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Guitar with Jason M.

Los Angeles, California

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 4+
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Teaching since 1996
Associate or Arts in Music and Business

    Learn to play in the style of your choice, request your favorite songs, or just learn to play!!

    Fully Vaccinated as of 5/19/21!! Jason is a guitar instructor who looks forward to helping students grow as both artists and a musician. He teaches both acoustic and electric from beginner to advanced age 4 to 94. Jason has been published in a number of Rock N Roll Magazines as well as taken lessons for years with grammy nominated musicians. Many of Jason's private students have been with him for years and a few for over a decade. No matter if you are interested in learning to strum your first couple of chords or master that next metallic guitar solo, Jason will help you throughout the process and keep you motivated with enough knowledge and techniques to keep your fingers busy.

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    Student's Home
    Teaches Online
    Teaches Online

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    About Jason M.

    -=FULL VACCINATED as of 5/19/21!! Instructor since it's inception, Jason M. is available for in person and online lessons worldwide leaving no stone un-turned! Jason has been playing guitar for over 20 years, ukulele, bass, banjo and keyboard for over 10 and teaching music in general since 1996 and professionally since 1998. Although trained in standard teaching methods for both pubic and private situations, he has developed a method of teaching that positively develops and enhances the student€'s strengths in dexterity, music and art theory, ear-training, memorization and visual techniques like drawing from reference or sightreading. His goal as a teacher is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals as an artist and a musician. Jason has also grown as an instructor starting as a Guitar Instructor and evolved into a full-blown Music Director at the National Guitar Workshop's Day Jams Rock Music Day Camp/Rock Music Band Camp where students ages 7-15 came to form bands, record original material and master their craft. He also taught in addition to guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, banjo and songwriting/sightreading hosted a recording clinic at the end of each day. Jason has hosted student showcases/charity benefits where students were able to get on stage and show off their new talent and perform with other musicians. It wasn't mandatory, if you were just looking to come out and support there was no pressure other than to come out and have fun. Jason has been transcribing music in all different genres since the age of 18 and has become a master of the craft including both 5 line staff and tablature, hand-crafted exercises and deconstructions to better enhance the students learning. You can even see his work published music and art in quite a few Rock Magazines. Jason attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage where his degree is in Music and Business. He is constantly continuing his education with music theory courses as well as private guitar instruction. He attends guitar workshops and seminars by artists such as John 5, Kerry King, Andy Timmons, Chris Broderick, Dave Ellefson, Jason Mraz, Dr. Luke, John Mayer, Ludacris, Bob Weir, and others who are known as some of the worlds finest guitar players, artists, etc. He reviews every day from a wide range of over 1000 sources working to become a better musician, artist and instructor. Jason teaches all experience levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced as well as artists with a variety of interests. Since joining Take Lessons, local news outlet Fox 5 did a segment with one of his TL students who overcame issues with ADD and depression as a result of taking guitar lessons. Many of his students advance quickly, some have released albums, been in Guitar World Magazine won awards for their music websites. There are no limits! *** Lesson Details *** Lessons are scheduled to best fit to the student'€s schedule/ Jason is a very patient instructor and understands that all students learn at a different pace and everyone is an individual. *** Studio Equipment *** ESP KH2 "skully" Kirk Hammett signature model Electric Epiphone Zakk Wylde signature model Electric Schecter SLS Blackjack Special Edition Avenger with ©Sustainiac Schecter Blackjack ATX 7-string Jackson Randy Rhodes V Fender '51 Pawn Shop Series Epiphone Banjo Mahalo Ukulele Savannah Ukulele Concert ukulele M. Acoustic G&L S-500 custom Electric ESP LTD AX-50 "banjo" Electric ESP LTD AX-50 "guitar" Fender Squire John 5 signature model Epiphone 12-string Nylon Classical Yamaha Acoustic (left and right handed) Voyage-Air Guitar Acoustic Fender Squire Bass Dean Vendetta Electric Dean Dime Razorback B.C. Rich Warlock Yamaha Keyboard ProTools LE Guitar Pro 6 Tascam CD-GT2 KRK Rokits speakers Line 6 AXSYS212 Amp Scott Ian Randall Amp Cry Baby Wah Digitech Whammy/Bad Monkey/Death Metal/Grunge pedals Ibanez Chorus/Flanger Delay/Echo Line 6 Backtrack Drum sticks and practice pad Multi-angle cameras for online students *** Travel Equipment *** Voyage-Air Guitar (Acoustic) ESP Kirk Hammett KH2 Mini-amp (larger available on occasion) Multi FX boxes depending on client. iPad Pro and or drawing supplies ---keyboard/ukulele/bass/banjos *** Specialties *** drawing, guitar, music theory, music, bass guitar, banjo, ukulele, songwriting, electric guitar, acoustic guitar,
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