Jill Good

Jill G.

Charlestown, MA
Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Whether you're playing as a soloist, a chamber musician, or an orchestra member, you're performing music. I'm sure you want to play your best! In fact, I'm convinced of it. Great performance demands a willing performer AND a great performance coach. As a seasoned performance coach, I bring a myriad of tools and decades of experience and knowledge to your corner. And I love what I do! Let me help you get the most joy from your playing!

About Jill G.

I've been in and around music all my life. I started violin at age 5, part of the first generation of Suzuki violinists in the United States. I've loved being a professional violinist and violin teacher for over 30 years! And I've also founded and directed three community music schools in Newburyport, Boston, and Manhattan.

I hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Violin Performance, and I'm lucky to have had wonderful experiences during my formal training! In my undergraduate years, I was awarded a full 4-year scholarship for string quartet and chamber music playing, which was invaluable as a real-world training. In graduate school, I was fortunate to learn so much as a Teaching Assistant for undergraduate violin students.

I have also been an innovator in musical education, and I've felt honored to coach numerous already gifted violin teachers who have sought me out to improve their techniques for best teaching practices. From my 30+ years of private violin teaching and observing how children learn, I developed a super fun groundbreaking class in New York City for 2.5 to 5 year old beginners called Crackerjack Kidz! And a few years ago, I wrote a text to accompany young students and their families.

I continuously work to be a master teacher dedicated to the very best methods, using a variety and combination of techniques and strategies tailored to the student's musical success and enjoyment.

My specialties include music-based early childhood development, adult beginners and continuing learners, intermediate and advanced players, and chamber music coaching.

I welcome you to start your family's musical journey with me!

*** Lesson Details ***
While each lesson is different, we always try to spend a little time warming up, making sure we're comfortable and free of tension, reviewing what we've worked on, and layering in new concepts each time. We also learn age appropriate music theory (the "why's" of how music works), we exercise our imaginations, and we learn how to effectively practice.

We learn to think, solve problems, hear the music in our minds, and coordinate our bodies to play beautifully! Along the way we learn skills for life, the joy of accomplishment, and love of ourselves and others!

Whether you're a toddler or a senior, violin can always teach new things and help students appreciate more about themselves and the world!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music room with keyboard and computer. Parents can sit it on lessons, and are enouraged to do so with young students.

*** Specialties ***
I'm a classically trained violinist and a master teacher with over 30 years of experience. I've been teaching Suzuki violin to children ages 3 and up for my whole career, and I'm also extremely comfortable with traditional methods for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of any age.

My specialties include:
music-based early childhood development
adult beginners and continuing learners
intermediate and advanced players
chamber music coaching.


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43 Reviews
Profile-location-online Online

Great online instruction. Jill was able to focus in on my best next steps and get me on my way.

Posted Jan 5, 2021
Riley C.
Profile-location-online Online

Jill has been amazing and patient. She's upbeat and thorough. I am enjoying being a practice partner with my student!

Posted Dec 2, 2020
Robin S.
Profile-location-online Online

Great instruction. Strong focus on the basics. Emphasis on fundamentals. Good explanations, clear and concise. If you want no nonsense instruction with a clear path toward improvement this is the one.

Posted Nov 30, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

She did a great job with my daughter. We are looking forward her next lesson.

Posted Oct 28, 2020
Gabi Salinas
Profile-location-online Online

Good teacher really nice

Posted Oct 15, 2020
Shannon G.
Profile-location-online Online

Thank you for a great lesson! I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to next week :)

Posted Jun 4, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Jill has been great! I’m an adult beginner who was nervous about jumping into learning the Violin. Jill is very helpful, super encouraging and knowledgeable. Also very flexible with my schedule. I recommend her to anyone starting out. I look forward to my next lesson!

Posted Apr 22, 2020
Deborah S.
Profile-location-online Online

I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson. Jill is an excellent teacher. She is patient and so easy to follow. Btw she is an amazing violinist. I’m so impressed.

Posted Oct 17, 2019
Jim W.
Profile-location-online Online

A great deal of instruction in the first lesson.

Posted Apr 9, 2019
Doris A.
Profile-location-online Online

Patient and goes over things very well.

Posted Nov 20, 2018
Vyshnavi P.
Profile-location-online Online

Learning Violin has been my passion whole life and I found the best teacher who could help me learn it perfect and beautiful. Every lesson with Jill is fun and enlightening at the same time. She can understand my negatives so well and focus on them while also teaching me to move forward correctly. She understands the level we are at and adjusts each lesson accordingly which is very helpful for a beginner. Its been a year I've started learning violin with Jill and it has been a great year so far. She is the best.

Posted Mar 1, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

My 11 year old daughter has had 3 lessons with Jill now. We love her! She is knowledgeable, approachable, and not only KNOWS the violin, but understands how to TEACH the violin. Jill has a way of infusing humor and lightheartedness into her lessons, while simultaneously teaching concepts and skills integral to building the foundation to great violin playing. My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week and is motivated to practice. Jill is a true pro at what she does and I feel lucky to have found her.

Posted Feb 22, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Jill is wonderful. As an older student, it can be a bit challenging but Jill makes learning so much fun

Posted Feb 2, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

She’s very experienced and very patient. The best part is she knows how to teach you at your own pace. She is the best instructor I’ve had. I don’t have enough words to express the joy I have every class I spend with her.

Posted Nov 1, 2017
Diana P.
Profile-location-online Online

I'm an older person wanting to learn violin. I loved how Jill teaches, she's very clear on her teaching method, she's friendly and the whole lesson went by really fast I was having so much fun. I will definitely stay with her and recommend her to anyone.

Posted May 12, 2017
Brunno N.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Jill was great! First lesson completed and I have already learned a ton! She is very motivating which makes the whole experience extremely positive. I highly recommend Jill and hope to keep learning more and more in the next lessons!

Posted May 9, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Jill is an excellent instructor. She is patient and funny. Kind and informative. She is highly knowledgeable and one of the first Suzuki kids.

Posted Apr 19, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Jill is hands down the best music teacher I have ever had. I have taken music lessons in the past and have never enjoyed them this much before. I have a really hard time with getting held up on every little mistake and she was very good about working with me through that. If you are thinking about choosing between Jill and another teacher, pick Jill, you won't regret it.

Posted Apr 18, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Fantastic first teacher! I don't have anything to compare her to in terms of violin instruction, but she obviously knows the instrument well and was very helpful!

Posted Jan 27, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Jill is personble yet professional. She certainly has the expertise to assess quickly where I am and probably more importantly what I need to do to be better.

Posted Jan 10, 2017
Lizzy M.
Profile-location-online Online

I immediately felt comfortable with Jill. She is so patient, kind, and supportive. As a first-time student of the violin, I feel incredibly lucky to have found such an invaluable resource as her. I will most definitely be signing on for future lessons with her.

Posted May 4, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

I look forward to my violin lessons with Jill. She is a great instructor and I have learned a lot. She personalizes each lesson and I come away with tools to help me in the future. I know that she is going to make me a much better player.

Posted Apr 11, 2016
Vijaya H.
Profile-location-online Online

My first lesson in many many years! You may as well say I was a beginner. As an adult learner, I need a type of instruction that will leave me motivated to continue and Jill was just PERFECT. Knowledgeable, patient, she uses tricks and techniques to facilitate learning. I learned so much in just the first lesson. I am very motivated to continue and to get to a point where I can actually play!

Posted Mar 24, 2016
Heather P.
Profile-location-online Online

Just had my first lesson with Jill.. wow, she's incredible! I feel really comfortable with her, and I think this is going to be a wonderful journey with her!

Posted Jan 7, 2016

I had the pleasure of working with Jill Good while I was responsible for planning and conducting numerous worship services for occasions which required special music. She is a consummate musician; not only does she play superbly, she has extensive knowledge of music theory, as well as possessing a repertoire of works which are appropriate in multiple settings. She is a delight to work with - bringing not only her expertise, but her bright spirit to every endeavor. I commend her without reservation.

Posted Dec 29, 2015
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Writing from a different perspective: I was (30 years) an instrumental, both band and orchestra, music teacher in the York Suburban School District, York, PA. Jill is my daughter whom I started on violin at an early age espousing the Suzuki method. I studied with Dr. Suzuki in Baltimore, MD.

Jill's early exposure to the violin blossomed into what she is now, an experienced violinist and teacher able to relate to students of all ages, finding the fitting relationship between student and teacher. I would recommend her and her teaching stance to any and all students

Posted Dec 28, 2015
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Great teacher, lessons are a lot of fun. Thanks Jill!

Posted Dec 21, 2015
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Being a teacher of young children myself, I know when children are responsive to a teacher and when a teacher is responsive to her students. I have had the fortunate opportunity to witness Jill’s remarkable violin teaching style many times. Using an approach that is creative, spontaneous and joyful, Jill combines the deep knowledge of her craft for both playing and teaching violin. Jill has developed a unique and dynamic teaching philosophy which captures the best of a learning experience. She is able to offer each student exactly what is needed to be successful. And how does one measure success? Each student can not wait to come back the following week!

Posted Dec 16, 2015
Profile-location-online Online

Jill has done an exciting, very comprehensive part in accompanying our Church Choir, as well as several other programs at the Retirement Center where we live.
She has also spent the time helping some of our residents in improving their playing. She has a very quiet, wholesome personality, and reacts well with all!

Posted Dec 14, 2015
Melissa W.
Profile-location-online Online

I've been taking violin lesson with Jill now for almost a year and she is absolutely amazing! She is extremely patient and works at your pace, especially if you're like me and have a busy work schedule.

Her deep understanding of music and experience teaching has enabled her to explain techniques with relatable analogies.

Two thumbs up for Jill!

Posted Dec 14, 2015
Profile-location-home Student's Home

My 12 year-old daugher has been practicing viola with Jill for 7 months now. From day 1, I have been impressed by Jill's teaching style that is rigorous, but also flexible and supportive. In just a few lessons, my daughter's music playing deepened.The most important to me was to see and hear my daughter starts to breath, feel and enjoy her music. I believe that now my daughter is not playing for me but more for herself. I am extremely thankful to Jill and recommend her highly as a violin and viola instructor. I believe her instruction will have a lifelong impact on my daughter. On top of things, my daughter and I enjoy our time during her lessons very much.

Posted Dec 14, 2015

Jill accompanies our choir frequently, and you can hear the congregation respond as she comes in because the sensitivity she shows through her playing makes any piece of music richer and more meaningful. She's also good listener, creative in responding clearly to questions, and always fun to be with. She would surely be my first choice as a teacher.

Posted Dec 13, 2015
Ellen F.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I am an older adult learning violin for the first time and Jill is patient but persistent. In every lesson we move forward.

Posted Sep 5, 2015
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I am an (old -60) adult beginner and I am so glad I found Jill. I am loving this and she is patient and kind. I think patience is needed more for older beginners like me than for children. Anyway, she works with me and I practice like crazy and somehow am coming to feel like, hey, maybe I can actually learn to play violin!

I highly recommend her. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from each lesson so far

Posted Sep 2, 2015
Heather M.
Profile-location-online Online

Out of all of my teachers that I've had over the years, Jill has given me the most thorough lessons I've ever had. Most of my teachers have focused heavily on repertoire, and ignored the basics of scales and etudes. As a result, I always found them tedious, but Jill breaks everything down into smaller pieces so I don't get bored or overwhelmed. She always comes up with new ways of working on old techniques that help me overcome old, deep-seated habits and difficulties.

Posted Jul 1, 2015
Julie M.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Jill is a wonderful and patient teacher. She taught both of my children (ages 12 & 9) beginner violin. If we weren't moving away, we'd continue taking lessons from her for as long as we could!

Posted Mar 19, 2015
Rose G.

Wonderful All Around

Jill Good is an amazing music teacher for all ages and can connect with any student on both an intellectual and personal level. I work for Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins LLC and can absolutely assure that the first music teacher we recommend is Jill Good. I've seen her students' recitals and have been astonished at the progress each student shows from one performance to the next.
I started playing the violin at age 4 and while I have loved all my teachers, I still wish I had someone as brilliant as Jill instructing me. For any age, Jill Good is perfection.

Posted Apr 26, 2014
Carmen M.

Jill is great!

My husband and I were both delighted at how much progress our daughters (at the time aged 6 and 4) made with the violin under Jill’s careful guidance. Jill is very good with children, and in each lesson she gently engaged her students’ attention on the music and on learning new techniques. The result was that both of our daughters were focused and made real progress every single week.

We found that the Suzuki method of learning has worked very well for our daughters. Both of them (now aged 10 and 8) have gone on to play several in junior violin ensembles and take real pleasure and pride in their playing. They love music, and much of that is down to the wonderful early grounding they received from Jill.

Posted Jan 13, 2014
sokol N.

Jill is a great teacher

I am a cellist, but I wanted to improve my violin skills. Therefor I started taking lessons from Jill. Before that I had observed Jill giving group classes to very young students and I was impressed how good her violin classes were: she has a special way to reach children and to make them follow her instructions. She is very patient and dedicated.
With every lesson, I was improving. Of course we have to practice and the kids need the parent's help at home. But with Jill's help you will have a top notch violin lesson.

Posted Jan 7, 2014
Nastassia S.

I highly recommend Jill Good as a violin teacher

Taking violin classes with Jill Good has been a great experience for me. I wanted to learn how to play violin at the age of 26, but I was afraid of the difficulty. With her this was not a problem, she was an amazing teacher and has been able to teach me from the very beginner level. In one year I learnt much more than I even expected, I feel as if I have made a lot of progress. She also has the ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching is truly superior, which makes it even more enjoyable to go to class and play violin around her! She is extremely dedicated and experienced and the most important thing is that she is also very patient, at least with me!
I admire her for her joy and love for violin, another of the things I am very thankful from her is that she came with me to the store and helped me to chose the right violin to buy and now I am so happy with my violin.

Posted Dec 18, 2013
julia M.

Great violin teacher!

Jill is a colleague and friend that I've known for many years. She is a wonderful violinist and one of the most experienced violin teachers of students of all ages that one can find. Especially gifted in working with young children, Jill is extraordinary in her ability to connect with kids. She sets her students up with beautiful violin technique and inspires in each one a love for music. Jill is a wonderfully kind person with so much talent for playing and teaching violin. She comes highly recommended by anyone who has known and worked with her!

Posted Dec 16, 2013
Jennifer B.

Violin lessons with Jill G

Jill, is a true professional at her craft and makes learning the violin fun. She is a master at her craft improving on a students techniques and music theory. Her instructional teaching enhances the ability to play this difficult instrument with ease with her one on one instruction as well as group teaching. Anyone who has the opportunity to encounter her instructional teaching will benefit from her style and passion of teaching from the beginner, intermediate and advanced level student.

Posted Dec 15, 2013
Julie K.

Excellent teacher!

I really enjoy my lessons with Jill! I played violin as a child, but it's been a long time. Jill is very patient and creative - if there's something I'm having trouble with, she'll come up with alternative ways for me to learn it. She expects her students to practice, which is helpful for me because otherwise I tend to procrastinate. I really like getting better and being able to learn new, more challenging pieces. I'm also interested in music theory and music history, and Jill has been great about answering all of my questions and giving me the history about the composers, musicians, and pieces I'm learning. Jill makes the lessons fun, and the time flies by!

Posted Dec 15, 2013

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Violin and Viola Teacher, Chamber Music Coach
Jun 2012 - Present

Boston Violin School

I teach violin and viola to students of all ages, from beginners through advanced players. I've taught private lessons, music appreciation, music theory, and coached chamber music for over 30 years. And I absolutely love what I do!

Violin and Viola Teacher, Chamber Music Coach
May 2008 - Jun 2012

Manhattan Violin School

I taught violin and viola to students of all ages, from beginners through advanced players. I've taught private lessons, music appreciation, music theory, and coached chamber music for over 30 years. And I absolutely love what I do!


Master of Music in Violin Performance
Sep 1988 - May 1990

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance
Sep 1984 - May 1988

Shenandoah Conservatory of Music



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Suzuki Book 4
Aug 2016

Suzuki Association of the Americas

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Jul 2016

Suzuki Association of America

Suzuki Book 3
Jul 2016

Suzuki Association of the Americas

Every Child Can!
May 2016

Suzuki Association of America

National School Orchestra Award
Jun 1979

York Suburban High School

Member, American Federation of Musicians, Local 9-535
May 1977

American Federation of Musicians

The AFM represents working professional musicians both here and abroad


Honors String Chamber Scholarship
Sep 1988

Shenandoah Conservatory of Music

Congress of Strings
Jun 1981

American Federation of Musicians


Suzuki Association of the Americas
Apr 2016
The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) is a coalition of teachers, parents, educators, and others who are interested in making music education available to all children. The SAA provides programs and services to members throughout North and South America.
American Federation of Musicians
May 1977
A labor union representing professional musicians in the United States and Canada. Founding in 1896 as the successor to the "National League of Musicians," the AFM is the largest organization in the world representing the interests of professional musicians.

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