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Jason F.

Baltimore, MD

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Jason teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: April 1994
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I have been teaching and performing as a full time career since 1994. Over the years, I have developed an approach to teaching that is customized to the needs and interests of each of my students. I will help you set up musical goals, and then use your preferred learning style to help you achieve those goals.

*** Lesson Details ***
Musicians think, learn, and create in many different ways. Some are visual learners, preferring to learn by studying diagrams and reading notes. Others learn intuitively, simply by listening, imitating, and then creating. My objective is to find the learning style which works best for each of my students. I can help you set up musical goals, and then use your preferred learning style to help you achieve those goals.

*** Specialties ***
I'm comfortable teaching any style, from bluegrass to jazz, blues, rock and metal.

Photos and Videos

Jason Free performs with Root Three at the Main Street Fall Fest/ Ellicott City, MD 9/12


Music Director

Oct 2012 - Present
Jason's School Of Music

I organize student concerts, create programs for the school such as maintenance classes, group lessons, community outreach, and marketing.

Guitar Instructor

Feb 1994 - Present
Jason's School Of Music

I teach private guitar lessons. I create lesson plans for individual and group classes, coach students for auditions such as MD All State Jazz Ensemble, college auditions, and scholarship programs.

Music Director

Aug 2013 - Nov 2013
Little Wing/ School Of Rock Baltimore

Marketing and coordination of classes for School Of Rock/ Baltimore's Little Wing program for children ages 3-5, provided instruction for classes and parties.

Guitar Instructor

Sep 1995 - Oct 1999
Perry Hall Music Center

Taught private guitar lessons, created lesson plans for individual students.

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19 Reviews on Jason F.

Brandon E. Aug 26, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · Online
Verified Student
I've been working with Jason for about a year now and have grown so much as a musician since we started. Jason is extremely good at assessing your skill level and your goals in order to place you on a path that leads you to your higher musical self. His methods of teaching are extremely efficient and effective for getting you to where you want to be and I always look forward to our next lesson. I'm proud to call Jason my instructor and friend.
Helen Aug 18, 2016
Classical Guitar · In studio
Jason Free is an excellent teacher. He is able to tailor lessons to the individual student's interest and experience. I really recommend him.
Robert F. Jul 7, 2016
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
My kid really enjoys the lessons with Jason, he says that he is a nice teacher that shares some of his own experiences that he can relate too and makes the lessons fun.
Kristina G. Oct 13, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Best instructor ever
Eumin Aug 13, 2015
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Yes, he is top notch.
Patrick M. Jun 7, 2015
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Though I was only able to take lessons with Jason for a couple months due to an unexpected move, I was able to learn a lot from him. I came in with very little guitar experience and no background in music. His lessons are very accommodating and I felt I walked away a little bit better every time. Jason is a great guy and it is easy to share your goals and ideas for the future with him. When working with Jason it felt like a team effort in order to help me reach my goals. In the short time I took lessons with Jason I learned a lot about the guitar and I am excited to build upon the music career he helped me to start. A definite Recommendation.
Tom H. Aug 26, 2014
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Jason is a phenomenal instructor. As an older student who is not musically inclined and is just picking up the instrument seriously for the first time, I was apprehensive about taking lessons. Jason has made the process interesting, fun, and informative.

I have only been taking lessons for a few months and beyond learning songs, Jason has given me instruction on guitar maintenance (beyond the everyday care of the instrument) and music theory. I think his holistic approach to playing the guitar really sets him apart from other instructors. I always come away from each lesson feeling that I learned something new and valuable.

Jason really caters to the individual learning styles of his students. I travel often for work and he has found ways for me to continue to learn, even if I don't have my instrument with me. He is also tremendously knowledgeable and patient. If a certain style of learning doesn't seem to be sticking, he will find new and creative ways to teach until the idea resonates with the student.

I feel very fortunate to have found Jason as an instructor. I unreservedly give him the highest of recommendations.
April G. May 22, 2014
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
The location is great (right by my house), his scheduling is flexible, online payment takes no time at all and perhaps best of all Jason is a great guy, very professional yet very personable and down to earth.

There is no doubt that Jason is a phenomenal guitarist. Very inspiring and encouraging. His guitar abilities are one of the best I have seen in person. Lessons are fun, interesting, and helpful. I have only been taking lessons for a little more than a couple months now, but I already see improvement.

It is great to take lessons with somebody who is both patient and encouraging at the same time. He is especially good at recognizing if the pace is getting too fast/slow and adjusting for that. I consider myself fortunate to have found such a good teacher.
Curtis Z. Feb 18, 2014
Exceptionally Tallented Teacher and Musician

Jason is a gifted player, dynamic teacher, and he motivates me to play better and challenge myself.

I've been puttering around on the guitar since I was in my early 20's. I finally started taking lessons in my early 30's. Instructors I've had in the past were fine, but never challenged me. They were content to teach me to play whatever song I was interested in but never the theory behind it. They never seemed invested in my success. With Jason, it is completely different. He brings in a great mix of playing for fun while helping me play outside my ability and comfort zone.

First, he challenges me to play better. I'm not always happy while we are running chord drills with a stopwatch, but because of it, I am better, faster, and music is a lot more enjoyable to play when you are not thinking about where chords or scales are. He is quick to support what I do correctly, but also doesn't shy away from fixing things I do wrong or bad habits that I have developed. He also mixes in regular work on improvisation skills, reading TAB, and even writing your own music or solo work.

Next, he teaches me to be more accurate. If we are working on a song that is too fast or technical, he’ll slow it down either by using software or recording a quick backing track. Then we both play and focus on accuracy. It’s always a good feeling to play all the way through a song even if it’s at 80% speed.

Finally, Jason is simply a real standup sort of guy. He is punctual, communicates with his students regularly, organizes events where students can play, and takes a real interest in his students.

I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Jason to anyone of any skill or ambition level.
R W. Jan 2, 2014
Highly Recommend Jason

When my son was 8, he really wanted to learn how to play guitar. We asked a friend of ours where their son took lessons (he is an excellent guitarist) and they highly recommended Jason. And I am very glad they did! Jason is an excellent teacher. He is great with kids and is an extremely talented musician. He tailors the lessons to my sons ability and encourages my sons creativity. After 3 years, my sons guitar and music skills have grown tremendously! He always enjoys the lessons with Jason, all the while improving on what he previously learned and also learning something new. Recently, Jason has put together recitals, where the students can show what they have learned in front of a small friends and family audience. Jason and the drummer in his band will perform with the student (learning the student's song almost overnight - which amazes me) when requested which really encourages the student to practice and get a feel for being on stage. My son has really enjoyed them and Jason does a great job of putting the shows together. My son and I could not be happier with the experience we have had with Jason. I highly recommend him.