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John B.

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Learn Cello from a Symphony Cellist with degrees in both Music Performance and Computer Science

I believe that the role of a teacher is not to tell students what to do but to teach them how to understand their own playing and practicing. What exactly makes a good sound, and how do you physically create and change each aspect of that sound? How do you move around the cello in a way that promotes good intonation while allowing for full musicality? How do you listen critically to your own playing, and once you’ve identified issues, how do you break them down and work on them effectively? Teaching this way is a much slower process initially, and for most students of all levels first lessons will be almost exclusively on open strings, scales, and fundamental concepts. However, once a foundation is established, students will be able to improve in their own practicing much faster and with more depth and complexity.
About John B.

I'm a member of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and an active chamber musician and performer. I believe that musicianship and teaching are best with a generalist approach focused on conceptual understanding, rather than with a hyper-specialized approach focused on small detail, which is part of why I have both Master’s Degree in Cello Performance from Rice University, and Bachelor’s Degrees in Cello Performance and Computer Science from Bard College. I've performed in venues across the United States and Europe as both a soloist and chamber musician, and have been a fellowship recipient at many renowned music festivals. Some of my recent concert highlights include a performance of the Brahms Clarinet Quintet with David Shifrin, a recital in Peter Serkin’s Haydn Project series playing with Peter Serkin and Todd Philips, and a solo performance of the Walton Cello Concerto with Leon Botstein and The Orchestra Now. As a teacher, I have years of teaching experience with students of all levels in my private studio and through Rice University's preparatory division.

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Master of Music in Cello Performance

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