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Chicago, IL

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John delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 4+

Teaching since:
September 2005


My name is John and I am a guitar instructor for Take Lessons. I have been teaching music lessons for over seven years. In addition to teaching at, I have my own music instruction company (Sklut and Weston School of Music), and I have taught at the Stafford Music Academy, The Chicago Guitar Academy, Vance Music, the CODA Academy. I have been playing guitar for over seventeen years, and began my private musical training under the instruction of my father (a PhD in Theory and Composition) at the age of four. I have extensive experience with writing, performing, and studio work, and have contributed to innumerable projects in the vein of popular music as a writer, performer, producer and engineer.

I get excited to see the passion for music harnessed in my students as they learn the principles of theory, technique, form/structure and performance. These principles are usually not limited to any style or genre (rather, they are mostly UNIVERSAL) which makes learning them extremely valuable empowering. In addition to these things, students of mine usually learn how to read and write music so that you can effectively communicate with other musicians!

Above all I am told by my students and their parents that my two biggest strengths as a teacher are:
- my passion for the music, and
- my unabated desire to see my students succeed.

I look forward to meeting you!


*** Lesson Details ***
Our lessons will be exciting and eye-opening! I do not stick to a particular curriculum because I believe that it is extremely important for each student to have their lessons tailored to their specific interests, goals, and personality.

Within 3 to 6 months you will be introduced to the basic concepts of music including melody, harmony (key, chords), and meter (time). You will learn how these concepts work to create music by studying and learning some of your favorite songs and tunes!

At first, technique mostly comes through one-on-one instruction and by simply getting comfortable with your instrument. However, as your skill develops we will begin to focus more on technique so that you can become the most efficient player possible!

You will also begin to develop your ear and will begin to learn how to critically listen to music. Within 3 to 6 months you may even begin to understand what is happening in a song you have never heard just by listening to it!

You should expect to invest in some educational material. This can include a book or books, a notebook, a metronome, etc. If you already have some of these materials, then great! If not, do not worry. We can discuss which materials you need as you develop a need for them.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living Room, chairs, music stands, amps, usually teaches acoustic especially for beginners, room for parents
Studio: recording studio

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will have my own guitar, music stand, blank staff paper and any personal instructional materials that I may use during the lesson. I will expect each student to provide their own guitar and pencil, and to purchase their own instructional books based on my recommendations and our discussions about what is the best teaching method for that particular student.

*** Specialties ***
I am a professional rock and roll, pop and folk guitarist, singer and writer who has expertise in rock and roll, the blues, and jazz guitar as well as classical, jazz and pop theory. In addition, I can teach classical guitar to beginner students.

I tailor my teaching methods and curricula specifically to each student, their interests and stated goals. Within the first few months of private lessons most students will see their technical skill improve dramatically, their ability to read music will become more fluid, and their ear (ability to critically listen to music and understand what is happening in the music) will begin to develop.

Most students will spend some time working out of books (though, which book(s) will be determined once each student, their parents, and I get a chance to discuss what is best for the student). In addition, we will work will drills, techniques and concepts that I have developed myself over several years of teaching, and will apply these concepts to popular songs, tunes, or pieces that the student wishes to learn themselves. It's learning, but it's also really fun!

I do my best to accommodate the musical desires, goals and interests of all of my students individually, as each one deserves the best, most attentive and personalized instruction that I am capable of providing.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting you!

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A John Charles Weston original song.
A John Charles Weston original song.
John Charles Weston original song
Photo by John W.

Photo by John W.
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WeianZ Sep 22, 2011


John is a kind and patient instructor. I appreciate and enjoy his instruction, which is well organized and methodized. I am confident that with his help, I will be able to achieve my goal in guitar learning.

DaveH Aug 3, 2011

John is amazing teacher. My daughter really understands his style and his teaching. He comes from a background of music and guitar. He really understands children and the beginnings of teaching guitar. His patience is second to none. I hope we have him for many more lessons to come. Good job John my daughter has learn so much for you and really enjoys the guitar and looks forward to each class. Keep up the good work

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