrument and had me playing songs within a few lessons. Kait is a fine music instructor and a pleasant and interesting person. If you are an aspiring musician, do yourself a favor and call Kait. If you want a music instructor who can guide you through the mysteries and joys of playing music, go to Kait Kingston. I sought her expertise for Chromatic harmonica. She quickly and painlessly explained the complexities of the instrument and had me playing songs within a few lessons. Kait is a fine music instructor and a pleasant and interesting person. If you are an aspiring musician, do yourself a favor and call Kait.

Posted May 6, 2023
Teacher's studio

Super first lesson! Off to a fab start.

Posted Apr 14, 2023
Teacher's studio

amazing 1st lesson and cannot wait for 2nd.

Posted Feb 12, 2023
Live & Session Singer (Lead & Backing Vocals)
Nov 1999 - Present
Kait worked for 5 years in the Los Angeles music industry as an in-demand session singer. Her specialty was being able to bring out what the songwriter and/or engineer really was looking for in-studio and do so with great efficiency. She continues to freelance as both a session singer and live performer in Salt Lake City since moving back in 2004. She has recorded and performed with a variety of companies and artists and in a variety of venue sizes. From small festivals and clubs to Abravanel Hall, Rose Wagner and the Capitol Theatre, Kait has worked with companies such as Ririe-Woodbury Dance Co., Children's Dance Theatre, composer Tristan Moore among others.
Sep 1997 - Present
The Performer Studio
Kait directs approximately 7 concerts per year. Her specialty is helping singers showcase their absolute best on stage, best vocals, best storytelling, best movement. She has directed and produced 10 annual large scale artist tribute concerts in the Salt Lake area, from Michael Jackson to The Beatles, Pop, Rock, Broadway, Disney and more. Most recently, Kait directed A TRIBUTE TO BROADWAY. In JUNE OF 2019 she will be directing her 2nd MICHAEL JACKSON Tribute. She has also directed professional talent showcases and one-person cabaret shows in Los Angeles / Hollywood.
Voice and Performance Coach
Sep 1997 - Present
Salt Lake Singers Academy and The Performer Studio
Voice Instructor and Director of The Performer Studio (TPS), a non-profit school for singers. Since its inception in San Diego in 1997, Kait has moved TPS twice: first for 5 years in Los Angeles where Kait worked as a professional live, and session singer in the music industry. The second move was back to Kait's hometown, Salt Lake City where the studio has thrived since 2004. Kait has also taught voice and performance at San Diego State University, the University of Utah and Westminster College.
Audition Coach
Mar 1997 - Present
The Performer Studio, San Diego State University
Kait has helped numerous professional actors and singers "land the part" with her unique approach and techniques. She has worked with beginning performers all the way up through seasoned television stars to help them get the best out of themselves in different performance situations.
Acting Instructor
Sep 1997 - Jun 1999
San Diego State University
Kait taught Acting Two for Majors as well as Basic Acting for Non-Majors at San Diego State University, working with students on how to bring characters to life on stage using her developed thesis work on understanding the language of and clues in theatrical text.
Master Of Fine Arts - Musical Theatre
Sep 1996 - Jun 1999
San Diego State University
Bachelor Of Fine Arts - Theatre Acting
Sep 1992 - Jun 1996
University Of Utah - Actor Training Program
Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency
Post Graduate Professional Voice Study
Sep 2004
American Musical Theatre Workshop
While no official certification is awarded per se, Kait spent 5 years obtaining professional study with world renown voice teacher, Edward Sayegh in Los Angeles, CA. She was a top student of Mr. Sayegh's and was hired by him to direct high profile talent showcases of some of LA's top working singers. Kait studied and now teaches elements of The Sayegh/Garcia-Marchesi Tradition, a vocal training system which empowers singers to release their true voice, eliminate bad vocal habits and attain greatness as singers in whatever genre they prefer.
Marion Ross Scholar
Sep 1997
San Diego State University
Irene Ryan Award
Jun 1995
Kennedy Center For the Arts
May 2012
Broadcast Music Inc. was founded in 1939 by forward-thinkers who wanted to represent songwriters in emerging genres, like jazz, blues and country, and protect the public performances of their music. Operating on a non-profit-making basis, BMI is now the largest music rights organization in the U.S. and is still nurturing new talent and new music.
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
Jan 2010
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a membership association of more than 480,000 US composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. The ASCAP is committed to nurturing music makers throughout their careers.

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